Biden “Angry and Confused…Err…Concerned” About Rittenhouse Acquittal…Of Course He Is


Biden looking skyward

As you probably know by now, Kyle Rittenhouse was fount NOT Guilty on all counts by a jury of his peers, yesterday.

However, the judgment of average Americans was not approved of by Far Left Political Activists and the Democrat Elite, including President Joe Biden.

The Biden White House released the following statement

While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. I ran on a promise to bring Americans together, because I believe that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. I know that we’re not going to heal our country’s wounds overnight, but I remain steadfast in my commitment to do everything in my power to ensure that every American is treated equally, with fairness and dignity, under the law.

I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law. Violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy. The White House and Federal authorities have been in contact with Governor Evers’s office to prepare for any outcome in this case, and I have spoken with the Governor this afternoon and offered support and any assistance needed to ensure public safety.

In our Constitutional Republic,  someone accused of a crime has always been innocent until proven guilty under our laws.

However, as the Far Left Democrats continue to attempt to herd Americans toward accepting a Marxist Form of Government, where “useful idiots”, like the Bolsheviks, are led to believe that their opinion matters, the “New Bolsheviks” consider anyone who dares to fight back against their mob-ruled opinions and resulting riots to be guilty…even if they are proven innocent in a Court of Law.

And, because these New Bolsheviks have become the Voter Base of the Far Left Democratic (Socialist) Party, all of the Democrats in Washington, including Biden and his Handlers, have to keep their power secure by remaining in agreement with the Far Left Mob and providing vague approval of their “peaceful protests”, which are actually unlawful riots and what was referred to in times past as “pillaging”.

The reason that Biden had to remain vague in his approval is the fact that if he commits to fully supporting the bullying and riotous actions of BLM and Antifa, there will be an All-Republican Congress elected in 2022.

The fact of the matter is the Far Left Democrats are still a minority in our Sovereign Nation.

That is why they had to literally install Joe Biden as President of the United States of America and why Biden’s Presidential Polling Approval Numbers are sinking faster than the Titanic.

His Handlers are having Biden walking a very thin tightrope in fulfilling his Presidential Duties and offering his opinions on matters of National Importance..

And, given the rapidly deteriorating state of his cognitive abilities, he is going to slip off of that tightrope very soon.

Until He Comes,





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