Trump Takes South Carolina. Jeb! Quits. Why is Trump Winning? Let Me Tell You Why…

thU1LM6XXMDo you believe in “momentum”?

The Associated Press reports that

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) — Donald Trump tightened his grip on the mantle of Republican presidential front-runner on Saturday as South Carolina voters seething about Washington and career politicians propelled the billionaire businessman to a comfortable primary win.

One of Trump’s favorite targets, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, finally threw in the towel, suspending his campaign after a dismal finish. “Thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the face of the earth,” an emotional Bush told his supporters.

Trump looked ahead to Nevada and then the 10 primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday as he tries to increase his delegate advantage.

In a family-affair victory speech, Trump ticked off his policy promises, vowing to terminate President Barack Obama’s health care law and get Mexico to pay for a wall at the border.

“We’re going to start winning for our country because our country doesn’t win anymore,” said Trump, with his wife, Melania, and daughter Ivanka at his side.

Two freshmen senators — Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida — were battling for second place, which would give them bragging rights but might not get them any delegates in the march to the nomination.

Rubio declared, “This has become a three-person race.”

Cruz evoked his win in the leadoff Iowa caucuses as he urged conservatives to rally around his campaign, saying, “We are the only candidate who has beaten and can beat Donald Trump.”

The two-three finish of Cruz and Rubio undercut the value of some coveted South Carolina endorsements. Rubio had the backing of Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Trey Gowdy; Cruz got the support of former Gov. Mark Sanford, now a House member.

Exit polls showed 4 in 10 voters angry about how Washington is working, and more than half saying they felt betrayed by politicians in the Republican Party.

Trump’s victory capped a week in which he called rivals liars, blamed House Speaker Paul Ryan for the GOP’s loss in the 2012 presidential race, and even tangled with Pope Francis.

He was backed by nearly 4 in 10 of those who are angry at the federal government, and a third of those who feel betrayed. He did best with men, older voters, those without a college degree and veterans.

About three-quarters of Republican primary voters support a temporary ban on Muslims who are not U.S. citizens from entering the United States. Nearly 4 in 10 of those voters backed Trump, while a third who oppose such a ban preferred Rubio.

Trump won a majority of the delegates in the South Carolina primary — at least 38 of the 50 — and has a chance to win them all.

Trump leads the overall race for delegates with 55. Ted Cruz has 11 delegates, Marco Rubio has 10, John Kasich has five, Jeb Bush has 4 and Ben Carson has three.

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president.

While the real estate magnate scored a decisive win in New Hampshire, his second-place finish in Iowa to Cruz illustrated gaps in his less-than-robust ground operation, and questions remain about the extent to which he can translate leads in preference polls and large rally crowds into votes.

Trump’s win Saturday could answer some of those questions, adding momentum going into the collection of Southern states that will vote March 1.

The exit polling of voters was conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks by Edison Research.

The final results, courtesy of, show the following…

Republican – 100% Reporting – Delegates Allocated: 44/50
Winner D. Trump 32.5% 44
M. Rubio 22.5%
T. Cruz 22.3%
J. Bush 7.8%
J. Kasich 7.6%
B. Carson 7.2% reported previously, that

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the victor by a wide margin in Saturday’s South Carolina GOP primary.

“I think the odds are that Trump is going to win, probably big. That’s expected,” Krauthammer said. “[But] I think the real key is going to be what the distance is between the one who comes in third, and the bottom three.”

Those are the results that might help determine the eventual Republican nominee, Krauthammer said.

“In other words, if you get Trump, [Sen. Ted] Cruz, [Sen. Marco] Rubio, in that order, and then the bottom three are in single digits it… would be a seminal event.”

“If the race is a three way race, then it really is a toss-up, who of the top three will get it,” Krauthammer said. “If it remains a six man race [or] a five man race that means that Trump will romp all the way to the nomination, because he will dominate if the so-called establishment vote is split,” he said.

Well, Dr. K, I would say that Trump won by a pretty wide margin, wouldn’t you?

Why do I believe that Donald J. Trump is still the frontrunner among all the Republican Presidential Candidates?

This brash, unabashedly American, business entrepreneur and quintessential showman has dominated the media for the past several years.

The popularity of his reality program on NBC and the catch phrase that came leaping out from it, “You’re fired!”, spread across America like wildfire.

