Is America Experiencing 1984 Presidential Election Deja Vu?

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American presidential election held on November 6, 1984, in which Republican Ronald Reagan was elected to a second term, defeating Democrat Walter Mondale, a former U.S. vice president. Reagan won 49 states en route to amassing 525 electoral votes to Mondale’s 13—one of the biggest landslides in U.S. election history. The election was also notable for being the first time a major party had a woman on its ticket—Geraldine Ferraro, Mondale’s running mate. –

Are Americans about to witness history repeat itself?

Seth Masket is a political scientist at the University of Denver, specializing in political parties, state legislatures, campaigns and elections, and social networks. In an article posted on on August 21, 2018, he attempted to analyze Reagan’s 1984 landslide victory over Mondale.

In his article, he quotes from a post-election analysis by political scientist Marjorie Hershey…

In a study released in 1992, Hershey looked at newspaper coverage in the immediate aftermath of the 1984 election. She recorded over 80 explanations for the election’s outcome across various news articles in the immediate post-election weeks; just two months later, she could count only around 10 such explanations.

These interpretations focused on the candidates’ personalities and different campaign promises, particularly Mondale’s pledge to raise taxes. Mondale and the Democrats also were blamed for prioritizing “special interests” (mainly racial minorities) over working-class white voters. (It’s a narrative that continues to plague Democrats.) In her study, Hershey cites a leading Democratic consultant at the time who said shortly after the election:

We have to realize that we’re getting out of touch with normal, regular people. We’re forgetting that the white middle-class is rejecting us. We’re being wagged by the tail of Jesse Jackson, of feminists or gay activists. The average voter is saying, “What about me?”

That election postmortem was echoed by political scientist Phil Klinkner in his 1994 book on election losses. Quoting a handful of different Democrats heavyweights, Klinkner finds the inability to court working-class white voters to be a constant source of intraparty frustration.

No, this is not 1984.

Things have changed.

The Middle Class is not just “white” anymore.

A significant percentage of black Americans are now comfortably in the economic middle class and…thanks to political activists like Candace Owen and the Trump Economy booming before the Chinese Coronavirus sidetracked it for a while, they are prepared to join other middle class Americans in voting for President Trump on November 3rd.

For those who believe that black Americans will change their minds and vote for Biden since he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate…you are forgetting your history.

Leading up to the 1984 Presidential Election, all of the pundits were predicting that American women would vote for Mondale because he chose Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate.

They were wrong.

However, one thing has remained the same concerning the focus of the Democratic Party:

They long ago abandoned average Americans in the Middle Class for special interest groups.

And, even more egregious is the fact that the special interest groups whom they are presently aligning themselves with are anti-American Marxist Anarchist groups like Antifa and BLM, who oppose Traditional American Values like respecting and supporting the man and women of Law Enforcement.

Today’s Democratic Party is even more isolated and short-sighted than they were in 1984 if they believe that Americans are going to vote for an 78 year-old man suffering from dementia and a woman who slept her way to political prominence.

Or perhaps, they are using Biden and Harris as sacrificial lambs because they are attempting to further tear apart this country when Trump is reelected, finishing what they have started these last four years.

Either way, the Democratic Party has greatly underestimated average Americans…


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