Trump Delivers Epic Speech at Minnesota MAGA Rally, Nails Bidens

President-Trump-Minnesota-rally-1200x800 reports that

President Trump unloaded on Joe and Hunter Biden over their Ukrainian business dealings in Minneapolis on Thursday evening — at one point bringing the crowd to its feet by charging that Biden’s only useful trait as vice president was his preternatural ability to “kiss Barack Obama’s a–.”

Trump cited a new report in The Washington Examiner that the whistleblower at the center of Democrats’ impeachment push had worked with Biden. The whistleblower’s anti-Trump attorney, Mark Zaid, acknowledged earlier in the week that his client had “contact” with current presidential contenders “from both parties.”

The president also derided the Biden campaign for aggressively seeking to convince Facebook and The New York Times, as well as all major television networks, not to cover what it called “conspiracy theories” about potential Biden corruption.

Scores of Trump supporters, as well as pro-impeachment demonstrators, lined up hours before the event at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis began. At least one protester was photographed pouring milk on his face to counter the effects of pepper spray, as chaos unfolded outside the arena — with pro-Trump hats being lit on fire, as some protesters harassed police.

“The Bidens got rich — and that is substantiated — while America got robbed,” Trump said. “Sleepy Joe and his friends sold out America. … And in a brand new report, just came out as I’m walking on the stage, it turns out that when Joe Biden was vice president — he worked with the so-called whistleblower. This is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt, sabotage, and I’m sure they’re going to say, ‘totally unsubstantiated.'”

As the crowd erupted into applause, Trump remarked, “Isn’t it much better when I go off script? So much better.”

Trump set a fiery tone within minutes of taking the stage, as he relentlessly mocked ex-FBI officials and lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page with a passionate dramatic reading of their anti-Trump text messages. He also touted the country’s economy and suggested the U.S. will prevail in its trade war with China — without mentioning the growing issue of censorship in the U.S. over ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

The rally, Trump’s first since the House moved toward impeachment over his handling of a July phone call with Ukraine’s president, was in a state Trump nearly won in 2016 and has talked frequently of capturing in 2020. But, it took place in a traditionally liberal city and the home turf of a frequent foil, Rep. Ilhan Omar.

To loud booing during the rally, Trump slammed the Democrat as “an America-hating socialist” who “minimized the September 11 terror attack on our homeland.” He also outlined comments from Omar that even top Democrats have admitted were anti-Semitic, before asking, “How do you have such a person representing you in Minnesota? I’m very angry at you people. She is a disgrace to our country, and she is one of the big reasons that I am going to win, and that the Republican Party is going to win, Minnesota in 13 months.”

A chant of “four more years” broke out — in sharp contrast to the “send her back” rallying cry from a July rally in North Carolina that was directed at Omar. Trump later condemned that chant, which came after the president asked why unnamed “Democrat Congresswomen” didn’t “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came, then come back and show us how it is done.”

Trump hit Democrats for bringing into many refugees without proper security controls, noting that he has “reduced refugee resettlement by 85 percent” since taking office. The president thanked Mexico for agreeing to deploy its soldiers to help curtail illegal immigration at the border pursuant to a deal the White House struck earlier this year — a move that Trump said would help avert a humanitarian crisis like the one unfolding in Europe.

Later in the rally, Trump explained his decision to expose U.S.-allied Kurds to Turkish invasion by telling the crowd how difficult it was to inform the families of fallen U.S. servicemembers how “their child has died.” Keeping troops on guard to prevent Turkish incursion, Trump said, was an unnecessary risk of U.S. personnel.

“I have to sign these letters,” Trump said, saying it also was “very tough” to go to Dover Air Force Base to “meet the parents and families and wives and children, sisters and brothers” of fallen soldiers who arrive in coffins.

“It’s time to bring ’em home,” Trump said to applause, referring generally to U.S. soldiers overseas. “We’ve done our job.”

At the rally, Trump said over 20,000 people were inside the arena — and over 25,000 were outside, out of nearly 100,000 who indicated online they wanted to attend.

Before the president took the stage, his son Eric Trump briefly encouraged a “lock him up” chant directed at Joe and Hunter Biden, before telling the crowd it wouldn’t be necessary because Biden will lose his bid for the White House.

