Election Day 2020: Vote As If The Survival Of Our Sovereign Nation Depends On It

On November 4th, 1980, a young man of approximately 21 years and 11 months of age, a Senior at then-Memphis State University, stepped into a voting booth for the very first time in his young life. Excited and nervous at the same time, he cast his vote for Ronald Reagan as the President of the United States of America. Some 40 years later, this same American will cast his vote this morning in an election which he firmly believes will either ensure America’s continue existence or condemn the Greatest Nation on the Face of God’s Green Earth to a slow and painful demise.

Of course, I’m talking about myself.

The right to vote is not a responsibility that I take lightly. It has been paid for by good men and women who have gone on before me that have given their lives to secure our Liberty.

For those of you who might be reading this post,who do not understand the definition of the word “Liberty”, Liberty is freedom with responsibility.

The privilege to vote in an American election is one which is reserved for American citizens. This is OUR nation. One which we have been given the responsibility to protect, to run, if you will, in a manner which ensures that the blessings of our Liberty will be passed on to the generations who come after us.

So, this day is not just about exercising your right as an American citizen to vote for the candidate who you choose, it is also about protecting and maintaining the blessings which we have been given. Blessings which have been paid for on the battlefields where American men and women have died so that our country might live.

There is a reason why we call those whom we send to our city, state, and federal government positions public servants. They are elected so that they might follow the orders or wishes of the American public. They are not sent to their positions to follow their own self-interest, but rather to do what is in the best interest of the American people.

If you stop and take a good hard look at the two viable choices that the American people have before them today to vote for as President of the United States of America, they are as different as night and day.

The Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, has been involved in Washington Politics for 47 years. From his days as a Senator to his time as President Barack Hussein Obama’s Vice-President, “Sleepy Joe” has not done a darned thing to make America better.

In fact, there is only thing that he has been successful at making himself, his brother James, and his drug-addled oversexed son Hunter wealthy by using his position as Vice-President to to leverage payoffs from Russia, Ukraine, and China, through their providing of “jobs” for his ne-er-do-well son.

And then, there is the fact that Biden is suffering from the onset of dementia.

In his frail dementia-addled shape, his handlers have had to carefully limit his appearances, staging then carefully in order to hide his limitations as best they could from the voting public.

Seriously, would you want Joe Biden to have access to the “Nuclear Football”?

On the other hand, there is President Donald J Trump,  a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, who is again running on the campaign slogan of “Let’s Make America Great Again”.

During his first four years, he was well on his way of fulfilling all of his campaign promises before the Chinese Coronavirus hit by proposing common sense answers to problems both foreign and domestic, in a blunt way that was both very refreshing and very effective.

His ability to communicate with average Americans is something so remarkable that the best efforts of the Democrat Elite and their minions in the Main Stream and Social Media have not been able to stop him from getting his message of optimistic patriotism directly to the American people.

The American Economy is already beginning to come back from the Chinese Pandemic and the promise of a bright economic future is on the horizon.

Trump brought back jobs to America through offering tax cuts to job providers and through eliminating restrictions on job growth such as unnecessary regulations before the coronavirus interrupted America’s recovery.

He will do it again.

There are so many more ways that I can compare the two candidates, that I could write several thousand words on the topic. However, it all comes down to this one question:

Who do you trust… with the future of you, your family, your friends, and this sacred Land which God has given to us?

As you consider my question,  please allow me to paraphrase the fellow who I voted for some 36 years ago, who asked some questions of his own during an address that he gave on the evening before the 1980 election

Are you more confident, seeing America start to recover from the pandemic that our economy will create productive work for our society or are you less confident? Do you feel you can keep the job you have or gain a job if you don’t have one?

Are you pleased with the ability of young people to buy a home; of the elderly to live their remaining years in happiness; of our youngsters to take pride in the world we have build for them?

Is our nation stronger and more capable of leading the world toward peace and freedom or is it weaker?

Is there more stability in the world or less?

Are you convinced that we have earned the respect of the world and our allies, or has America’s position across the globe diminished?

Are you personally more secure in your life? Is your family more secure? Is America safer in the world?

And, most importantly–quite simply–the basic question of our lives: are you happier today than when Donald J. Trump became President of the United States?

Are you willing to vote for a Presidential Candidate who not only embraces Obama’s Legacy of Failure but the Far Left’s Vision of a Marxist America in Sleepy Joe Biden?

I cannot answer those questions for you. Only you can.

Joe Biden calls us “Chumps”.

Donald J Trump calls us AMERICANS.

Please, exercise your right and privilege as an AMERICAN and vote today.

Until He Comes, 


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