Cummings – House Dems “Will Look at Anything” to Get Trump

dems-hate-on-trump (2) reports that

Fox News contributor and former congressman Jason Chaffetz said House Democrats’ planned investigations of the Trump administration are “fishing expeditions” that are “not productive for the country.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md), new chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, said on “60 Minutes” Sunday his committee will “look at anything.”

When host Steve Kroft asked if that could include the Department of the Interior or the EPA, Cummings reiterated, “Anything.”

“But the fact that we can look at anything is part of the problem. There’s so much,” Cummings said. “The Congress doesn’t meet but so many days in a year. And all I’m saying is that we’ve gotta hit the ground, not running, but flying.”

On “America’s Newsroom” Monday, Chaffetz, who chaired the House Oversight Committee until he left office in June 2017, said he respects Cummings but he’s “very concerned” about the direction of the committee.

“The committee was founded in 1814 to oversee government expenditures. His interpretation is, they should be investigating anything and everything that has to do with Donald Trump,” Chaffetz said.

He said there must be evidence of wrongdoing before a probe is launched, otherwise they are just “fishing expeditions.”

“That’s not productive for the country, that’s not where taxpayer dollars should be going. There’s no evidence the president has done something wrong. Then you can’t pursue an investigation of it,” Chaffetz said.

He added that he’s amazed to see Democrats’ “newfound belief in openness, transparency and honesty,” pointing out that they did not support him when he wanted to investigate Benghazi, the IRS scandal or Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“But because it’s Donald Trump, suddenly they’ve got a new set of principles that they’re wanting to engage in.”

“But because it’s Donald Trump”…

…It was okay for the DOJ and the FBI under Former President Barack Hussein Obama to begin a full-blown investigation of a Presidential Candidate from the opposition party with nothing to go on except documents manufactured by Christopher Steele and Clinton confidantes Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer.

…Almost every political polling service known to man predicted that the “Queen of Mean” Hillary Clinton was going to be our 45th President. Did those pollsters who post Democrat-weighted polls know that “the fix was in”?

…Average Americans living between America’s coasts were renamed “Deplorables”.

…His Presidential Election Victory was somehow “tainted”, “unbelievable”, “corrupt”, or “invalid”.

…Millennials were encouraged to become the “New Bolsheviks” and “Antifa”, intimidating average Americans and those whom they had sent to Washington to speak on their behalf, destroying property while doing anything and everything they could to disrupt Trump’s Presidential Campaign and subsequent Presidency.

…The Main Stream Media completely dropped their mask and became the full-blown Propaganda Arm of the Far Left Democratic Party, attacking Trump day and night while ignoring the transgressions of the Clintons and their fellow Democratic Party Politicians.

…Virulent, vicious Liberal Trolls, paid and unpaid, from all over the world, began to troll his Twitter Account, attempting to embarrass Trump and badger him into quitting.

…A Special Counsel was seated and given the authority to exceed his authority, i.e., “whatever it takes to get Trump out of office”.

…His family has been unmercifully harassed and lied about.

…A Democratic House of Representatives refused to defend our Sovereign Nation from illegal aliens who are murdering and assaulting our citizens, claiming that “walls don’t work” while living in majestic mansions surrounded by…you guessed it…walls.


“But because it’s Donald Trump”…

…Our nation’s Unemployment Rates for EVERYONE are at record low levels, our gas prices are low, home ownership is on the rise, our enemies know that there is a new sheriff in town, and our Brightest and Best and the Men and Women in Blue have a president who respects and appreciates them.

…And, as for us average Americans here between the East and Left Coast…we have a president who loves America, its citizens, and what she stands for…”One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

So, Speaker Pelosi , Rep. Cummings, AOC, and the rest of you who want to waste your time attempting to “get Trump” instead of serving the American People…

Didn’t you learn anything from the night of November 8, 2016?

Evidently not.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana

Until He Comes,








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