Now, his Presidential Campaign continues to do the same.

It is not just his flamboyance that has caught the eye of Americans.

The fact is, after almost two terms of an Administration taking the great country in the world on a scenic tour of the Highway to Hell, Donald Trump is the only Republican Candidate shouting, “Hit the brakes, you idiots!”

Trump’s straightforwardness has struck a chord in the hearts of average Americans, tired of the wussification of America, being so relentlessly pushed by both modern political parties.

This is what I don’t understand about the Republican Establishment:

They run around telling everybody how Conservative they are, when in reality, they actually hold the same beliefs as Liberal Democrats.

Ronald Reagan gave a famous stump speech about the fact that the Republican Party at one time, needed “bold colors, not pale pastels”.

From what I’m seeing out of a lot of the Republicans right now, they’re not even presenting Americans with pale pastels.

…Except for Donald Trump.

They are showing their color to be Liberal Blue, while they claim to be Conservative Red.

It is almost as if they believe that the Political Tsunami, which resulted in Republicans holding both Houses of Congress, came about because they made themselves look like Democrats.

They need to come down off of Capitol Hill every now and then.

And, visit Realityville.

As the polls show, and will continue to show, Trump is striking a resonant chord in the hearts of Average Americans, living here in the part of America, which the snobbish Political Elites refer to as “Flyover Country”, but which we refer to as “America’s Heartland”, or, quite simply, “HOME”.

Our palpable anger is one which has been building since January of 2009, when a Lightweight, who has as much in common with average Americans as a Martian would, was inaugurated as President of the United States of America.

That anger, a result of his anti-American actions and resulting policies, which have affected Americans’ daily lives, has been exacerbated by the Republican Elite, who, in their desire to “reach across the aisle” and “go along to get along”, have distanced themselves from the Conservative Voting Base, who elected them to Congress in the first place.

Meanwhile, average Americans, like you and me, remain mired up to our necks in an abysmal swamp of bills and taxes, living paycheck-to-paycheck, afraid to make a move, for fearing of drowning in an ocean of debt.

Seemingly forgotten, in all of the forgotten promises, made by Barack Hussein Obama, are the 94 million Americans, who are no longer, largely through no fault of their own, participating in our Workforce.

You want to talk about anger and frustration?

Try looking for work, when you are over 55 years of age.

It makes you want to give up…daily.

But, I digress…

Anger has played an important part in the forging of this great country, which will be lucky to survive Obama’s final year in office.

It was anger that formed our country….an anger over being held captive to “Taxation Without Representation”…an anger which, as a prime example of history repeating itself, Americans are experiencing, even as I type this blog.

It is this anger, which has propelled Donald J. Trump to his lead in the Republican Primary Race…and those who prefer the Washingtonian Status Quo know it.

If the Republican establishment does not accept the fact that Americans are angry, they will go down to defeat again in 2016.

They will never achieve victory by trying to push the Jello of “Liberal Moderation” up a hill.

Hence, the failed campaign of Jeb! Bush.

In summation, the American people are tired of Political Correctness and anti-American political expediencies being forced down our throats by both political parties and trumpeted by their lackeys in the Main Stream Media.

Donald Trump, for all of his brashness and braggadocio, is a breath of free air and, quite frankly an anomaly. He’s not a professional politician. He is a businessman who wants to become a public servant.

Now, where did I hear about that sort of thing before?

Oh, yeah.

That’s the way the Founding Fathers envisioned our system of government, led by citizens, who served their term s as public servants…AND THEN WENT HOME.

But, I digress…

You know what intrigues me the most about “The Donald”?

He reminds me of one of my favorite movie characters.

He actually has a backbone.

Just remember what ol’ Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol’ storm right square in the eye and he says, “Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it.” – Jack Burton, Truck Driver (Kurt Russell) “Big Trouble in Little China”

…and that, boys and girls, despite all of Trump’s faults, remains a refreshing change.

