Gowdy Confirms That the Dem-Controlled House Intends to Stymie and Harass Trump


Hatred is corrosive of a person’s wisdom and conscience; the mentality of enmity can poison a nation’s spirit, instigate brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and block a nation’s progress to freedom and democracy. – Liu Xiaobo

FoxNews.com reports that

Outgoing Congressman Trey Gowdy said Wednesday he predicts that Democrats will spend the next two years doing “everything that their base wants” — including undermining President Donald Trump.

Gowdy said that Democrats “may be smart enough not to pursue impeachment [but] 60 of them already have” voted to support impeachment.

Gowdy, who has been the House Oversight Committee Chairman for several years, also said it is not out of the question that Americans will see Democrats hypocritically demanding the White House issue statements and abide by subpoenas.

He said he “will find it bitterly ironic if the Democrats clamor for the administration to be responsive when they were silent for six years” of Republicans demanding answers on pressing issues from the Obama administration.

Gowdy also blasted Democrats for what he called an unusual take on “border security.”

“Democrats are trying to convince you that they believe in border security but not a wall,” he said.

Gowdy added that many Democrats voted in favor of appropriations legislation that would have funded part of a wall in the past, but now call the idea “xenophobic and racist.”

He said Trump should’ve put Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on the spot during their Oval Office discussion Tuesday.

He said the president should’ve asked him why his caucus voted in support of a wall in the past and whether they only oppose it because “I championed the idea” this time around.

Gowdy also had choice words for disgraced FBI official Peter Strzok.

I am sure that he did.

In the above interview, Congressman Gowdy did not say anything that average Americans did not already know.

The Democrats’ absolutely visceral hatred of President Trump has been on display since he announced that he was seeking the Republican Presidential Candidacy.

And, it has been seen every hour on the hour on every cable news channel during the 24/7 news cycle since.

However, you know the one thing that upsets the Democratic Party the most about the Presidency of Donald J. Trump?

It’s the Economy, stupid!

Average Americans living in the Heartland, like myself, love getting extra take home pay.

Trump’s efforts to turn around America’s Economy are greatly appreciated by us.

On the other hand, what have the Democrats, who will be the majority party in the House of Representatives for the next two years, done for us?

Not a cotton-pickin’ thing.

In fact, if you are a businessman or an employee in Seattle, Washington, they are forcing the Marxist Theory of Socialism down your throats by levying a “Head Tax” on you, in order to “care for Seattle’s homeless population”.

Not to sound crass and uncaring, but have those Far Left Politicians up there run all of the Christian Charities, like Memphis’ Union Mission, out of town?

But, I digress…

Evidently, it is like Rush Limbaugh has been saying for quite a while now,

There are no Moderates left in the Democratic Party.

Otherwise, Liberals would have stopped their ongoing National Temper Tantrum which began the night of November 8, 2016, months ago.

Just like the child who believes that they will receive attention by jumping up and down, hollering, screaming, and crying until their eyes turn red and their face turns blue, Democrats have made the mistake, which came from their own arrogance, that they majority of Americans hold the same visceral hatred from President Trump that they do.

They actually still believe, even after losing the 2016 Presidential Election, that theirs is the majority political philosophy in our nation.

When you question them about that, they will argue that Hillary received the majority of the Popular Vote.

However, here are some facts that you can answer them with…


If they do as Representative Gowdy predicts, they will not win any fans among average Americas.

In fact, their popularity as a political party will continue on it’s journey down the “porcelain receptacle”.

Hate has never accomplished anything.

This country was not established on hate.

This country was established by men and women yearning to be free to worship God as they chose to do so.

Americans cherish our Liberty.

Average Americans have seen what Marxism has done to other countries around the world and we want no part of it.

Democrats, if you want any chance at holding the Presidency ever again, lose the hate, lose the arrogant intolerance, and embrace American Reality,

If you spend the next two years playing the role of Khan in “Star Trek II”, you will fail, just as that fictional “Smartest Man in the Room” did.

Because, as the comedy team of Pelosi and Schumer demonstrated on Tuesday, when it comes to “The Art of the Deal”, if it comes down to a battle of wits with President Donald J. Trump…

…you guys are woefully under-equipped and overmatched.

Until He Comes,


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