CNN’s Stelter Interviews Panel of 3 “Non-CNN Voices”…and One was a Former Production Assistant at CNN! So Much for “Reliable Sources”

ChrisCuomo-Cuomo-Stetler reports that

CNN’s Brian Stelter reacted to his former colleague Chris Cuomo’s firing by inviting a panel of “non-CNN voices” to react to the news Sunday, but that description appeared to be a misnomer.

Stelter, whose show “Reliable Sources” has recently struggled with poor ratings, offered a timeline of notable moments that led to Cuomo’s termination Saturday after the ex-anchor was found to have helped his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, face sexual harassment allegations. The governor sexually harassed 11 women over the course of seven years, state attorney general Letitia James alleged in an August report.

He resigned in disgrace shortly after the findings. And now the “Cuomo Prime Time” host has lost his position after last week’s bombshell transcripts revealed he used his media influence to dig up dirt on the governor’s female accusers.

An investigation into Chris Cuomo’s behavior also found he had again been accused of sexual misconduct. Cuomo had previously been accused of sexual harassment by veteran TV producer Shelley Ross, who claimed he harassed her when the two worked at ABC News.

“This was about not any single headache but about many headaches that continued to pile up,” Stelter said in the opening of Sunday’s show.

Stelter then introduced a panel of three “non-CNN voices” consisting of Axios’ Sara Fischer, Goucher College media studies professor David Zurawik and “Run Tell That” podcast host Mara Schiavocampo in an attempt, Stelter said, to be “as transparent” as possible to viewers.

But a dig into one of the panelist’s recent past shows that Fischer worked for CNN Politics as a news assistant and later as a production assistant in 2013. And Zurawik refused to say Sunday that CNN has lost trust in the wake of the Cuomo brothers scandal.

“It’s hard to say if CNN lost trust,” Zurawik said, only noting that CNN made the “mistake” of not forcing Cuomo to ask who he “serves.” Zurawik said the correct answer would have been “the public.”

Zurawik noted a loss of “a sense of media ethics in our profession, especially in the last few years.”

Fischer said she’s among those who want to know why CNN took so long to take action and what a further investigation will reveal about both Cuomo and the network at large.

Stelter called the situation a “once in a lifetime ethical dilemma,” adding he was not intending to defend his former colleague’s behavior. But Stelter has come to Cuomo’s defense in the past, including just last week.

“For what it’s worth, when Chris Cuomo addressed his actions on the air back in August, he said, ‘This will be my final word on it,’ and he hasn’t addressed the matter on TV since,” Stelter wrote.

Lindsay Boylan, the first woman to publicly accuse ex-Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment, called Stelter complicit in the Cuomos’ “abuses of power.”

“What we mean when we say many people help in abuses of power along the way,” Boylan said in response to a Stelter tweet.

Stelter admitted it’s been a “bruising week for CNN” and that there could be “more fallout to come.”

You say “Stelter”, I say “Potato”.

CNN went down the tubes decades ago.

For the last several decades, Americans have witnessed the Fourth Estate, America’s Main Stream Media, slowly but surely lose their objectivity to become a Propaganda Arm for the Democratic Party.

While their reporting became decidedly one-sided, it was not a great danger to the country even though it was a completely different sort of propaganda than when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the Main Stream Media to support the American effort in World War II.

Then, the 1980s arrived and along with it a new era in mass communications. Cable News Networks began springing up, increasing the role of the media in our daily lives.

Because of this new role, news organizations increased in their power and their influence in our daily lives. However, with this increased role came the responsibility to fill a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, with new stories.

When actual new stories became hard to find, human interest stories began to fill the time, and when they ran out, news organizations decided to act like the National Enquirer and started to make news up.

Also, as the years wore on, America’s newsrooms became bastions of Liberal thought as more and more Conservatives left the business simply due to attrition and being squeezed out by young Liberal reporters who were a product of American universities which had become fountains of anti-American Political Activism.

Of course, these Liberal news reporters were members of the Democratic Party as it moved to the left of the political Spectrum. So, naturally, these reporters started reporting news more and more favorably to their political party of choice while keeping with their own personal political philosophy.

We all remember what happened when Barack Obama appeared at the Democratic National Convention.

The Main Stream Media treated him as if his appearance on the political scene was the Second Coming”.

The Main Stream Media had finally become political activists instead of just political observers and pundits.

And, that is where we find ourselves today.

The Main Stream Media did everything in its power as political activists, working as the Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party, to keep Donald J. Trump from being elected President of the United States of America in 2016.

During his Presidency, they deliberately posted false and scurrilous news stories designed to impede and threaten his presidency.

And, when there was obvious political chicanery during the 2020 Presidential Election, they turned a blind eye on it.

Even now that Biden has turned out to be the worst United States President in history, leaving Americans and our allies stranded in a country run by Islamic Terrorists, the Liberal Reporters in the Main Stream Media, at least most of them, refuse to call the demented treasonous fool out on his actions.

At least, they are beginning to admit that they are all a bunch of Liberal Political Operatives, instead of objective news reporters.

And, Chris Cuomo has now become their Poster Boy.

But, then again, the majority of Americans had already figured that out about Cuomo, Stelter, and the rest of them already..

Until He Comes,




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