Trump Says Lightfoot is Making a “Big Mistake” in Refusing Help…Why Have These Democrat Mayors Refused Help?


Donald-Trump-Lori-Lightfoot reports that

President Trump doubled down on his criticism of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday – berating the Democratic mayor for the spike in violent crime in her city and threatening to send in more federal agents to combat the spoke in violence.

Speaking during a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, Trump called Chicago a “disaster” and said Lightfoot was making “a big mistake” by not asking the White House for help in combatting crime in the United States’ third most-populous city.

“Chicago is a disaster, the mayor is saying don’t come in,” Trump said. “She’s making a big mistake.”

He added: “Chicago should be calling us and so should Philadelphia and Detroit and many others.”

When questioned about a 2016 statement he made blaming former President Barack Obama for the violence in Chicago, Trump argued that his predecessor failed to quell the issue in the city during his time in office.

“He did a poor job,” Trump said.

The president’s comments come just hours after he announced he was deploying 100 federal agents to Chicago.

The “surge” of agents announced on Wednesday to Chicago and other American cities is part of Operation Legend – named after 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was fatally shot while sleeping in a Kansas City apartment late last month – and comes as federal law enforcement officers have already descended on Portland, Ore. and Kansas City, Mo.

Chicago, which is currently experiencing a spat of deadly gun violence, has been a particular target of Trump’s criticism. A shooting at a funeral home earlier this week left 14 people injured, and followed a weekend that saw 10 people killed and 60 people injured due to gun violence.

While sending federal agents to aid local law enforcement is not unprecedented – Attorney General Bill Barr announced a similar surge effort in December for seven cities that had seen spiking violence – the type of federal agent being sent, and some of their tactics, have raised concerns among state and local lawmakers.

Usually, the Justice Department sends agents under its own umbrella, like agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or the Drug Enforcement Administration. But this surge effort will include Department of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) officers, who generally conduct drug trafficking and child exploitation investigations.

A number of lawmakers from New York to Portland have spoken out against the Trump administration sending the agents to their cities, especially following reports that unidentified federal agents detained protesters in Portland and took them away in unmarked vehicles. Portland has been hit with near-daily demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism since the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody on May 25.

Local authorities also have complained the surges have only exacerbated tensions, and criminal justice experts say the efforts defy explanation because of the unprecedented moment America is living through — with a pandemic, historic unemployment and a mass reckoning over racism and how people of color are treated by police.

Chicago’s Lightfoot has been particularly critical of Trump’s use of federal agents in the country’s metropolitan areas.

“We welcome partnership, not dictatorship, and will never tolerate the kind of unconstitutional deployment and state-sanctioned lawlessness we saw in Portland,” Lightfoot said in a statement on Wednesday.

So, why is Mayor Lori Lightfoot defending those who are tearing apart the city which she is supposed to be looking out for?Perhap because she is “tight” with the “puppet master” who is financing a lot of the unrest which we are witnessing in American cities from coast to coast.

On June 10th, the Chicago Tribune reported that

Chicagoans who did not get financial help from the federal government during the coronavirus pandemic can apply for $1,000 grants from the city, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Wednesday.

Officials will fund 300,000 grants with $1 million from the Open Society Foundation, which was founded by billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, and $4 million from an anonymous donor through the foundation, according to the mayor’s office.

The Chicago Resiliency Fund will be administered by The Resurrection Project, and applications will open on June 22 and be available online.

Undocumented immigrants were not eligible for the $1,200 checks for adults and $500 per child, and mixed-status families were also excluded from the relief package designed to ease the sting of the economic crash caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler does not want federal troops in his city either, even though Antifa and BLM continue to riot and attack the police ever single night.

If Mayor Wheeler, a Democrat, was going to “deal with” the hooded thugs of Antifa, he would have done it by now.

So, why hasn’t he?

And then, there is Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan. She also does not want troops coming into her city, even though Antifa and BLM are also rioting there ever night.

So, you’re asking, what links George Soros to Portland and Seattle?

On Thursday, April 27th, 2017, the following information was posted in an article found on

Violent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is officially linked to Antifa through his group “Refuse Fascism”.

Ayers is infamous for the Weather Underground, a domestic terror organization he co-founded with other degenerates, and for bombing the Pentagon.

“Refuse Fascism“, a fascist organization that wishes to inhibit and deny the speech of conservatives, is partly funded by George Soros. It has organizers like Bill Ayers and is targeting youth across the country with the intention of indoctrinating and brainwashing individuals who nascent politically. We know Ayers was associated with Barrack Obama and is a big supporter of various socialists and communists as well as violent terrorists.

Today, it has come out that Ayers is partnering with Antifa in the spread of militant violence against pro-America demonstrators. Leftists have historically turned Ayers into a folklore figure who they cherish and respect despite his violent past.

That article in turn referenced another article found on on February 3rd of that year, which related the following information…

One of the far-left “anti-fascist” groups behind last week’s riot in Berkeley, Refuse Fascism, received $50,000 from a group backed by socialist billionaire George Soros, according to the Daily Caller.

The Alliance for Global Justice, which is funded by the George Soros-backed Tides Foundation, reportedly donated $50,000 to fund Refuse Fascism, which openly brags about using violence to shut down conservative and libertarian speech.

And, on, we find…

Chicago: Refuse Fascism Protests Federal Crackdown on Portland! TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW!
July 22, 2020 by Refuse Fascism
Only hours after it was announced that Homeland Security was deploying 150 federal agents to Chicago to restore fascist “law and order,” and 3 days after the CPD viciously attacked protesters with an Indigenous and Black Solidarity rally protesting at the Christopher Columbus statue, Refuse Fascism called for an emergency “Stand with Portland – No Fascist Police State” protest. The protest was co-sponsored by Revolution Club, Freedom First International, and Friends Who March and our demands included: Stop Police Violence Against Protesters in Chicago, Portland, and Everywhere! Trump Gestapo in Portland must be met with mass protest in the streets! Justice for Miracle Boyd! No Fascist Police State! NO ICE training programs for vigilantes! (this refers to a new “ICE Academy” in Chicago to train anti-immigrant vigilantes. We chanted, “No Trump-No Feds-No KKK! NO Fascist USA! Trump Pence Out NOW!”

The protest started with over 100 people rallying at the Federal Building and grew to close to 200 in the course of the march and rally. The urgent need to drive out the Trump Pence regime came out loud and clear and got significant media coverage. People coming to protest were met by a heavy and intimidating police presence. Before the rally began, DHS agents with a dog went through the plaza and later on unmarked cars with DHS agents were spotted on the street.

Do you remember the line from the classic Song from the 60s,

“There’s something happening here,

What it is ain’t exactly clear.” ?

George Soros has financed “protestors” for years now, going as far as trying to infiltrate Republican Nominee Donald J. Trump’s Campaign Rallies before he 2016 Presidential Election.

His deep involvement in the Ferguson Riots, along with his funding of Back Lives Matter and Antifa Groups like Refuse Fascism reveals a pattern of behavior which makes him the likely money behind the “spontaneous” protests which erupted in cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles and across the street from the White House and are continuing today.

In my opinion, it is time to freeze the assets of George Soros and to deport him from our Sovereign Nation which he seeks to “radically change”…

…while we still have a Constitutional Republic left.

Until He Comes


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