Until He Comes,




14 thoughts on “Trump Takes South Carolina. Jeb! Quits. Why is Trump Winning? Let Me Tell You Why…

  1. So, KJ, let me get this straight…respectfully: as long as Trump says all the things you want to hear, despite his record, despite what he’s said in the past, despite his past associations you support him. Even though, when Obama was running and we all kept saying, “Look at his record! Look at what he’s said in the past! Look at who his friends are!”, this doesn’t matter with Trump. Simply because he’s not a politician (Obama was a Community Organizer for most of his career) you support him. Even though Ted Cruz has a proven track record of standing up to and trying to subvert the Establishment, you still prefer Trump.
    I understand being angry! I’m as angry as you are! I’m 55 and served in the US Army during the Cold War. I worked in DC while Reagan was in the White House and remember the hope and exuberance or those days. I’m crushed to see my country crumbling under the weight of socialism, nepotism, crony capitalism, and an electorate who is more interested in remaining in power than in actually representing their constituents. But I won’t allow my anger to cloud my mind to run after a man simply because I want “revenge” or to “stick it to the man”; especially when everything about that man says “he’s not who he claims to be.”
    Please, sir…help me understand that, because I just don’t.


    1. I am simply saying that the reason that Trump is ahead is because he has tapped into the anger that everyone is feeling. And because he is a social liberal on some issues, you’ve got moderate Democrats whow are pulling for him. I am simply saying that the reason that Trump is ahead is because he has tapped into the anger that everyone is feeling. And because he is a social liberal on some issues you’ve got murdered Democrats her pulling for him. As Reagan showed, and I’m not comparing the two, that is how you win the election. The problem is Rubio is not consistent, and, for whatever reason, moderates do not trust Ted Cruz. That is why Trump is the frontrunner. I wrote that Trump’s brashness is refreshing, because, quite frankly, I am tired of the lily livered Republican establishment. I like Ted Cruz a lot, but the public sentiment is against professional politicians, and that is another reason that Donald Trump is the leader In the Republican candidate race right now. That is the reality that we are facing right now, 10 months away from our opportunity to keep Hillary and Bernie out of the White House. It is what it is.


  2. And that is all well and good, KJ, but the reality is that is actions speak much louder than his words. His life is not one you would want to point your children to and say, “Be like that guy.” And our job as Christians, in all aspects of our lives (religious and political) is to always point to the truth and evaluate everything against the yard stick of the Word of God. I’m sorry, but Donald Trump doesn’t measure up. Despite our anger against the Establishment to even have the perception of relishing the “poke in the eye” given by someone such as Trump…no, there is nothing to endear this man. As much as I despise what the Rinos and Progressives have done to this country, I cannot, and will not, in anyway, give this man any kudos. We are about to nominate a Saul, not a David (which is what we need). And because of it, we’ll all pay the price.


      1. First, why are you giving up so quickly? Why are you so quick to cede that it has to be Trump or nothing? Don’t you realize that once Trump wins the Republican nomination the long knives of the DNC and the Main Street Media will all come out and every shady business deal, every association with the mob, every donation that even resembles a bribe to a politician is going to be exposed. Hillary is walking unscathed because she has the power of the MSM, George Soros, the DNC, and any number of other phantom benefactors acting as her Loki’s Shield. Trump will not be so lucky. And the rank and file Democrat will happily take Bernie, if Hillary gets taken down by the Feds.
        Second, is a godless Marxist really any different than a godless conservative-in-name-only? He’s already said he would work with Democrats (oh…except he’ll make great deals). He’ll continue to fund Planned Parenthood (though not abortions…but funding PP on “everything else” frees them up to put money towards abortions…the funds are fungible anyway). He tried to get Megyn Kelly fired from Fox. Do you think that when he’s president he won’t try to silence opposition as well? Are you so sure he won’t get away with it? He’s taken contradictory positions on taxes, health care, trade, amnesty… Reagan’s transformation came over a number of years. With Trump, you can find contradicting stances within a matter of months. Trump says Cruz is “owned by the banks” because he took out campaign loan’s against his own portfolio from Goldman-Sachs and Citibank, even those loans are paid off. Well Trump is “owned” by almost every lending institution on the East Coast for as many loans and he’s taken out (and filed for bankruptcy on). Yes, they were business loans, but he set the criterion for what being “owned” means.
        Third, you and I both know that “if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” But you’ll accept Trump’s statement that he’s more than a Christian-in-name-only even though he says he’s never asked for forgiveness because he’s never done anything wrong and he’s a good man? Yet God says, “there is NONE good.” All our works are the same as used tampons! And THAT’S not godless?
        KJ…we’re supposed to be Watchmen on the Wall. Christ is supposed to affect EVERY aspect of our lives…that includes our politics. I don’t see ANY exceptions in scripture. I’m not saying we can only vote for the most pristine candidate (because there’s none perfect), but we should be able to use discernment to determine who we need to steer completely clear of. (Romans 1:18-32, Titus 1, 2 Timothy 3, Matthew 7:13-27) I’m not making an eternal judgement on Trump, but I know that I’m supposed to be vary wary of someone’s actions don’t match his testimony. And I know full well that I can call myself a kumquat, but that doesn’t make me one, unless you are using the reasoning of this current society who claims you can self identify as anything you want.
        We HAVE better options. And as Christians we shouldn’t be giving a wink and a nod to someone who speaks vilely, belittles and berates others, brags about his infidelities and sexual conquests, and on and on…simply because he’s “sticking it to the man”. We’re better than that! And if it means we lose an election because we have chosen to stand up for what is pure and right and Godly then so be it. I don’t think God will honor us for simply keeping a democrat out of the Oval Office. I believe His calling on us is a lot higher than making sure a Republican is sworn in next January.
        At least for me, if Trump wins the nomination, I will not vote for him. I’d rather stand on principle. I know that everything is in God’s hands anyway. Whatever happens, “He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8).


