The Return of “The Bimbo Eruption”: Trump Fights “Fire With Fire”…Wins Second Presidential Debate


“You’d be in jail” if I were in charge of enforcing the law – Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump to Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton during the Second 2016 Presidential Debate, October 9, 2016, St. Louis, MO.

In case you live under a rock, like those guys in the old Geico Insurance Commercial, here are the highlights of last night’s Second Presidential Debate, courtesy of The Daily Mail…

  • Second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has taken place in St Louis
  • The two candidates locked horns throughout the bitter debate, which Trump backers said he won
  • Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani described the night as a ‘home run’, for Trump in the spin room
  • Clinton opened saying she is concerned about ‘some of the things being said and done in this campaign’
  • Trump said the controversial remarks he made in 2005 that were revealed Friday were ‘locker room talk’ 
  • However, moderator Anderson Cooper pulled Trump up on it, saying he ‘bragged’ about assaulting women
  • Donald Trump also told Hillary Clinton that should would be in jail if he was in charge of the country’s laws
  • The Republican also accused the moderators of being biased against him, saying it was ‘three on one’ 
  • Before the debate, Trump held a press conference with women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape
  • The woman sat in the front row for the debate – just feet from Clinton, the woman they earlier condemned  summarized it thusly…

An aggressive Donald Trump, seeking to stabilize his campaign after the release of a decade-old tape where he made lewd comments about women, assailed Hillary Clinton’s honesty and character in an unprecedented way at Sunday’s debate – accusing her of lying about her email scandal, threatening she’d be “in jail” if he were president and suggesting his own comments pale in comparison to her husband’s alleged abuse of women and her treatment of them.

Clinton, in response, claimed Trump’s vulgar comments revealed his true self, while accusing him of trying to create a “diversion” from his “exploding” campaign with his debate-stage attacks.

The exchanges punctuated a freewheeling and raucous debate – the nominees’ second – where the candidates frequently accused each other of distorting the truth. Clinton at times seemed to be trying to take what she described as the “high” road, but a nimble Trump – reminiscent of the pugilistic debater from the GOP primaries – attempted to sideline the controversy over the 2005 tape early on and stayed on offense for much of the 90 minutes in St. Louis.

“She should be ashamed of herself,” the Republican nominee charged, a line he used in reference to both Clinton’s email use as secretary of state and her alleged intimidation of the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

Trump once again apologized for his comments in the newly released 2005 audio in which he talked freely about grabbing women without their consent. But Trump denied he was talking about sexual assault, said he’s never done the things he discussed in the leaked audio – and downplayed it as “locker-room talk.”

“I’m very embarrassed by it, I hate it – but it’s locker-room talk,” Trump said.

He added, “I have great respect for women.”

Trump pivoted to tout his plans to “knock the hell out of ISIS” and turn the focus on Bill and Hillary Clintons’ actions toward the women who have accused the former president of sexual assault.

“If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse – mine are words. His was action,” Trump said. “Bill Clinton was abusive to women. Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.”

Hillary Clinton challenged Trump’s accusations as “not right” while saying she wanted to “go high” in her response.

As for Trump’s comments in the 2005 footage, she said it “represents exactly who [Trump] is.”

“We have seen this throughout the campaign,” she said, recalling his negative comments toward not just women but Muslims and Latinos and others. “Yes, this is who Donald Trump is.”

The candidates veered, in between the attacks, into policy debates over taxes, ObamaCare and Syria, among other issues. Notably, Trump broke with Mike Pence on his running mate’s willingness to strike Syrian military targets. Amid speculation about Pence’s future on the ticket after the tape controversy, though, the Indiana governor later tweeted his congratulations on what he called Trump’s “debate win.”

In contrast to Trump and Clinton’s first debate, the GOP nominee arrived in St. Louis seemingly prepared to counter every attack and hit twice as hard at his Democratic opponent. He could be heard, as he was during the first debate, frequently sniffing but this was drowned out by the candidates’ constant sparring, including Trump at one point saying Bernie Sanders signed on with “the devil” when he backed Clinton.

The tensions were on full display even before the debate started – the two candidates did not shake hands as they walked out, though did at the end. The tensions flared when Trump went after Clinton for deleting thousands of emails from her time as secretary of state.

