Some Progressive Political Activists Are Not Happy That Biden Picked Harris

kamala-harris-california reports that

Some progressives expressed their frustration and condemnation of Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., as his running mate.

Ever since Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee, there has been an ongoing debate on the left as to who he could pick as his vice president that can motivate enough of the base, including supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to support the ticket in November.

On Tuesday, Biden announced that Harris would be his vice president.

Sanders himself extended his support for his Senate colleague and former 2020 rival.

“Congratulations to @KamalaHarris, who will make history as our next Vice President. She understands what it takes to stand up for working people, fight for health care for all, and take down the most corrupt administration in history. Let’s get to work and win,” the Vermont senator tweeted.

However, several Bernie supporters and other progressive journalists slammed the Biden-Harris ticket.

Briahna Joy Gray, who previously served as Sanders’ national press secretary and has been an outspoken critic of Biden since her former boss withdrew from the race, invoked Harris’ tenure as the California attorney general.

“We are in the midst of the largest protest movement in American history, the subject of which is excessive policing, and the Democratic Party chose a “top cop” and the author of the Joe Biden crime bill to save us from Trump. The contempt for the base is, wow,” Gray reacted.

Left-leaning journalist Michael Tracey called Biden’s selection a “nightmarishly bad pick in every way.”

“Kamala’s presidential campaign was a total humiliating disaster. One of the worst of all time, considering the amount of unearned hype she received. Did everybody miss that, or what?” Tracey asked.

“Well, there you have it. @JoeBiden gives the middle finger to progressives, #BlackLivesMatter protesters, and black voters under the age of 50,” Status Coup co-founder Jordan Chariton tweeted.

“Crime bill author Joe Biden selects ‘top cop’ Kamala Harris for VP as racial justice and police abolition protests continue across the country,” progressive journalist Walker Bragman wrote.

“Apparently the answer to a movement for black lives is someone who helped perpetuate a lock em up regime while letting the powerful in Silicon Valley and Wall Streeters like Steve Mnuchin loot with impunity. Happy 2020,” The Hill’s Krystal Ball wrote.

“Biden going with the strategically brilliant move of picking somebody for VP who is despised by both the right and the left,” progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski quipped.

“This is when everyone who either said they would never vote for Bernie in the general or argued that he could never win bc he’s a socialist Jew will attack anyone criticizing Harris for strategic or moral reasons as handing the election to Trump,” podcast host Katie Halper tweeted.

So, we have quite a Presidential ticket on the Democrat side…a serial groper and a woman who, as Roseanne Barr described her to Candace Owens, “slept her way to he bottom”.

Yesterday morning, the following story ran on

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has urged ex-girlfriend Sen. Kamala Harris to reject presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden if he asks her to be his running mate.

In an op-ed published in the San Francisco Chronicle over the weekend, Brown advised his ex to “politely decline” Biden’s vice presidential offer, arguing that she should instead aim for US attorney general.

“Harris is a tested and proven campaigner who will work her backside off to get Biden elected. That said, the vice presidency is not the job she should go for — asking to be considered as attorney general in a Biden administration would be more like it,” Brown wrote of the California Democrat, who is widely considered to be the front-runner in the VP race.

Brown, 86, argued that while being included on a presidential ticket “is obviously a huge honor … the glory would be short-lived.”

“Historically, the vice presidency has often ended up being a dead end. For every George H.W. Bush, who ascended from the job to the presidency, there’s an Al Gore, who never got there.”

By the way, Willie Brown was still married while he and Kamala Harris were “dating”.

Classy, huh?

During the upcoming campaign, Harris will probably describe herself as a “progressive prosecutor”, according to University of San Francisco Law Professor Lara Bazelon, in an article she wrote for the New York Times, which was published on January 17, 2019, don’t you believe it.

Time after time, when progressives urged her to embrace criminal justice reforms as a district attorney and then the state’s attorney general, Ms. Harris opposed them or stayed silent. Most troubling, Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.

Consider her record as San Francisco’s district attorney from 2004 to 2011. Ms. Harris was criticized in 2010 for withholding information about a police laboratory technician who had been accused of “intentionally sabotaging” her work and stealing drugs from the lab. After a memo surfaced showing that Ms. Harris’s deputies knew about the technician’s wrongdoing and recent conviction, but failed to alert defense lawyers, a judge condemned Ms. Harris’s indifference to the systemic violation of the defendants’ constitutional rights.

Ms. Harris contested the ruling by arguing that the judge, whose husband was a defense attorney and had spoken publicly about the importance of disclosing evidence, had a conflict of interest. Ms. Harris lost. More than 600 cases handled by the corrupt technician were dismissed.

Impressive legal career? Hardly.

As the Fox News article above shows, her behavior as prosecutor is not going to make her a popular Vice-residential choice among the members of Black Lives Matter.

Come to think of it, her beneficial “romance” with a married man is not going o endear her to black church-going Americans, either.

Okay, so to say that the choice of Harris as VP Candidate is going to offend some Democrats is an understatement. And, that being the case, her and Sleepy Joe are going t have to present a united front.

But, can they?

Yesterday, posted the following reminder…

Sen. Kamala Harris, who was announced as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate on Tuesday, once said that she believed women who accused Biden of inappropriate touching.

“I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” the California senator told reporters in April 2019.

Biden had been accused by a number of women of inappropriate touching and kissing, including by a Nevada politician who said he came up behind her at a 2014 campaign stop and kissed her on the back of her head.

“He’s going to have to make that decision for himself,” Harris said when asked if Biden, who hadn’t announced a presidential bid at the point, should still run. “I wouldn’t tell him what to do.”

Well, I was going to call Kamala Harris a hypocrite for accepting the offer to be Sleepy Joe’s VP.

But, considering the fact that she not only was “in a relationship” with a married man but flaunted it around town and as prosecutor she violated defendant’s rights, I would say that she really does not have a moral and ethical stance which she could betray through hypocrisy.

That being said, she and the serial groper should get along just fine.

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