Libs Lose It Over Trump Tweet Telling Teen Climate Change Spokesperson to “Chill” Why Can’t Adults Stand Up to a Teen Activist?

01-dare-be-cold-li-600’s Kristine Marsh reported recently that

The View hosts were grateful for another opportunity to lavish praise on teenage climate crusader Greta Thunberg after Time Magazine named her their “Person of the Year,” Wednesday. On Thursday’s show, climate-obsessed host Joy Behar bashed President Trump as “jealous” of the “very smart” liberal teen, while her co-host Meghan McCain whined that she wanted the whistleblower to be “Person of the Year.”

After touting Thunberg winning the award to a cheering audience, Behar read a tweet from Trump snarking that the sour-faced teen had an “anger management problem” and should go “see a movie.”

This upset the host, who felt the need to defend Thunberg: “Hello. Look in the mirror!…I don’t know what he’s so mad about. He has made plenty of covers, hasn’t he? [puts up an unflattering Mad Magazine cover] This was one of the famous ones he was on. So let’s be real, okay? He’s just jealous it’s not him, okay?”

Behar and fellow co-host Sunny Hostin also called out First Lady Melania Trump for defending her teen son Barron, but not Thunberg, even though Thunberg petulantly lectured world leaders and thrust herself into the public spotlight:

BEHAR: Where is Melania? She was SO upset by the Barron comment, the lawyer!

HOSTIN: I don’t think it’s appropriate for the President to go after a 16-year-old who has Asperger’s, and climate activist I would like to see from the First Lady the same kind of energy and verve in which she used for defending her son!

Thunberg wasn’t the only one the hosts raved over. Hostin also praised the liberal rag for “paying homage” to the Democrat impeachment inquiry witnesses as the “guardians of the year.”

To that, Behar laughably touted, “the good guys are struggling to be heard!”

On the other hand, her co-host Meghan McCain said she disagreed with the Thunberg choice and wanted it to be the whistleblower:

“I actually wanted it to be the whistle-blower. I think it’s a more salient and timely choice,” she touted to the agreement of her liberal co-hosts. McCain added that the whistleblower “earned” this award more than Thunberg, which set off climate-obsessed Behar:

“It’s an American situation. She’s really global. So she has more influence in a way than the whistle-blower because everybody breathes the air!” Behar asserted.

As McCain took a different tack, worrying that the media was putting too much responsibility on the teenage girl’s shoulders, Behar claimed Thunberg could handle it.

“She’s smart. She’s really smart!” Behar gushed, adding that she had become the “face” of climate change.

Wednesday, the networks spent the morning groveling before the “woke” “sweet voiced” teen activist. On ABC’s Good Morning America, the network also shilled for their boss, Disney CEO Bob Iger, touting their “great leader” also winning an award from Time Magazine.

So, who is Greta Thunberg, Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”, whom Americans are not supposed to criticize, according to wild-eyed Liberals?

On April 24, a Swedish Website,, posted the following article, which provides a succinct background of the apparent heir to Al Gore’s “untouchable” mantle as the Spokesperson for Climate Change..

Greta Thunberg has become world renowned for her fight for the climate and lower temperatures on earth. It all started in 2018 when she began a school strike all alone, standing outside the Swedish parliament with different placards trying to form opinion and get young people to join. The Swedish mainstream media quickly picked up her one-girl-mission for the climate and wrote several articles about her.

Few citizens of Sweden could back then even dream of what the future held – soon enough Thunberg met the pope, spoke in front of the United Nations, and has even been nominated for the Nobel peace price. The once so lonely 15-year old girl became world famous more or less over night when international mainstream media started reporting about her 15 day long school strike and Arnold Schwarzenegger invited her to a climate meeting in Vienna.

So who is then this young idealist? Greta Thunberg is now 16-years old and the daughter of famous opera singer and left-liberal activist Marlena Ernman, who in the background has helped her daughter get started. Thunberg soon also got her own coach – a well known climate activist from Germany by the name Luisa-Marie Neubauer. How big is the likelyhood that a young girl who starts a school strike outside the Swedish parliament can get schoolchildren from all over the world to join her cause and fight for the climate? How often does 16 year olds have their own coaches?

Luisa-Marie Neubauer, who has figured on a large amount of images and movies together with Greta when they jointly run climate strikes all over the world, belongs to the organization ”one foundation” which has several well-known wealthy financiers, including Bono, Bill and Melissa Gates. An even more striking name is the multi-billionaire oligarch George Soros, world famous for his currency speculation and maybe even more well-known as the father of the global, radical, and left-liberal lobby and activist network “Open Society”, supporting thousands of NGO:s.

Behind every world famous 16 year old climate activist there is a liberal oligarch and a globalist movement.

So, her Liberal activist parents train this challenged young child how to present herself in public.

They lead the child “in the way in which she should go” according to their activist view of “reality”.

They secure funding and she rises to stardom as the “Spokesperson for Climate Change, attacking adults who refuse to worship the pseudoscience of “Climate Change” with impunity, having been placed on a pedestal by adoring Liberals the world over.

As the Harpies on The View explained, we average Americans who chose to worship the God of Abraham instead of Mother Gaia, are not allowed to fight back against her verbal abuse , threats, and allegations, because she is a “child with disabilities”.

Her parents and their “sponsors” knew exactly what they were doing when they set this whole “spokesperson” thing in motion.

As the husband of a wonderful wife who works with special needs children believe me, they get corrected and disciplined just like any other child.

President Trump was exactly right.

Greta needs to be allowed to be just another happy teenager…actually having a life, instead of being the puppet of Climate Change Activists.

The hypocrisy of Liberals never ceasing to amaze me.

They tell us that it is a “Woman’s Right” to end the life which has begun inside of them.

But, don’t you dare correct an autistic teenager that they are using to further their Global Agenda advocating for something that is not even real.


Until He Comes,


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