The president turned to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s comments earlier Thursday concerning their fateful phone call. Zelensky unequivocally told reporters the call involved no bribe, blackmail or quid pro quo, as impeachment-minded Democrats claimed.

“That should be the end of it,” Trump told rallygoers. “We released a transcript of that call, which was so good that Crooked [House Intelligence Committee Chairman] Adam Schiff had to make up a fake conversation that never happened, and he delivered it to the United States Congress and the American people. It was a total fraud. And then, [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi said, ‘Oh, I think the president said that.’ These people are sick.”

Trump argued that Democrats never anticipated he would release a full transcript of his call with Zelensky, and recklessly locked themselves into their impeachment inquiry before they even read the document.

“Where’s Hunter?” Trump asked rallygoers at one point, referring to Biden’s son. Both Joe and Hunter Biden mostly have avoided taking questions about their Ukraine dealings in recent days.

The president then launched into a mock interview with Hunter, whom Trump called “not too smart.”

“Hunter, you know nothing about energy, you know nothing about China, you know nothing about anything, frankly. Hunter, you’re a loser,” Trump said, his voice rising. “Your father was never considered smart, he was never considered a good senator — he was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a–.”

Last night, average Americans waited hours to see an American President who is presently under siege by professional politicians, those who pull their strings, and their foot soldiers, whom I have named “The New Bolsheviks”.

Those American Citizens living in Minnesota who were able to get in that arena last night heard from a man who genuinely LOVES America and her people, instead of viewing us all as racist, misogynist, xenophobes…the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Just like Trump did, with his refusal early in his campaign to “act more presidential”, he is still taking his message directly to the American People.

You see, Gentle Readers, Trump has always been a “people person”.

He is not, and never has been, a professional politician.

And, he refuses to play by THEIR rules.


That is the reason that, when he was still a contributor to Fox News, he would speak to everyone in the building, from the maintenance crew, on up the ladder.

As Sam Walton, the Founder of Walmart, knew, you don’t inspire people by acting imperious and above it all.

“Mr. Sam”, until his health would no longer allow him to do so, would travel to Walmart Stores in his old pickup truck, with a tie and a baseball cap on, visiting the employees, in order to find out how his stores were doing.

He knew that the only way to be successful and to stay in touch with the public, was to be out among them, and speak to them honestly and directly, as one would speak to a friend.

Just as President Trump did when he went on a “Thank You” Tour and as he continues with his Daily Tweets to the American People..

The Political Establishment, of both parties, lost that concept, a long time ago.

Bypassing the borders to communication, historically determined by both political parties and the Main Stream Media, is a concept which I first witnessed being used by a Presidential Candidate in the 1980 Presidential Election, the before-mentioned Ronald Wilson Reagan.

While I am not comparing the two, I am noting that this strategy has proved effective for both men.

Regardless of what Democrats up on Capitol Hill and their Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media tell everyone who will listen to them, Trump continues to strike a resonant chord in the hearts of Average Americans, living in the part of America, which the snobbish Political Elites refer to as “Flyover Country”, but which we refer to as “America’s Heartland”, or, quite simply, “HOME”.

The reason being, President Trump is keeping his promises.

He does not talk down to us while disparaging our Sovereign Nation, as his predecessor did.

Trump talks to us in a plain-spoken, clearly understood way, a style which is in stark contrast to an opposition party full of professional politicians, whose only interest is the regaining of power in Washington, D.C., at whatever the cost.

Last night, the President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, made that crowd from Minnesota, along with the rest of us average Americans, feel good about ourselves and the future of our Sovereign Nation by letting us know that he is not going anywhere despite the desperate Democrats and Never-Trumpers throwing every dirty trick in the book at him in a feverish attempt to drive him from office because they know that he is destined to win a second term as President of the United States of America.

I am certain that last night Biden and the rest of the Democrats in Washington were positively apoplectic over the truths which “that commoner” spoke.

Guess what?

Speaking for myself and the other average Americans who elected him, whom you snobs call “Deplorables”, we absolutely loved it.

He speaks like us…and directly to us.

To see and hear an American President who genuinely loves this country and her people and who was willing to give up his “lifestyle of the rich and famous” in order to secure a safe and prosperous future for American Citizens is indeed a “radical change”…and out here in the Heartland, it is greatly appreciated.


Until He Comes,


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