Obama Takes a Break From Vacation to “Fix Everything”… Except the Thing That Matters Most…the Economy.

Obama-Shrinks-2Air Force One has landed. Obama is back in the White House! We’re Saved!

Well…the moment he decides to get up. and saunter down to the Oval Office, probably around 10:00 a.m., or so.

Foxnews.com reports that

President Obama took a break from his summer vacation to return to Washington early Monday for series of high-level, but unspecified, White House meetings.

Obama left his first family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and will meet with Vice President Joe Biden and other top-ranking officials later Monday, according to White House staffers. But they have not disclosed what officials will discuss — amid a list of international problems that include fighting in Iraq, Israel and Ukraine and the humanitarian-immigration crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Obama’s decision to return to Washington appears to be in part a response to criticism about him spending two weeks on a resort island amid so many foreign and domestic crises.

However, the president’s first week on the Massachusetts island, in which he played several rounds of golf, included on-camera statements on U.S. military action in Iraq and the clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson, Mo. And he called foreign leaders to discuss the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, as well as between Israel and Hamas.

“I think it’s fair to say there are, of course, ongoing complicated situations in the world, and that’s why you’ve seen the president stay engaged,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said.

Officials disclosed Sunday that Attorney General Eric Holder will brief Obama on Monday about the situation in Missouri, where the Aug. 9 police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown has sparked rioting.

Political observers have speculated that Obama might be returning to take executive action to help fix the country’s broken immigration system — perhaps broadening a 2012 order that delayed deportation for some young illegal immigrants to include as many as 5 million people now living illegally in the United States.

However, White House officials have said the president won’t take such action until after summer and after receiving full reports on the issue from the departments of Justice and Homeland Security.

Obama is scheduled to return to Martha’s Vineyard on Tuesday and stay through next weekend.

Well, gosh. I’m so sorry that Obama has to cut short his vacation to actually do his job.

Last week, a Liberal challenged me about my views about Obama going ahead and taking a luxury vacation in the middle of the world and his presidency collapsing around him.

The gist of his defense of The Lightbringer was the fact that ordinary Americans take vacations also.

My response to him was that Obamawais not an ordinary American. He is supposed to be “The Leader of the Free World”.

In January of 2009, Obama swore an oath to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.

An oath which he has failed miserably to uphold.

IN the article I posted above, Fox News touched on all the major issues that Obama needs to address, except for one.

That is the indisputable fact that 92 million Americans have dropped out the workforce.

These are average Americans like you and me, who, in their very real despair, have given up trying to find a job, choosing instead to work under the radar as handymen or flea market vendors. some not even working at all, sitting at home and letting Uncle Sugar take care of them.

When you askLliberals about this unacceptable situation, they will respond to you with charts and graphs designed to buttress their opinion that Obama is actually moving America’s Stagnant Economy forward.

And, if that argument doesn’t work, their pre-programmed response is


Quite frankly, the reason that Obama has not moved our economy forward, like President Ronald Reagan did, is because Obama is more concerned about growing the Central Government, than he is about growing American Production by freeing the job creators from punitive tax rates, in order to encourage the growth that will revitalize our economy.

That is why I spent 6 hours on Saturday, on the phone with Punjab from Calcutta about my Comcast Cable Box, which was on the fritz.

But, I digress…

Make no mistake, granting amnesty to millions of unskilled, underage illegal aliens will do nothing for the health of our economy.This action would simply provide future voters for the Democrat Party, which is now firmly in the control of the Far Left. If Obama grants amnesty, he would be putting a further strain on our economy, as all of these “little rascals”, would rely on their new Uncle Sugar for their “daily bread”.

The latest Liberal defense going around is their claim that Reagan actually had a bigger Federal Government than Obama.

The funny part is: It’s true.

It was larger because President Reagan, through his sound Economic Policy, actually increased tax revenues.

American Production rose, therefore,  TAX REVENUES INCREASED.

Yes, “Trickle-Down Economics, “trickled up”, allowing for a well-funded, strong American Military and Administration.

You see, boys and girls, that’s the secret of American Exceptionalism,a concept that Obama gives lip service to, but, clearly, does not believe in.

For America to proper, we must remain free. For America to remain free, we must be prosperous.

American Capitalism is the engine which drives a strong, vibrant economy.  American Capitalism is the result of the courageous Entrepreneurial Spirit of American Citizens. The same “Can Do” attitude which led to Western Expansion and triumphs against those before-mentioned enemies, foreign and domestic.

The current state of the Shining City Upon a Hill can be summarized thusly:

America was formed by men seeking FREEDOM. She grew and prospered because of an indomitable will and spirit forged through the Refiner’s Fire, guided by the common-sense words, inscribed in our Constitution, and administered through a Constitutional Republic. Our nation’s largesse and strength comes through the actions and character of her citizens, not through the usurpation of power by professional politicians, who has long since lost touch with their constituency.

Obama’s attempt to “radically change our nation into a Third World Barrio is meeting with resistance, not because of these professional politicians, but, because of the defiance of the American People, who love their country.

America’s Heritage of God and Country is still alive and well in the hearts and minds of the overwhelming majority of the citizens in this country, even those who have dropped out of the workforce.

Mr. President, if you want to be viewed positively as a world leader, work to restore America to a position of strength, both both in foreign and domestic policy.

It all starts with the Engine that drives our country.



Until He Comes,



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