Thousands of Average Americans Gather in D.C. at Freedom Plaza to Protest the Rigged Presidential Election, Not Buying the Dems’ Call for “Unity” reports that

Thousands of red-hatted protesters filled Washington streets Saturday to support Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud, undeterred by the U.S. Supreme Court’s rejection of what may have been his last chance to overturn the results.

Thousands gathered around Freedom Plaza, a few blocks from the White House, in a festive atmosphere earlier in the day, while scuffles broke out later between protesters and counter-demonstrators.

Police, some in riot gear, used their bodies and bicycles to keep the groups apart. There was also at least one clash between police and counter-protesters.

Six people were arrested, following five arrests Friday night related to a brawl, local media reported.

Some pro-Trump demonstrators showed up in tactical gear, chanting “USA” and “four more years” for the president.

It was a sizable crowd, but noticeably smaller than a similar rally a month ago when 10,000 people converged near the White House to support Trump.

“We’re not gonna give up,” said Luke Wilson, a sixty-something protester who had come all the way from Idaho.

“I believe there is a big injustice being done to the American people,” added Dell Quick, a regular at Trump’s political rallies. He brandished a flag defending gun rights.

Multiple states have now certified Biden’s victory, giving the Democrat 306 votes in the Electoral College to Trump’s 232, with 270 required for election. Electors are to formally cast their votes Monday.

But protesters insisted, as Trump has repeatedly done, that there was widespread fraud in the election.

Some pointed to “foreign interference,” others to software that allegedly erased millions of votes for the president — but not those for other Republican candidates on the same ballots.

Quick told AFP that “there’s no way possible” Biden was elected.

Susan Bowman, a 62-year-old from Hampton, Virginia, said “this is not a banana republic. We need to fix the election.”

Those who addressed the crowd included Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser pleaded guilty to lying about his Russian contacts and was recently pardoned by the president.

‘Stolen’ election

Dozens of court cases alleging fraud or contesting the result have been decided — virtually all in Biden’s favor, with some judges offering stinging criticism of the lack of evidence.

But that was not enough for 47-year-old Darlene Denton, who wore a “Trump 2024” badge on her sweatshirt.

“Nobody wants to hear evidence, nobody wants to hear cases, everything just gets thrown out,” said Denton, who had come from Tennessee to support a president she said had given “a voice to the people.”

Trump has refused to concede to Biden.

Dang skippy.

I would, too.

Wouldn’t you if you were the victim of a massive fraud like Biden’s “victory”?

Do you want to know what galls me the most about this?

Biden, the Democrats, and the Vichy Republicans want us average Americans to treat this like a legitimate victory and “join together in unity”, i.e., servitude to the Politboro of the new Soviet United States of America.

If they truly believe that that is what will happen if Biden gets to take the Oath of Office, they’re out of their cotton – pickin” minds.

How can average Americans respect Marxism-loving politicians who want to radically-change America so much that they stole a Presidential Election and disenfranchised at least 75 million American Voters?

The Far Left Democrat Elite have been arrogant for decades now, believing that Average Americans are gullible enough to believe anything that they tell them.

They were actually shocked when Citizen Statesman Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the Presidency in 2016.

They are also shocked at the reaction by average Americans to Biden’s victory in an obviously-rigged 2020 Presidential Election.

They shouldn’t be.

Average Americans believe that Joe Biden is a Dementia-riddled doddering old man who was nothing but a gaffe-prone B.S.-ing professional politicians during his best days.

In the state he is now, avoiding the public and the MSM, it is obvious that he is not fit to be President of the United States of America and it is impossible that 80 million Americans voted for him.

It not only strains credulity, it snaps that sucker in two.

To summarize average Americans’ feelings concerning Joe Biden, the Far Left Democrats, the Vichy Republicans, and the Main Stream Media, who now want average Americans living between the coasts to join hands with them and sing “Kumbaya”, let me paraphrase what Professional Wrestling Legend and fellow Memphian Jerry “The King” Lawler once said about the late Andy Kaufman when they were having their series of matches at the Mid-South Coliseum on Monday nights,

We couldn’t warm up to y’all if we were cremated together.

Until He Comes,


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