Choosing TDS Over Country, CNN’s Harwood Attacks Trump for Standing Up to Reporter From Chinese Gov’t-Owned TV Station

J8uADIum reports that

CNN reporter John Harwood suggested on Tuesday that President Trump showed authoritarian tendencies for questioning the legitimacy of a reporter who peppered him with questions about his cooperation with China.

During Monday’s coronavirus task force briefing, an unidentified reporter for Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV addressed Trump: “Mr. President, only last week there were multiple flights coming from China, full of medical supplies. Companies like Huawei and Ali Baba have been donating to the United States like $1.5 million, N95 masks, and also a lot of medical gloves, and much more medical supplies.”

“Sounds like a statement more than a question,” Trump replied. The reporter went on to cite a Chinese ambassador’s op-ed calling for cooperation with the United States. “Are you personally, working directly with China?” she asked.

After Trump cited his trade agreement with China, the reporter again asked whether he was cooperating with China. “Who are you working for? China?” Trump responded.

On CNN’s “New Day,” Harwood cited the exchange as part of a pattern of “lashing out, again, at the legitimacy of criticism itself.”

“He went after a reporter and said do you work for China? … This is the kind of thing he did, we remember, in 2016 when he said, well, it’s a Mexican judge, I’m trying to build a wall, they can’t be fair. That is not the case. There is expertise within the government.

“He has disregarded that expertise. And now he’s trying — I think he feels a sense of injustice that the good conditions that he was running for re-election on have been taken away and he’s reacting, in a way, frankly, that authoritarian leaders behave. You can’t question me, I’m the leader of the country, what I say is true.”

Phoenix TV is partially owned by a company backed by China’s government, and U.S. intelligence has reportedly identified the station as a propaganda outlet.

In 2005,  The Washington Post reported that Phoenix TV CEO Liu Changle served in the People’s Liberation Army and worked as a “military journalist” for Central People’s Radio, a state-owned outlet that was later renamed “China National Radio.” The Hoover Institution at Stanford University previously labeled Phoenix TV as “quasi-official” state media, adding it was “completely controlled by Chinese government.”

Curtis Houck, managing editor for the conservative website Newsbusters, wasn’t surprised by Harwood’s statement.

“There is no bottom for liberal ‘journalists’ like Harwood,” Houck told Fox News on Tuesday.

“It was ludicrous that CNN hired him and he’s continued to beclown himself by standing up for the authoritarian, communist regime due to his deep-seated disdain for Trump. It’s harder to find a worse example of Trump Derangement Syndrome then choosing Beijing over Washington simply because of who’s the U.S. President.”

In a 2005 interview with the Post, Phoenix TV’s Liu Changle openly discussed the “tightrope” he was walking in dealing with the Beijing government.

“If we do everything the government wants, people will treat us with contempt,” he reportedly said. “If we follow the people completely, the government will wipe us out … It can be very uncomfortable.”

Other organizations have shed light on the outlet’s ties to China’s government. A research analyst from Freedom House, a pro-democracy group, previously testified that the outlet’s coverage is “typically favorable” to the Chinese Communist Party and airs televised confessions of the party’s critics.

“Such coverage is perhaps not coincidental, considering that CCTV reportedly holds a 10 percent stake in Phoenix,” a research analyst from the group said.

The depth of their grief and the blind rage of their ensuing temper tantrum has, without a doubt, wiped out any vestiges of journalistic integrity that remained after decades of being the Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party.

President-elect Trump will never be able to please the Main Stream Media.

Nor should he have to.

The Presidency of the United States of America is the most important leadership position on the Face of God’s Green Earth.

The Main Stream Media knows that.

The problem is the Main Stream Media is still having a conniption fit (Southern colloquialism for being upset over something to the point insanity) over the election of Donald J. Trump as the next President by us rubes here in Flyover Country.

The Main Stream Media not only lost their meal ticket with the defeat of the Queen of Mean, Hillary Clinton, but they also have been “punked” for  last three years by Donald J. Trump, who treats them like a school of Largemouth Bass, baiting the hook with the promise of a big announcement or story, causing them to pack the room wherever Trump is speaking, only to find out that they have been used to gain free publicity for Mr. Trump and whatever cause he is trying to forward that day.

Or, refusing to play nice with them when they slander him.

As I have noted before, Trump has made the Media look tremendously naïve and stupid on several occasions, in scenes reminiscent of Lucy Van Pelt promising to hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick, only to pull it away at the last minute leaving a helpless Charlie Brown to wipe out, tumbling head over heels.

The Main Stream Media are no longer in control of the dissemination of the news…and they know it.

Between Trump’s playing them like Charlie Daniels playing a fiddle and average Americans becoming their own reporters through the use of Social Media, “professional journalists” have watched their influence over the daily lives of Americans dwindle and diminish right before their very eyes.

Unfortunately, the lies will just keep on coming from both the Democratic Party and their Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media.

Like the attention-seeking spoiled brats that they are, the Main Stream Media believe that they can get away with anything…even defending a representative of the country which has caused a worldwide pandemic.

That is why grandstanding idiots like Harwood feel ’empowered” to show the entire world their backside and to be everything but professional toward the President of the United States of America.

Harwood and grandstanding grieving Democratic Propagandists like him are why President Trump decided to pull the plug on the normal daily White House Press Briefings to begin with.

Americans want their news to be just that: Information about the events going on around them, delivered by unbiased professional reporters.

If they want to see two guys yell nonsensically at each other, they will tune into the WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” or Tuesday Night’s “Smackdown Live”.

Americans are now living in a time when the Main Stream Media’s blatant propaganda is no longer believed at face value, as the evidence which refutes it is appearing in the live videos and photographs being shared on Facebook and other Social Media.

Average Americans are winning the war against the “New Fascism” of the Tyranny of the Minority by the sharing of information through Social Media.

Self-righteous Liberals, masquerading as Broadcast “Journalists”, like Harwood and the rest of the Main Stream Media, need to wake up and smell what they’re shoveling before their version of “Broadcast Journalism” goes the way of the dinosaurs…

…after the Americans who are still watching tune them out to watch cat videos on Facebook.

Until He Comes,


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