Former Head of Trump’s Legal Team Says Mueller Will Not File a Report…No Collusion


ABC News reports that

The veteran criminal defense attorney who headed President Donald Trump’s legal team during a crucial stretch of the special counsel investigation believes the entire affair will end in silence from special counsel Robert Mueller, and called the massive two-year probe into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign “a terrible waste of time.”

“I don’t think there’ll be a report,” John Dowd told ABC News in a wide-ranging interview for the premiere episode of “The Investigation,” a new podcast focused on the probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. “I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public, other than ‘We’re done.’”

Dowd, 77, left his role as Trump’s lead attorney last March over differing views about how cooperative to be with prosecutors. But after spending nearly a year guiding the president’s legal strategy, he forged a close relationship with Trump and continues to speak with him about the Russia probe.

In one of his most in-depth interviews since departing Trump’s legal team, he offered a view of the probe very much in line with that of the president -– namely, that it lacks merit.

“I know exactly what [Mueller] has,” Dowd said. “I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said. I know exactly what he asked. And I know what the conclusion or the result is,” he said, describing the sweeping efforts by Trump’s legal team to assess the case by speaking to dozens of witnesses. Based on that knowledge, Dowd said, “there’s no basis. There’s no exposure. It’s been a terrible waste of time.”

Dowd’s overall view of the investigation — he called it “one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen” — echoes Trump’s claim that it is a hoax or a witch hunt.

Meanwhile, up on Capitol Hill,

After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

But investigators disagree along party lines when it comes to the implications of a pattern of contacts they have documented between Trump associates and Russians — contacts that occurred before, during and after Russian intelligence operatives were seeking to help Donald Trump by leaking hacked Democratic emails and attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton, on social media.

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,” said Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in an interview with CBS News last week.

Burr was careful to note that more facts may yet be uncovered, but he also made clear that the investigation was nearing an end.

“We know we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel because there’re not new questions that we’re searching for answers to,” Burr said.

On Tuesday, Burr doubled down, telling NBC News, “There is no factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Back in April of last year, the House Investigative Committee also found no evidence of collusion with the Russians by President Trump after a year-long investigation.

However, now that the Democrats are in control of the House of Representatives, “Little Adam Schitt…err…Schipp and his “fellow travelers” have made investigating the Russian Collusion Fairy Tale their number one priority. However, they plan on not just investigating Russian Collusion, they plan on investigating the president’s personal finances, his tax returns, and probably his whole family if they get their way.

In my opinion, this makes the Democrats in the House of Representatives no better than a bunch of Internet Trolls.

They are not up on Capitol Hill serving their constituencies. They are serving themselves, attempting to abate the all-consuming hatred they hold for the 45th President of the United States of America.

President Trump fairly and squarely beat their Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton by finishing the night of November 8, 2016 with more Electoral Votes than she had, as per the requirements of our Constitution for determining the outcome of a Presidential Election.

Even though both bodies of Congress have completed their investigations and found diddly-squat and the Special Counsel’s Russia Probe has not found any evidence of collusion on the part of President Trump with the Russians, that is simply not good enough for these self-appointed Guardians of Truth and Righteousness, these Modern Day Pharisees.

Back during the meeting held on January 4 about the Government Shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the President,

“We’re not going to impeach you.”

Uh huh.

Okay, then why hold all of these superfluous investigations?

Is the purpose simply to block Trump from succeeding in fulfilling the Campaign Promises he made to the American people?

That could be done through the normal delay tactics which have been used for years by both bodies of Congress.

No, this is something more. perhaps San Fran Nan was unaware that she was not speaking for the House Democrats.

Or, perhaps she was just plain lying to the President in order to get him to end the partial shutdown, which would make the House Democrats appear to have had the upper hand.

Whichever way, the House Democrats have come off as being monumentally ineffective, as President Trump currently has a “yuge” 52% approval rating.

Perhaps the House Democrats should cancel their investigative vendetta against the President and actually attempt to do the job that they were sent up to Capital Hill to do: serve their constituencies.

Naw…they wouldn’t do that.

As we say in Dixie,

“That would be too much like right.”

Until He Comes,


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