Biden Attacks Trump for Being “All About Himself”, Forgets About Obama


LOL Jim (Acosta) should cover Joe Biden’s rally instead… only 193 people showed up. It was a lot quieter there……Lary Garecki on Twitter reports that

Former Vice President Joe Biden ripped President Trump in Las Vegas on Saturday, saying that American values “are being shredded by a president who’s all about himself.”

Biden made a speech to a local union right before Trump took the stage for a campaign rally in Elko, Nev., to boost Sen. Dean Heller and Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt.

Biden said the U.S. was founded “on an idea, the American idea, basic fundamental decency, and it’s being shredded.”

“But my God, think of what’s going on now,” he said, adding that those values “are being shredded by a president who’s all about himself. It’s all about Donald.”

Biden also took a shot at the Republican Party at large, saying that their dedication to political success superseded their love of country.

“Because of gerrymandering and unlimited spending” the GOP is “in fact choosing party over their country,” he said.

Biden and Trump have long feuded with each other, with Biden saying in October 2016 “I’d like to take himself behind the gym if I were in high school.”

Trump has long mocked the comment and slammed the former vice president Saturday, joking about his past unsuccessful presidential runs and calling him “Sleepy Joe Biden” and “Creepy Joe.”

Biden is known to be considering a presidential run against Trump in 2020. Should he run, Biden would likely join a crowded field of Democrats seeking to prove their anti-Trump bona fides to a political base that that is largely animated by opposition to the president.

It appears that Uncle Joe is off his meds again.

No, Uncle Joe. Trump is not “all about himself”. That was his predecessor, Petulant President Pantywaist, the dhimmi whom you worked for.

President Donald J. Trump is not even taking a salary. He gives it quarterly to charity, most notably Veterans’ Organizations.

And, you have the nerve to criticize Trump for not having “basic fundamental decency”?

Man, there are pictures all over Social Media from your time as Obama’s “comic relief” identifying you as a “serial groper”.

During your time in office, your boss defended rioters who tore up their own cities.

Heck, he even defended a thug who tried to kill a policeman in his own car.

And then, you want to attack the Republicans over spending?


Depending on who you ask, Obama added anywhere from $983 billion to $9 trillion to the national debt.

To paraphrase you, Joe…

That’s a big f’n deal.

You always were classy. But, I digress.

About choosing “party (or, political power) over country”…

What do you call your President’s fondness for all of the unvetted refuges from Syria, Central and South America, and Mexico, whom he wanted to allow into our Sovereign Nation?

Recruiting new Democratic Voters?


You yourself admitted in an “exit interview” with the Los Angeles Times in December 2016 that “middle class people…making $100,000 a year…used to be our constituency”.

Either you cannot face how far to the left of the Political Spectrum your chosen political party moved during your time as Vice-President in the Obama Administration or you are simply a hypocrite attempting to pander to Middle Class Americans in order to be chosen as the Democratic Party’s 2020 Presidential Candidate.

There’s a huge problem with that strategy, Uncle Joe.

As you told the LA Times…average Americans in the Middle Class USED to be your constituency.

And, if you think that we are going to willingly go back under the thumb of the special interest groups, Socialism-loving Democratic Party, your hair plugs have seeped Vitalis directly into your medulla oblongata.

While you were speaking to less that 200 at the Union Hall, President Trump was speaking to thousands at the rally.

Do the math, Joe.

Go home and sit down…before you get embarrassed.

Until He Comes,


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