  3. Angela Santos

    So his name-calling doesn’t bother you? His complete lack of a conservative history doesn’t bother you? His claiming to be a Christian who has no need for forgiveness doesn’t bother you?? Christ didn’t tell us to be as wise as doves but apparently a whole lot of Christians are very happy to take him at his word with absolutely nothing backing it up. At least I KNOW what to expect from Hillary and Bernie. You’re playing with fire, brother.


  4. Angela Santos

    Please address his liberal history and especially his false claim to Christianity..I’m concerned about a whole lot more than his gross immaturity,


  5. Everything KJ wrote is accurate. He is explaining why Trump is leading. I wrote last night that I believe Cruz is a true conservative and he has my support and vote…..and the reason Cruz isn’t leading the pack is because people are lumping him together with the status quo. If he wasn’t a “current” politician then he would no doubt be THE frontrunner. The American people are ANGRY…more than angry at the would be conservatives that have turned their backs on those that elected them….and Cruz is caught in the middle. So, yes I support Cruz…BUT if Trump ends up with the nomination then of course I will vote for him. If he follows thru on closing the borders then this country just might survive until another election! However, if the thought of a Trump presidency is so utterly repulsive to those looking for a savior, then you can kiss this country goodbye, forever.


  6. Gohawgs

    Believes Planned Parenthood does “good”. FOR the “individual mandate”. FOR partial birth abortion. FOR touchback amnesty. Started the birther meme…

    Who am I describing? Hillary?? Sadly, No.

    Reminds me of a joke — Two Corinthians walk into Liberty Univ. and then blame Tony for them not knowing what they were talking about…

    Anger is NO EXCUSE to forget one’s beliefs and/or principles…


  7. No one is forgetting anything!! I’m not responsible for how anyone votes! So, if he ends up the nominee then yes, I will vote for him over ANY DEMOCRAT!! Too many Americans have fought and died for this country and I sure as Hell ain’t voting for a self proclaimed Socialist or a lying hag who left Americans to die in Benghazi.


    1. Gohawgs

      Sure they are, all in the HOPE that he will CHANGE things. But when a person hasn’t shown that they believe in anything other than themselves, why should we the people believe that person says they will do from week to week? Just to get a ride on the bandwagon??


  8. Lady Liberty

    I love Trump. He is a breath of fresh air. All of you “purists” can have your preacher from Alberta. I want an instigator and a fighter, not a parrot. I want a lover of the USA. I want someone who had the red white and blue running through his veins from the moment he breathed his first breath not the white and red maple. I want someone who wants to build a wall, not someone who says “Me too!” I want someone who wants to stop the Muslim influx, not someone who says, “Me too!” All the other “principles” are all promises made by “conservatives” for the last ten or more years and NONE of them have done SQUAT. I want a winner. And if that winner is a sinner, all the better. I like humans. I detest pharasaical, slimey hypocrites.


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