Pelosi Declares She is “Very Confident That We Will Win the House” in the Midterms…Is She Kidding? reports that

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Friday dismissed polling that suggests the GOP will retake the majority after next year’s elections — predicting instead that Democrats will hold the House.

In remarks to reporters, Pelosi declared she is ”very confident that we will win the House” in 2022, the Washington Examiner reported.

House Republicans would need to win about five seats in the 435-member chamber to reclaim the majority the party lost in 2018 — and internal polling has indicated Democrats would lose their hold on the chamber if the election was held now, Politico reported earlier this week.

According to the polling, 42% of likely voters in key swing districts trust Democrats to handle the economy, Politico reported.

”There are several scenarios here,” Pelosi said, the Washington Examiner reported. ”That was one of them.”

But she said lawmakers ”have their own connections to their own districts,” plugging the party’s 2018 messaging as helping House Democrats win back the majority from the GOP.

”We always want to be cautious,” Pelosi said, the Washington Examiner reported, adding the message from the polling was ”always run scared.”

Pelosi is either putting on a brave front…or she has become as senile as Biden.

Almost 5 years after average Americans watched with a sense of prideful accomplishment as Donald J. Trump took the Oath of Office, Modern American Liberals are still showing the world their posteriors while continuing to throw the longest mass temper tantrum in recorded history., even though they “won” the 2024 Presidential Election.

Their ego-driven political ideology does not permit them to consider the reality that theirs is still the minority political ideology in this nation.

While the East and “Left” Coast are indeed heavily-populated in their metropolitan areas with Liberals (some of them even Legal Citizens), the reality of what actually happened on November 8th, 2016 can been plainly seen on any Electoral Map.

It was an overestimation of their own intellect and an underestimation of the intelligence and unbridled love of average Americans for OUR COUNTRY, that will cost the Democrats the House of Representative in 2022.

As George Orwell said,

Patriotism is usually stronger than class hatred, and always stronger than internationalism.

By embracing Marxism, by labeling Patriotism as “Jingoism”, and by ridiculing and accusing  those of us who love our country and hold fast to Traditional American Values as being “racists”, the Democratic Party are well into the process of ruining this country, and making average Americans so mad that they are beginning to fight back by showing up to school board meetings and speaking out against the Democrat-driven Cultural Marxism which they are attempting to brainwash our children with.

The arrogance of the “Woke Elite” is going to not only cost them the House of Representatives…it will also cost them the Presidency in 2024, as well.

If I was a Modern American Liberal with any sort of self-awareness, I would be ashamed of disrespecting both my flag and my country.

Unfortunately, the Far Left “Democratic Socialists” who have taken over the once mainstream Democratic Party and who guide poor old demented Joe Biden, are not self-aware.

It is this lack of self-awareness that is allowing average Americans to witness the implosion and political extinction of the Democratic Party right before our very eyes.

In the opinion of this 62-year-old, sitting in the Northwest corner of the Magnolia State in America’s Heartland, Modern American Liberals, and their ideological leaders, who trod the Halls of Power with impunity, underestimate the American Spirit, just as King George and the British Aristocracy did, so many years ago.

As our enemies, both foreign and domestic, have discovered since the birth of our nation, Americans will fight for our freedom.

We showed this fact to the world on November 8th, 2016.

And now, almost 5 years later, thanks to the arrogant overreach of the Far Left Ideologues who are controlling Joe Biden, his Administration, and the Democrat Politicians on Capitol Hill, the citizens of our Sovereign Nation are beginning to once again rise like a phoenix from its ashes and we are preparing to SAVE AMERICA!

It is way past time to take the gavel out of Pelosi’s gnarly hands.

Until He Comes,





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