Antifa Infiltrates Pro-Trump Washington Event, Leads Storming of the Capitol, Republicans Betray Voters, Biden Certified (In More Ways Than One)

Yesterday, while I was at work, I was keeping up with the activities in Washington, D.C, on my cellphone.

I listened to President Trump as he laid out the facts and statistics detailing the biggest, most blatant case of Election Fraud in American History.

I also heard him say that he was going to lead the crowd over to the Capitol Building where there would be a “peaceful Protest” outside as a Joint Session of Congress, led by Mike Pence, would work towards the business of “certifying” a demented old man who could not get 200 people to come to his Campaign Rallies as the President of the Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth.

The “Small, Still Voice” inside of me told me that this was a powder keg waiting on a match.

Now, average Conservative Americans, in normal circumstances, would not storm the Capitol Building. 

However, they came to Washington already madder than AOC with her lips glued together.

The President’s impassioned speech, while it reinforced what the crowd already knew, was NOT responsible.

Two things lit the fuse which caused the riot:

  1. Vice-President Mike Pence appeared to turn his back on President Trump.
  2. There were agitators dispersed throughout the crowd from Antifa, who had received a Police Escort into the city earlier this week.

As the picture above shows, these guys did not blend in very well.

So, the same Democrats who were supporting the Fascist rioters from Antifa and BLM as they burned buildings, defaced national monuments, and harassed and beat up innocent Americans, are condemning a violent reaction which they themselves were responsible for.

Please note that I am NOT approving of disrespecting the Halls of Congress.

I AM approving of Americans fighting back against the graft, corruption, and fraud which has placed a doddering, senile old man and those pulling his strings in charge of the United States of America.

As I am writing this, Lindsey Graham just showed his true colors by declaring “I am off this train”.

That’s okay, Miss Lindsey, average Americans living here in the Heartland are done with you, too and the rest of the spineless, back-stabbing Vichy Republicans.

And, Vice-President Benedict Arnold Pence, spend your 30 pieces of silver wisely…you will be unemployed before too long.

Until He Comes,


2 thoughts on “Antifa Infiltrates Pro-Trump Washington Event, Leads Storming of the Capitol, Republicans Betray Voters, Biden Certified (In More Ways Than One)

  1. Jim A. Fuhrmann

    I have followed you since the early days when you came to Facebook, and left there months ago. I still look forward to starting my day with you, your wisdom is needed in a world starving for truth. I would love to see you open a page in MeWe.


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