The NRA Fires Back…With Both Barrels!

gun-controlYesterday, the President of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, held a Press Conference to respond to the horrible murders in Newtown, Connecticut, which were committed by a blood-thirsty psychopath.

Here is an excerpt from the speech he gave to open yesterday’s Press Conference:

…The truth is that our society is populated by an unknown number of genuine monsters — people so deranged, so evil, so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can possibly ever comprehend them. They walk among us every day. And does anybody really believe that the next Adam Lanza isn’t planning his attack on a school he’s already identified at this very moment?

How many more copycats are waiting in the wings for their moment of fame — from a national media machine that rewards them with the wall-to-wall attention and sense of identity that they crave — while provoking others to try to make their mark?

A dozen more killers? A hundred? More? How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation’s refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?

And the fact is, that wouldn’t even begin to address the much larger and more lethal criminal class: Killers, robbers, rapists and drug gang members who have spread like cancer in every community in this country. Meanwhile, federal gun prosecutions have decreased by 40% — to the lowest levels in a decade.

So now, due to a declining willingness to prosecute dangerous criminals, violent crime is increasing again for the first time in 19 years! Add another hurricane, terrorist attack or some other natural or man-made disaster, and you’ve got a recipe for a national nightmare of violence and victimization.

And here’s another dirty little truth that the media try their best to conceal: There exists in this country a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells, and sows, violence against its own people.

Through vicious, violent video games with names like Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse. And here’s one: it’s called Kindergarten Killers. It’s been online for 10 years. How come my research department could find it and all of yours either couldn’t or didn’t want anyone to know you had found it?

Then there’s the blood-soaked slasher films like “American Psycho” and “Natural Born Killers” that are aired like propaganda loops on “Splatterdays” and every day, and a thousand music videos that portray life as a joke and murder as a way of life. And then they have the nerve to call it “entertainment.”

But is that what it really is? Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography?

In a race to the bottom, media conglomerates compete with one another to shock, violate and offend every standard of civilized society by bringing an ever-more-toxic mix of reckless behavior and criminal cruelty into our homes — every minute of every day of every month of every year.

A child growing up in America witnesses 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time he or she reaches the ripe old age of 18.

And throughout it all, too many in our national media … their corporate owners … and their stockholders … act as silent enablers, if not complicit co-conspirators. Rather than face their own moral failings, the media demonize lawful gun owners, amplify their cries for more laws and fill the national debate with misinformation and dishonest thinking that only delay meaningful action and all but guarantee that the next atrocity is only a news cycle away.

Today, I will be out among the masses, shopping for my bride’s Christmas Present(s). However, not everybody will be shopping for the season, they’ll be shopping for their family’s defense.  They will be buying guns.

Whatever Obama and his Liberal Legion of Liars thought that they would be accomplishing by starting the War on Guns, again, the fact of the matter is:

Their threat to confiscate Americans’ guns is backfiring spectacularly!


The shootings triggered both a wave of anti-gun talk and a wave of buying by gun owners and enthusiasts. President Obama appointed Vice President Joe Biden to lead a gun violence task force. The group’s charge is to present to the President by the end of January the best ideas to reduce gun violence. It is a charge that has many fearing a ban on owning some, if not all, guns.

“Talk of banning the weapons is driving sales,” said Jeff Dillard, co-owner of the National Armory Gun Store & Range in Pompano Beach, Fl. “It’s an incredible knee jerk reaction to what the President said. He put Biden in charge of it and they [politicians] will go crazy like they usually do. So customers want to get weapons before a ban is put in place.”

Dillard called sales in the four days “incredible.” On Wednesday he said the store did four times the sales volume it did on the same day last year. “The expensive guns went first, then the middle of the road guns went next,” he said. “The cheap, less expensive guns will probably go today.”

It is not only guns that are people are buying up, it is ammunition too.

“I’ve sold more bulk ammo (1000 rounds) in the last three business days than I have all year,” said Henry Parro co-owner of Parro’s Gun Shop and Police Supplies in Waterbury, VT. “Customers are using their hand carts to load their cars.”

Parro said with Biden in charge of the gun violence task force, his clients sees the handwriting on the wall and they are deciding to exercise their right and buy guns now. As a senator, Biden steered a now expired ban on assault weapons through Congress, and has been a long-time supporter for stricter gun laws.

What Obama, his Administration, Internet-trolling Liberals, and their propagandists,  the Main Stream Media, have not figured out, is this simple fact:  Americans love our freedom. We are not like any other people on this planet. Just as our Forefathers were men of faith and conviction, so remain Americans here in the Heartland. 

You know of whom I refer: that massive ocean of red you see, when you look at a map of the way Americans voted on November 6th, 2012.

We remain the bedrock of America. The citizens who pay their taxes, work on its farms and in its factories, and fight and die on far-flung battlefields.

We are Americans. We never quit. We never surrender.

And, we will not give up our Second Amendment rights.

It’s a Freedom Thing.

It’s…an American Thing.

Until He Comes,


5 thoughts on “The NRA Fires Back…With Both Barrels!

  1. Finley

    I find it repugnant that people who are guarded by heavily armed men are telling me that I have to give up my gun ( that has saved my life twice) because of their misguided belief that it will make everyone safer. If I didn’t have my LEGAL HANDGUN back in 1993 I would have been DEAD at the hands of a carjacker!
    There is a small brown spot on my backside they can KISS!


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