Dem Elites Who Supported the “Protests” Across the Country are Now Worried Trump Rally Will Spread COVID-19…Are You Kidding Me?

freepressjournal_2020-06_ede59063-8e77-430f-a91c-9c5ed740ab16_trump2 reports that

Top Democrats who cheered on “Black Lives Matter” crowds across the U.S. are now criticizing President Trump for planning to restart his campaign rallies, saying the events — which are scheduled to kick off in Tulsa, Okla. — could help spread the coronavirus.

The apparent hypocrisy comes just weeks after big-city Democrats who once insisted on strict coronavirus lockdown measures had relented in the wake of George Floyd’s in-custody death, and encouraged anti-police demonstrations.

On Monday, U.S. Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., told her Twitter followers she had joined a “Healing and Hope” rally “to speak with our community as America grieves.”

By Thursday, Demings — considered a possible running mate for Joe Biden — had suddenly changed her tune on mass gatherings.

“The president’s plan to hold mass rallies in Florida and elsewhere as we experience a resurgence in COVID cases is irresponsible and selfish,” Demings remarked, without any reference to her previous comments.

Demings was not alone. A week ago, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent who sought the Democratic presidential nomination before suspending his campaign in April, tweeted: “Congratulations to all who are out on the streets today peacefully protesting. Together, we will end police brutality. Together, we will defeat Trump. Together, we will fight for a government based on justice and compassion, not greed and lies.”

But by Thursday, Sanders, too, took a different approach to public safety.

“Trump wants 15,000 delegates cheering him at his GOP convention in Florida,” the former presidential candidate said, referring to the president’s new convention site. “No social distancing. His rejection of medical advice endangers not only those there but those they come in contact with. Trump’s a threat to the health and well-being of the country. He must be defeated.”

The double standard from the anti-Trump crowd didn’t go unnoticed.

“Don’t take anyone stressing ‘social distance’ seriously if they were silent on protesters nationwide violating stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines,” The Daily Caller’s Logan Hall commented.

As recently as late May, the coronavirus lockdown was seemingly down and out, as many Democrats in charge of big cities — including several who once insisted on strict quarantine measures — lined up to champion nationwide mass demonstrations.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had previously lashed out at protesters calling to reopen the state, saying at a news conference, “you have no right to jeopardize my health … and my children’s health and your children’s health.” Cuomo’s directives have been enforced throughout the state: A New York City tanning salon owner told Fox News he was fined $1,000 for reopening, calling the situation “insane” and saying he already was “broke.”

Days later, though, Cuomo said he “stands” with those defying stay-at-home orders: “Nobody is sanctioning the arson, and the thuggery and the burglaries, but the protesters and the anger and the fear and the frustration? Yes. Yes, and the demand is for justice.”

In April, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told the Jewish community that “the time for warnings has passed” after he said a funeral gathering had violated social distancing guidelines. In May, the mayor asserted, “We have always honored non-violent protests.”

And, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti threatened in March to cut power and water for businesses that reopened, saying he wanted to punish “irresponsible and selfish” behavior. In recent days, he has encouraged mass gatherings, even as he condemned violence.

“I will always protect Angelenos’ right to make their voices heard — and we can lead the movement against racism without fear of violence or vandalism,” he said.

The mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser, vowed $5,000 fines or 90 days in jail for anyone violating stay-at-home orders. After Floyd’s death, though, Bowser defended the protests.

“We are grieving hundreds of years of institutional racism,” she said. “People are tired, sad, angry and desperate for change.”

Uh huh.

So, allow me to ask the obvious question:

Why is it okay for thousands of “protesters”, paid and/or just plain gullible, to march in coordinated marches in all of America’s major cities but it is NOT okay for President Trump to resume his MAGA Rallies?

I realize that the excuse being given is the ignition of a second wave of COVID-19.

If that was going to happen, wouldn’t it have begun already with all of those “protesters” rioting and side by side?

According to early test results out of four sites in Minneapolis and St. Paul, as reported by,

So far, more than 3,300 protesters have shown up to be tested and of that number, 40 percent — or about 1,300 — have gotten their test results back.

The paper (The St. Paul Pioneer Press) reported that of that number only about 1.4 percent tested positive for the virus.

That is hardly a “second wave”.

That is not even a drip from a showerhead.

Why are the Democrats attempting to block President Trump from resuming his MAGA Rallies?

The answer is quite simple.

Over the three and one-half years into the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, the gaping maw that is America’s Political Division is more cavernous as ever.

Those of us who live in America’s Heartland, between the coasts, continue to support the man whom we elected to the most powerful office in the Free World…because he is not a politician…which makes the Far Left Democrats and the Vichy Republicans like Mitt Romney hate him even more.

Liberals who seem to spend their entire day on Social Media posting fake news stories, pulling “facts” out of their hindquarters, and posting anything and everything that they can, in order to attempt to remove President Trump from office, are probably in diabetic shock from consuming too many Cheetos and donuts in their Mom’s basement, as they attempt to comprehend what I am writing.

Here’s the deal, Snowflakes…

None of these fake news stories, Democrat-heavy polls, photoshopped pictures, and stupid Occupy Democrat Memes on Facebook designed to somehow add credence to the out-of-control actions of the Democrats on Capitol Hill are making any difference to average Americans.

The Democrats and their Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media, as a result of their own regional bias toward the major metropolitan areas on the East and Left Coasts, which has been obvious to average Americans for the last several decades, continue through their sheer arrogance and hatred for the traditional American Way of Life, to not only distance themselves from the people whom they continue to claim that they “love”…Average Working Class Americans, but to also attempt to take their Constitutional Freedoms away, as we have witnessed during the Chinese Coronavirus Lockdown.

The Democrats have become the party of the “Upper Crust” and Special Interest Groups, who, like Nancy Pelosi in front of her gigantic freezer of gourmet ice cream, so clearly demonstrated, look down their noses at Americans who live here in “Flyover Country”.

The Democrats assumed, after reading their own press clippings, that all Americans wanted in 2016 and somehow, still want, the Progressive/Marxist Political Ideology and style of governance which Barack Hussein Obama practiced during his time as President.

That is why they and their Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media, have been extolling the praises of the “peaceful protesters” of Antifa and BLM who have looted and vandalized businesses and defaced and destroyed monuments.

Well, we all know what assuming does, don’t we, Snowflakes?

Guess what, Democratic Elite, George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, Main Stream Media, Facebook and Internet Trolls, Hollywood Celebrities, and the rest of you still throwing a National Temper Tantrum?

Trump won! And, average Americans, the “Deplorables” between the coasts whom Democrats and the MSM “journalists” like Jim Acosta continue to insult, ridicule, and threaten to disarm on a daily basis, still support and appreciate President Donald J. Trump.

ONE MILLION AMERICANS have requested tickets for the president’s MAGA Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Joe Biden’s last speech drew 170.

And, that why Democrats want to stop the upcoming rally.

The Democrats’ new strategy is

“If you can’t beat him…quarantine him.”

Until He Comes,


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