Ocasio-Cortez Supports Tlaib’s Vulgar Impeachment Comments…Socialists of a Feather…


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. – Unknown

FoxNews.com reports that

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a stand for fellow House freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Saturday after the latter’s expletive-laced comments in favor of impeaching President Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic socialist lawmaker from New York, went on Twitter to weigh in, accusing the GOP of a having a double standard.

“Republican hypocrisy at its finest: saying that Trump admitting to sexual assault on tape is just ‘locker room talk,’ but scandalizing themselves into faux-outrage when my sis says a curse word in a bar,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “GOP lost entitlement to policing women’s behavior a long time ago. Next.”

The lawmaker was apparently referring to a 2005 video that came to light ahead of the 2016 presidential election, in which Trump – talking to Billy Bush – made lewd comments about women.

Trump issued an apology at the time and described the contents of the “Access Hollywood” recording as “locker room banter.” He later released a followup video apology, insisting the remarks didn’t “reflect who I am.”

“I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize,” Trump said.

On Saturday, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a vow to support Tlaib, D-Mich.

“I got your back @RashidaTlaib – the Bronx and Detroit ride together,” she tweeted.

Tlaib, who was sworn in as a new member of the 116th Congress on Thursday, was videotaped that night vowing to impeach the president — shortly after she penned an op-ed for The Detroit Free Press outlining the case for impeachment.

“People love you and you win,” the video showed Tlaib telling supporters. “And when your son looks at you and says: ‘Momma, look you won. Bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby, they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf***er.’”

House Republicans fumed over the comments on Friday, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., prodding Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act.

Yet Pelosi, D-Calif., downplayed Tlaib’s remarks, expressing distaste for the language but suggesting that Trump’s own language had started the heated rhetoric in Washington.

“I probably have a generational reaction to it,” Pelosi said at an MSNBC town hall. “But in any event, I’m not in the censorship business. I don’t like that language, I wouldn’t use that language. I don’t….establish any language standards for my colleagues, but I don’t think it’s anything worse than what the president has said.”

In the Rose Garden on Friday, Trump said he found Tlaib’s comments “disgraceful” and thought she “dishonored herself” as well as “her family.”

Tlaib, doubling down on her comments, tweeted on Friday that she “will always speak truth to power. #unapologeticallyMe.”

“This is not just about Donald Trump. This is about all of us. In the face of this constitutional crisis, we must rise,” she tweeted.

If I were to stand in front of the Freshman Congresswoman from Brooklyn and tell her that she was comparing apples to oranges, she would probably respond with a wide-eyed blank stare, which would not be unusual in itself, as that is probably the same reaction that she gives any person who attempts to use multisyllabic words while engaged in a conversation with her.

But, I digress.

Ms. Cortez does not seem to understand the difference between wealthy bachelors engaging in a private (or so they thought) conversation about gold diggers at a party and a new member of the House of Representatives surrounded by members of her constituency shouting an oath to impeach a sitting president while using the most vile vulgarity known to man…or woman.

Judging from the public behavior of both young ladies (and, I use the term very loosely), there are some observations which this old Southern Gentleman can make.

Neither one of them were “raised in the way in which they should go”. Both of them obviously believe that professionalism is an archaic behavior which does not apply to brilliant young socialists such as themselves. A belief which quite honestly must relate back to their previously mentioned upbringing and the fact that neither one of them grew up having a “board of education” applied to their “seat of knowledge” as needed.

Both of them obviously think that “decorum” is something you do to the room of a house.

These two Democratic Congressional Representatives are textbook examples of the useful idiots of this present generation, who like the members of Antifa, seem to be garnering a lot of national attention for their outrageous, disrespectful…and, yes, intolerant behavior.

Just as we have bore witness to the glorification of thugs and the vilifying of our local police departments by the Obama Administration and the local “communities” which they lay their lives on the line for, every day they put on their uniforms, the effects of LBJ’s “Great Society” on American Culture and the Black Family Unit, so are we witnessing, through the egocentric behavior of this present generation, what happens when children are left to “their own devices”, instead of being raised “in the way in which they should go”.

These “spoiled brats”, like the Far Left political party which they represent, do not care about the “Will of the People”. Instead, they are intent on implementing and enforcing their Far Left Political Ideology, resulting in a “Tyranny of the Minority”, which we are seeing play out, as paid and unpaid protestors attempted to stop the Nomination and Installation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as our latest Associate Justice on the Supreme Court Trump’s Campaign Rallies.

Just like those New Bolsheviks, the new Democratic Congressional Majority are attempting to somehow halt the fulfilling of President Trump’s Campaign Promises in order to stop comeback of America which he has been responsible for and to hold on to their “FREE STUFF” bestowed upon them by the “benevolent masters” of the Democrat Party.

If you have ever attempted to debate a Liberal on a Facebook Political Page or a Political Website, you discovered that they always attempt to present their opinions as facts, with nothing by Political Rhetoric to back them up.

The use of Karl Marx/Saul Alinsky-inspired “Class War Politics” by the Democratic Leadership, while promising to somehow restore Barack Hussein Obama’s “share the wealth” failed Domestic Policy, has inspired these self-absorbed Modern American Liberals to act like the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, in an attempt to create a divided nation, the likes of which has not been seen since “The War of Northern Aggression” for the sole purpose, as Senator Lindsey Graham pointed out a few months ago, to gain back their political power.

When our Founding Fathers sat down to provide form and substance to the laws and procedures for governing this new country, which they had fought and won a bloody war over, by pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, they were very aware of the price of tyranny and the danger of mob rule.

They determined that this new nation would be a Constitutional Republic, not a “Democracy” having had their fill of monarchies.

Sorry, Representative Steve Cohen.

And, that Sacred Document, our United States Constitution, gives each of us the right, including Trump, to speak our minds and be heard.

It gives the protestors of the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, even those in Congress, that right, too…but, not at the expense of others, by attempting to destroy a good man through lies and innuendos or by strong-arming and harassing those who refuse to believe the way they do, for the expressed purpose of denying someone their First Amendment Rights.

Our Constitution, in fact, allowed then-Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to call all of us who believe in Traditional American Values and the preservation of American as the Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth “Deplorables”.

However, that same Constitution, which Americans have fought and died for to preserve, also gives me the right to label the boorish out-of-control behavior of these two Democratic Freshmen Congressional Representatives for what it actually is:


Until He Comes,


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