Trump to Newsmax About Biden and the Democrats: “They’re Destroying Our Country”…He’s Right!

See the source image reports that

The Biden administration’s self-made crisis at the border and the unwinding of America’s energy independence is “destroying our country” and enriching our oil-producing rivals, according to former President Donald Trump on Newsmax TV.

“They’re destroying our country, and we just can’t let these things to continue to happen – whether it’s the border or energy independence,” Trump told Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“Look at what’s happening with energy. Gasoline prices are going up like nobody thought would be possible.”

This is after his administration’s work to create energy independence brought gas prices “down to a level they’ve never seen before,” Trump added to host Greg Kelly.

“Now they’re going up,” he continued. “We’re making Russia and Saudi Arabia and all these other Middle East countries, and others” richer.

Trump even pointed to the Ukraine energy company Burisma, which had ties to President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who was paid to sit on its board.

“We’re making them rich and we’re becoming less and less energy independent,” he said. “Within 3 or 4 months we won’t be energy independent. It’s a very sad thing.”

Also, the border crisis, which the Biden administration has tried to blame Trump for, has been a disaster in Biden’s making, Trump added.

“It’s incredible to watch,” Trump said.

Yes, indeed.

Everything that President Trump said would happen if Biden won the Presidency is happening…and, then some.

Every socialist, perverted, and downright stupid political and cultural idea that the Democrats have ever come up with are all being installed as average Americans watch, feeling helpless to do anything about it as Biden and the Democrat Elite set about to “radically change” our country.

I am still convinced that Pelosi, Schumer, and possibly even McConnell got together to organize and set into motion the January 6th “Insurrection”, to purposefully harm the reputation of Trump and to create an excuse for Fencing in Capitol Hill and the White House.

You see, boys and girls, even in their corrupt, bubble-living, political stupor, the professional politicians involved in this strategy knew that the Executive Orders that their puppet, President Joe Biden, would sign and the laws which they were going to pass would be opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans.

They didn’t care…but they knew that we would.

Just as their fellow Marxists across the world in the Soviet Union and China walled off the buildings of their National Governments from their citizens, so have those in Washington who are supposed to be working FOR us have done the same.

The Democrats and Joe Biden and his Handlers are indeed putting America last on their list of priorities.

Their first priority is lining their own pockets, as you can see if you look as the personal financial growth of professional politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are several decades of “serving their constituents” on Capitol Hill”.

They may not have been millionaires when they arrived on Capitol Hill, but they certainly are NOW.

Their second priority is sharing our country’s wealth, as supplied by us taxpayers, with foreign governments which are already wealthy and which should be held responsible for their own well-being, anyway.

These vultures on Capitol Hill and the Democrats in the White House are, as President Trump said. literally destroying our country, in order to install a political ideology, which is no more than a theory which has not worked in any country in which it has been tried.

After 62 days, it is already failing spectacularly.

At least, in the eyes of average Americans.

Not so much in the eyes of Joe Biden and the Democrat Elite.

And that, boys and girls, is why Capitol Hill and the White House is still fenced in.

Until He Comes,




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