“Gay Marriage” to be Performed on Float in Rose Parade.

gay marriageNew Year’s Day, before all of the great College Football Bowl Games begin, Americans will be gathering in front of their televisions to watch an Annual American Tradition, The Tournament of Roses Parade.

This year, as with everything else, Liberals have decided to turn a parade meant for entertainment, into a political message.

LATimes.com reports that

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s float, “Living the Dream: Love Is the Best Protection,” was created to celebrate victories in 2013 for gay marriage advocates, including Supreme Court decisions upholding the repeal of California’s Proposition 8 and striking down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Foundation spokesman Ged Kenslea said the organization supports legally sanctioning same-sex marriage because it encourages more stable relationships among gay men as well as behavior that will prevent the spread of HIV.

“We believe that marriage saves lives,” he said.

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses has received complaints from people opposing the wedding. Some took to the organization’s Facebook page to voice their anger.

“I am a 79 year old Los Angeles native and have not missed a parade since I was about 4 years old. I have watched my LAST one due to your decision to allow this unbiblical, gay marriage to take place on one of your floats,” one man wrote.

Others expressed concern about the event not being suited for families that may tune in to watch the annual New Year’s Day celebration. The popular float parade is watched by people around the world.

“2 gay men in a ‘wedding’ ceremony is highly offensive to me and millions of Americans,” one wrote. “I can’t think of many things LESS appropriate for families and especially children. It’s completely the wrong venue for a stunt like this.”

A separate Facebook page has also been started called “Boycott the 2014 Rose Parade,” with more than 1,600 “likes” as of Sunday. A post reads: “Gay ‘marriage’ is still illegal in over 30 states. Why would the Tournament of Roses promote something illegal like that?”

In a statement released to the Los Angeles Times, the Pasadena Tournament of Roses said it is “pleased” to have the foundation participate in this year’s event.

“It is the organization’s third entry in three years tied to their mission of delivering medical services and advocacy in fighting AIDS worldwide,” says the statement.

“Like all of our sponsors and float designers, AHF continues to help make the Rose Parade a premier event through original and creative expressions that connect to parade themes — as this float does.”

Kenslea said he thinks the wedding is the perfect way to honor the parade’s theme of “Dreams Come True,” by showing the dream of lesbians and gay men realized. He said that the couple was chosen from 15 others who wanted the chance to wed on the float.

You would have thought that the Rose Parade Officials would have been paying attention during the A&E/Duck Dynasty Dust-up. Evidently, they didn’t.

Ralph E. Shaffer, a professor emeritus of history at Cal Poly Pomona, disagreed, saying the wedding is an “in your face” act that might make people angrier toward gays. Shaffer, noting there will be several kisses between LeClair and his intended, Aubrey loots, added, “The problem is going to be the wedding kiss … I don’t know what the response is going to be.” he said.

AHF President Michael Weinstein said there was no political statement intended, and protesters should respect “the law of the land”:

There are as many opinions in the world as there are people, but our motivation is to validate the love that exists between same-sex couples and what we believe is the importance of validating these relationships in terms of protecting, particularly gay men from HIV and other STDs. We think the more we promote stable, long-term relationships, the better it will be.

Tournament of Roses officials stated, “Like all of our sponsors and float designers, AHF continues to help make the Rose Parade a premier event through original and creative expressions that connect to parade themes — as this float does.”

Oh, bull. A float sponsored by Kellogg’s featuring animated birdies, made out of rose petals, singing, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” is an “original and creative expression”. Two men french kissing in a sham of a sacred ceremony on top of a float in the Rose Parade, while Grandma, Bubba, and little 5 year old Cindy Lou, are watching them on television in Tyler, Texas, is a POLITICAL STATEMENT.

Within the past year, Americans have watched as Activist Judges have overthrown referendums against “Gay Marriage”, which were passed in the overwhelming majority of states by popular vote, in an exercise of the will of the people.

While comparing the plight of homosexuals who wish their sexual preference to be treated as “normal” through the use of the word “marriage” to the horrible abuse which Black Americans suffered in their struggle for Civil Rights, these Activist Judges have set out to change American culture through legislative fiat in the name of “Equality”.

However, just as A&E found out, the American public has their own ideas as to what is morally right and just.

And, by making itself no longer “family viewing” for average Americans out here in the Heartland, Rose Parade Officials are shooting themselves in their own foot, in order to make a POLITICAL STATEMENT.

Until He Comes,


6 thoughts on ““Gay Marriage” to be Performed on Float in Rose Parade.

  1. The gay marriage movement may have reached a tipping point by pushing too far. I’m hoping the backlash from the vast numbers of people who see homosexuality for the disgusting abomination that it is will finally turn the tide back the other way.


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