Petulant President Pantywaist Pardons Traitorous Transvestite


As you read this post, boys and girls, just remember…Obama still has two days left.

Fox News Insider reports that

President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, a US Army private imprisoned for leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks, Neil Cavuto reported.

Ben Stein said Obama’s commutation of Manning’s 35-year sentence is proof that America is now seeing the “real Barack Obama”.

“[He is] an extremely left-wing ideologue… [and is] showing himself to be anti-law-and-order and… anti-military,” Stein said.

Manning, a transgendered woman formerly known as Bradley Manning, will now be released on May 17th, Cavuto said.

Stein noted that while he has commuted Manning’s sentence for leaking information that hurt the military, his party is consistently “screaming berserk about leaks that hurt Democrats.”

“This is the real Democratic Party that was, thank goodness, defeated in the election,” Stein, an economist and actor, said.

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson obtained the a readout of the commutation decision:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning – Oklahoma City, OK

Offense: One specification of wrongful and wanton publication to the internet intelligence belonging to the United States; five specifications of stealing, purloining or knowingly converting U.S. government records; six specifications of willful communication of information relating to the national defense; one specification of willful communication of information in unlawful possession; one specification of willful communication of information relating to the national defense by exceeding authorized access to a U.S. government computer; one specification of willful communication of information relating to the national defense obtained by accessing a U.S. government computer; five specifications of failure to obey order or regulation; U.S. Army Court Martial

Sentence: 35 years’ imprisonment (August 21, 2013)

Commutation Grant: Prison sentence commuted to expire on May 17, 2017.

Former Pfc. Bradley Manning, is a certifiable wacko. That’s a medical term.

Even during his schooldays in his hometown of Crescent, Oklahoma, Bradley Manning clearly walked a different path than the other kids. He preferred hacking computer games instead of playing them, according to his former neighbors.   They also said that he was mouthy and hard-headed about politics, religion, and even about keeping religion out of politics.

He once derisively wrote in an e-mail, that his hometown had “more pews than people”.  While in school, Manning refused to recite the parts of the Pledge of Allegiance that referred to God or do homework assignments that involved the Scriptures. And if a teacher challenged his views, former classmates said, he gave them a bunch of lip back.

According to friends, Manning enlisted in the Army in 2007 in order to find some sort of direction for his life and to help to pay for college.

Somehow, he received a security clearance and trained as an intelligence analyst at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., before he was assigned to the Second Brigade 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, N.Y.

While deployed in Iraq, he was far less than a model soldier, receiving reprimands twice, once for assaulting an officer. He even wore custom dog tags that read Humanist…and he kept a fairy wand on his desk.

Per an article on, Manning said that he was lip-syncing to Lady Gaga as he downloaded all of the documents to WikiLeaks.

I really do not wish to even think about what he might have been wearing at the time.

Manning was arrested for leaking classified information to unauthorized persons.

He was brought into custody in Kuwait in June of 2009.

Manning’s Pardon is Obama’s way of “flipping the bird” to our Brightest and Best.

For 8 long years, Obama has been America’s Armed Forces Commander in-Chief (unfortunately). The responsibility for everything that happened during this time to the men and women serving in our armed forces, in which some part of our federal government was involved, both during and after their service, falls on his shoulders and his alone.

Through his treatment of our Heroes as “ancillary” servants to be used for social experimentation and budget cutting, while he was using  their money to further his socialization of America, Obama placed our Armed Forces in an untenable situation.

I have related before about my own Daddy and my Uncles, and their service in World War II. I have also had friends that served over the years, and one who is still serving in the Air National Guard.

All of these men were/are Patriots. They enlisted out of duty to God and Country.

Our Brightest and Best, who wear the uniform today, are no less dedicated. They deserve to be treated with respect, not as pawns in a game of political expediency, whose rules including social experimentation, political correctness, and blatant disrespect by the Commander-in-Chief..

I wonder if this anti-American President and his administration were secretly pleased that the leaking of classified material had the possibility of succeeding in doing what their Foreign Policy was aimed at all along….moving America from her position of Protector of the Free World to just another country.

I’m not saying that Obama wanted to put any of our military or covert operatives in harm’s way to achieve that purpose.  But, given the rhetoric that we heard coming from this administration for 8 years, I do not think that they viewed America being taken down a peg or two by Manning’s treason as necessarily a bad thing.

Gather all the information concerning their reaction at the time to the leaks for yourself.  It’s an unavoidable conclusion.  Classified documents were being leaked and those pinheads were making  jokes about it and seemed to be taking the whole situation very lightly.

In the past, Former Pfc. Manning would have already been on the receiving end of a 21 gun salute and the Traitorous Transvestite would have mysteriously expired from a severe case of cranial lead poisoning.

But, that was back when we had American Presidents who did not want to radically change our country.

The greatest American President in my lifetime, Ronald Reagan, once said,

Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.

Reagan was a realist. He realized that, as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt once advised, the best way to keep America safe, is to “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.

Unfortunately for us, we have suffered for 8 long years with a president who speaks like a wuss and carries a feather pillow, a Mexican Flag, and a prayer rug.

Thank Our Creator that Friday is his last day in the Oval Office.

Until He Comes,








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