Gold Star Mother Who Wrote a Scathing Post to Biden After Losing Her Son in the Kabul Airport Bombing Receives a Message of Support From Trump

“Shana, you are 100% correct. If I were President, your wonderful and beautiful son Kareem would be with you now, and so would the sons and daughters of others, including all of those who died in the vicious Kabul airport attack. Civilians should have been brought out first, along with our $85 billion of equipment, with the Military coming out very safely after all was clear. I love you, and I love Kareem…” – Former President Donald J. Trump reports that

A Trump-supporting Gold Star mother received a heartfelt message from the former president Monday.

“Thank you Shana – our country loves you and especially loves your beautiful boy, Kareem,” Donald Trump wrote to Shana Chappell in a message from his Save America PAC.

Trump’s message included a quote from the Stars and Stripes’ salute Sunday to Chappell’s son Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Mae’Lee Grant Nikoui, who was one of 13 U.S. service members killed in the Kabul suicide bombing:

“‘Nikoui, a 2019 Norco High graduate was described as a “strong person,” who “held no grudges,” and had “a love for kids,”‘ Pastor Phil Wozniak said. The fallen Marine’s mother told Wozniak that he’d gone back to save a child when the bomb went off.”

Trump’s message also shared a previous Facebook post from a grieving Chappell, where she thanks Trump for a past salute to her fallen son and calls him the “real President of the United States of America.”

Chappell noted, like Trump, she has had her Instagram account temporarily suspended and has been “shadow banned” on social media.

“Now is the time we fight back, and we don’t stop until we have our country back on her feet!” her Facebook post concluded. “Be #lionsnotsheep #america #landofthefree #homeofthebrave i am watching what i post and say that way i don’t lose my account again or get censored.

“I will be doing interviews soon, but right now I’m to hurt and angry to do them.”

Ms. Chappell’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were restored last Tuesday after both removals were claimed to have been a mistake.

Both of her posts were lengthy and spoke about Biden attempting to compare his son, who passed away from Brain Cancer, to the 13 heroes who died from a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport while still on active duty.

Ms. Chappell wrote, and rightfully so, that if President Trump had still been in office, her son and his fellow warriors would not have died that fateful day.

Former President Trump loves and respects our military. So much so that he sat with them in the stands a couple of years ago for the annual Army-Navy Football Game.

And, when he participated in the dignified transfer of our fallen heroes, he did not look at his watch…he saluted.

President Biden’s Afghanistan Crisis and his reaction to it and the deaths of our 13 heroes, has left an indelible stain on his Presidency.

So much so, that fans as several college football games chanted “F*** Joe Biden!!!” during the games.

I have also heard that when he visited Louisiana after Hurricane Ida, Americans turned their back to his motorcade as it passed.

At this rate, Biden is turning out to be the last-liked President in United States History.

And, no spinning by the Democrats and their minions in the Main Stream Media will be able to overcome that.

Until He Comes,





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