WaPo Runs Another “Fake News Story” Attacking Trump…Using “Unnamed Sources”, Of Course



From the Washington Post comes the following “report” as syndicated to newspapers across the country, including the Houston Cronicle

In private, President Donald Trump spent much of the past week brooding, like he often does. He has been anxious about the Russia investigation’s widening fallout, with his former campaign chairman now standing trial. And he has fretted that he is failing to accrue enough political credit for what he claims as triumphs. At rare moments of introspection for the famously self-centered president, Trump has also expressed to confidants lingering unease about how some in his orbit – including his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. – are ensnared in the Russia probe, in his assessment simply because of their connection to him.

 Yet in public, Trump is a man roaring. The president, more than ever, is channeling his internal frustration and fear into a ravenous maw of grievance and invective. He is churning out false statements with greater frequency and attacking his perceived enemies with intensifying fury. A fresh broadside came on Twitter at 11:37 p.m. Friday, mocking basketball superstar LeBron James and calling CNN’s Don Lemon “the dumbest man on television.”

This is the new, uneasy reality for Trump at an especially precarious moment of his presidency, with the Republican Party struggling to keep control of Congress, where a Democratic takeover brings with it the specter of impeachment, and special counsel Robert Mueller’s grip seeming to tighten on the president and his circle.

Trump, who has decamped to his New Jersey golf estate for an 11-day working vacation, is at a critical juncture in the Russia investigation as he decides in coming days whether to sit for an interview with Mueller or defy investigators and risk being issued a subpoena.

“He’s more definitive than ever: This investigation should end now, and Mueller should put out what he has,” said Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney. “He doesn’t think they have anything, and he wants the country to move on.”

This portrait of Trump behind the scenes is based on interviews with 14 administration officials, presidential friends and outside advisers to the White House, many of whom spoke only on the condition of anonymity to share candid assessments.

However, they conveniently did not name ANY of their sources.

When I was the News Director of my college’s radio station from 1978-1980, I had 20 student news reporters who received credit in their Broadcast Journalism Class for writing and announcing one 5-minute newscast per week.

The Associate Professor was a man who formerly worked for CBS News, until his person demons cost him his job.

I actually made the highest grade in both his classes, and was in the radio newsroom when John Lennon was shot and killed, cutting in live to deliver the tragic news.

But, I digress…

Nowadays, with all of the Main Stream Media having degenerated into nothing but a Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party, modern “broadcast journalists” feel as if it is their solemn duty and their unequivocal right to publish what President Trump himself has named “Fake News” stories, which are actually nothing more than opinion pieces poorly camouflaged as actual news through the use of “unnamed sources” as their fictitious source.

The above article from The Washington Post is a classic example.

News sources, such as The Washington Post and CNN continuously attempt to sabotage the presidency of Donald J. Trump with a piety that puts Pope Francis to shame.

To watch the MSM’s incredulity at Jim Acosta being shouted down at the Trump Rally in Tampa last week was positively comical to behold.

They act as if they cannot believe that we “toothless hicks” out here between the coasts have caught onto their game and refuse to participate in it.

As they continue to publish poorly-veiled fabrications, such as the article above, the average American’s reaction to them when they appear in public will consist of the same reception that CNN’s Jim Acosta received…and worse.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tried to tell the White House Press Corps the day after Acosta’s humiliation that “it was a two-way street”. Meaning, if the MSM continued to report “Fake News”, they would continue to be reviled by average Americans.

Judging by The Washington Post article which I shared an excerpt from today, they were not listening.

Hey, Main Stream Media…remember what happened to the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

The wolf ate him.

Will the last Main Stream Media Newsroom please turn off the lights?

Until He Comes,




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