He said if he wins, he’d request a special prosecutor be appointed to “look into your situation.”

Clinton said Trump’s claims were “absolutely false” and it was good someone like him is not in charge of the law.

Trump shot back: “Because you’d be in jail.”

The two continued to spar on the email issue and when Trump suggested his opponent was eager to get off the question, she countered:  “I know you’re into big diversion tonight — anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it’s exploding, the way Republicans are leaving you.”

The town hall-style debate at Washington University in St. Louis indeed came as Trump essentially was trying to save his campaign, after the release of the 11-year-old tape showing him making vulgar comments about women. Numerous Republican lawmakers have – as Clinton referenced – abandoned the presidential nominee over the remarks, with some calling on him to step aside and perhaps let running mate Pence carry the mantle into November.

Trump apologized, but has vowed to stay in the race.

The debate Sunday already was considered critical for Trump after he was widely seen as struggling against Clinton at their first match-up on Sept. 26. But the release of the 2005 tape put immense pressure on him to assure uneasy supporters and perhaps win back defectors, all while continuing to make his case that Clinton is unfit for the office.

The coming days could make clear whether, with his performance Sunday night, Trump has done so.

Trump has responded to the release of the tape all along with a mix of contrition and counterattack. While he apologized, he quickly tried to turn the issue back around on Bill Clinton by invoking his past sex scandals. Shortly before the start of Sunday’s debate, Trump even held a press conference with several of the former president’s accusers.

“Actions speak louder than words,” said Juanita Broaddrick, who claims Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, which the former president has denied. “Mr. Trump may have said some bad words but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don’t think there’s any comparison.”

The 2005 Trump tape was a conversation between Trump and then-“Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush where Trump described his attempt to have sex with a married woman. Trump boasted that a star can “do anything” and added, “grab them by the p—-.”

The audio overshadowed other controversies surrounding his opponent, including the leak of thousands of emails purportedly from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta covering information on Clinton’s Wall Street speeches. In one passage, Clinton discussed the need to have both a “public and private position.”

At Sunday’s debate, Clinton defended that speech and explained she was trying to discuss how President Abraham Lincoln had carefully negotiated with individual lawmakers in Congress during his presidency, using different arguments for different members.

Trump accused Clinton of blaming Lincoln and added: “Honest Abe never lied, that’s the difference between Abraham Lincoln and you.” 

To borrow a phrase from Rush Limbaugh, according to my “Panel of Experts”,  Trump kicked butt and took names last night.

And, I wholeheartedly agree with them.

If this were an “ordinary” Presidential Election, what Trump did last night, by punking out the Main Stream Media once again, by tricking them into attending a “Presser” only to utilize “Political Judo” on them, would be considered a “Dirty Trick”.

However, in the case of Trump, he is fighting for his life against The Clintons, George Soros, the Democratic Party Apparatus, and the Main Stream Media, as light-in-the-loafers Anderson Cooper and What’s-her-name, the other…err… the token female demonstrated to the nation last night.

Just as he has, all during the Republican Primaries and  now, during the Presidential Campaign, Trump has shown Americans how he became a billionaire:

Donald Trump is a FIGHTER.

He does not believe that, as the Republican Presidential Candidate, he should roll over and play dead, like a certain Former First Lady evidently does in the Marriage Bed that she shares with her Serial Adulterer Former President.

Trump will fight fire with fire, as he did last night by holding that Pre-Debate Press Conference and then, by sitting the Sexual Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton on the front row of the debate itself in response to Clinton’s supporters in the MSM releasing an 11-year old recording of Trump engaging in locker room talk with Billy Bush, a member of the politically-connected Bush Family, who is also an employee of NBC.

Trump’s actions before and during the debate made all of the Liberal Political Pundits, sitting at home in their red flannel footie pajamas, sipping their lattes, grab for their blankies and their stuffed animals, roll up in a fetal position on their couches, and cry out for their Mommies, while looking for a ‘safe space”.

Trump did what he had to and should have done to keep the Trump Train rolling down the tracks to victory in November.

Trump did what average Americans would have done and have been wanting him to do all along:

Last night, he broke the Glass House of the Clintons and their enablers and supporters into a million pieces on National Television.

And, he demonstrated the political astuteness and American Backbone that this country desperately needs in its next President.

Until He Comes,


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