Lauer Abused Power: Took Liberties With Ladies While Liberal Louts Looked the Other Way


The same bunch of “morally superior” East and West Coast Liberals, who have been insulting and talking down to average Americans, from their positions of notoriety and power, simply because we believe in Traditional American Faith and Values and we would not swallow the Kool-aid they we offering during the 2016 Presidential Campaign and elected Donald J Trump as President, instead of the Queen of Mean, knew all along about the debauchery going on both behind closed doors and out in their open in their places of business. reports that

NBC News confirmed that the accusation also noted the alleged behavior continued in the workplace after the games.

“Over the course of several hours, my client detailed egregious acts of sexual harassment and misconduct by Mr. Lauer,” Ari Wilkenfeld of Wilkenfeld, Herendeen & Atkinson told Fox News in an emailed statement. “In fewer than 35 hours, NBC investigated and removed Mr. Lauer…It is our hope that NBC will continue to do what it can to repair the damage done to my client—their employee—and any other women who may come forward.”

Lauer’s co-anchor Savannah Guthrie and “Today” colleague Hoda Kotb were given the rough task of breaking the news to viewers.

“This is a sad morning here at ‘Today’ and at NBC News,” Guthrie said before reading a note from NBC News Chairman Andy Lack.

“Dear colleagues, on Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer,” Lack’s statement read. “It represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company’s standards. As a result, we’ve decided to terminate his employment.”

The statement said this is the first complaint regarding Lauer’s behavior the company has received “in the over 20 years he’s been at NBC News.”

“We were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident,” the statement said.

Later in the day, stories started pouring forth which revealed that Lauer’s perversion was the worst kept secret at NBC. Tales of a secret button under his desk which locked the door to his office, gifts of sex toys along with descriptive letters sent to women, along with inappropriate touching and lewd remarks formed a pattern of behavior openly displayed by Lauer while he worked at “The Peacock Network” for the last 20 years.

Lauer is just the latest in an avalanche of Liberals in positions of power and notoriety who are being brought down by revelations of a consistent pattern of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Why is this happening to all of these Liberals?

Rush Limbaugh and a caller to his nationally syndicated radio talk show entertained an interesting theory that the caller advanced yesterday which could explain this…

CALLER: …that the product of liberalism is really the breeding ground for this problem. We’ve been told that rape is not really about sex, it’s about power. And liberalism is about power and increasing people in positions who can leverage that power to abuse people in this way. And I think it would be very helpful — I know the establishment wouldn’t do it — but I think it would be very helpful for us to point out that these people who are committing these offenses fit the exact mold who are told, you know, commit these kinds of offenses. They’re guys in power, they happen to be white guys in power, and, lo and behold, they’re all liberals. And, lo and behold, liberalism leads to more guys

—RUSH: This is interesting. Let me see if I understand what you’re saying. You may really be on to something. Your premise starts with — by the way, this belief, this theory that rape or sexual abuse is not about sex, it’s about power, can be traced back to a feminist author named Susan Brownmiller who wrote a book in the seventies. I forget the title of it, but if you wanted to date a feminist in the seventies you had to read this and you had to be conversant in it. I know because I did.


RUSH: But this is where the theorem was advanced that rape or sexual harassment is not about sex, it’s about power. So your theory is that she’s right and that liberalism is the breeding ground for this power and that we’re actually seeing it on display, that the Charlie Roses and the Weinsteins and all these guys are not doing this really for sex; they’re doing it for the exertion of power over people.

CALLER: Well, if for no other reason than their power affords them the opportunity. So liberalism, you could point out or you could make the case that it is self-fulfilling in this way. That people get powerful and they start to misbehave because they’re powerful. And it’s all on their side, really, right now.

RUSH: Yeah, but how does that distinguish from, say, conservatives in power? I mean, power is power no matter who has it and where it is. How would you distinguish it?

CALLER: Well, I mean, as a political ideology, conservatism is technically the antidote where we’re trying to reduce the institutional power and give that back to the individual where they’re more accountable. Whereas, you know, liberalism, you’re building bureaucracy, and you’re putting people into positions and — by virtue of that fact — putting them in the position to abuse women who work for them.

RUSH: Yeah. Okay. And you know how it extends even further? Then you use that power to put a net around everything so that the word of it doesn’t get out. For example, how about this news that there has been $15 million in payouts to silence women who have been abused and harassed by members of Congress? And there has been a big movement on to have these people named and identified. It is the power structure that keeps their names hidden. It is the power structure that keeps their deeds and activities hidden.

But you’re right about all this. Liberalism is about the pursuit of power for the purposes of using it against other people and for the advancement of your own agenda, while liberalism portrays itself as fair and tolerant and open-minded and understanding and gentle and snowflaky and all of that. It’s an interesting point. I like it. The quest to further enable Americans to understand liberalism and how liberalism actually breeds the circumstances for all of this liberal, male, abusive, power-related behavior.

By the way, the Susan Brownmiller book title: “Against Our Will”.

As more and more of these Lecherous Liberal Lizards have the rocks of positions of power overturned and they come crawling out into the disinfection of the sun’s piercing rays, average Americans are going to bear witness to a scene reminiscent of the ill-fated passengers fleeing the Titanic.

All those who supported these public figures will now disown them and try their best to distance themselves from them, lest their careers and very reputations are ruined along with their former friend and associate’s.

It is a sad situation for the innocent victims and families which will be hurt by these revelations of the debauchery of Liberal Americans in positions of notoriety and power.

However, if I may say so, it does provide a bit of Schadenfreude given the extremely Pharisetical nature of the self-proclaimed “smartest people in the room”, who have, unfortunately for them, been caught exposing their shortcomings.

Until He Comes,


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