Obama Criticizes Troop Deployment, Says “Character of Our Country is on the Ballot”…No kidding

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“Lie after lie. Broken promise after broken promise. That’s what he did. Unlike President Obama, we live by a different motto. It’s called promises made, promises kept.” – President Donald J. Trump, West Virginia MAGA Rally, 11/2/18

FoxNews.com reports that

Former President Barack Obama derided the deployment of thousands of active-duty troops to the U.S.-Mexico border as a “political stunt” by the Trump administration, as Obama rallied for Florida Democrats and found himself repeatedly heckled by protesters on Friday afternoon.

“They’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away,” Obama said of Republicans, referencing the caravan of an estimated 4,000 Central American migrants headed toward the United States.

“They’re even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border,” Obama added. “The men and women of our military deserve better than that. So they’re just constant fear mongering to distract from the record.”

Earlier this week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis emphatically denied that the deployment is part of a political stunt ahead of next week’s midterm elections. “We don’t do stunts in this department. Thank you,” Mattis said.

Obama’s comments on the caravan came as he was heckled multiple times during a rally in Miami on Friday afternoon with Democrats ahead of next week’s midterm elections.

At one point, Obama addressed a protester and said, “Sir, don’t curse in front of kids. Come on.”

Obama flew to Miami to campaign for incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Later Friday, Obama is scheduled to travel to Atlanta to campaign for gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and other Democrats.

“This is what I look forward to — is having a few hecklers to get me back in the mood,” Obama said after one heckling. “I enjoy that. You always got to have a few in order to know that you’re on the campaign trail.”

Interrupted again, Obama told a heckler to attend a Republican rally instead.

“Here’s the deal,” Obama said. “If you support the other candidates, then you should go support the other candidates. Don’t be here. One of the things I never understood was why if you’re supporting the other guy, you come to my rally. Go to their rally.”

The Fox News Senate and Gubernatorial Power Rankings lists both Florida races as “tossup” contests. In the Senate race, Nelson is being challenged by Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis is running against Gillum in the governor’s race.

In his remarks, Obama called Gillum “one of the most inspiring, gifted candidates” running this year. He took aim at Republicans, saying “America’s at a crossroads.”

“Maybe most of all, the character of our country is on the ballot,” Obama said. “In the closing weeks of this election we have seen repeated attempts to divide us with rhetoric designed to make us angry and make us fearful. It’s designed to exploit our history of racial and ethnic and religious division that pits us against one another.”

Obama also took credit for the improving economy under President Trump.

“Right now, Republicans are all, look, the economy is so good,” he said. “Where do you think that started?”

Obama also referenced the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, and the indictments of former Trump associates for an assortment of crimes.

“They promised to take on corruption,” Trump said. “Instead, they have racked up enough indictments to field a football team. You know, I didn’t have anybody in my administration get indicted.”

Obama’s attempt to energize voters ahead of Tuesday’s vote came on a day of dueling rallies with President Trump.

Trump is campaigning for Republicans Friday in West Virginia, before holding a rally in Indiana.

Petulant President Pantywaist is at it again.

For him to be criticizing President Trump for sending troops to protect our Southern Border from an invasion of illegal aliens is both self-serving and the height of irony.

By making fun of Trump’s troop deployment, Obama, in his role as a spokesman for the Democratic Party is siding with the invasion of illegal aliens because of his and is party’s desire to turn them into future Democratic Voters, whether they become legal American citizens and pledge the Oath of Loyalty to this Sovereign Nation or not.

And, it is the height of irony for an anti-military bureaucrat like Obama to criticize this military action because all of his military actions which he undertook as president failed, except for the elimination of Osama bin Laden…and Six Team Six accomplished that mission, not Barak Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm).

Obama’s praise for Gillum is not unexpected. He is a younger version of the Former (Thank God) President: a slick socialist who is more crooked than a dog’s hind leg, who is under a continuing FBI Investigation concerning his shady dealings as the Mayor of Tallahassee.

Obama’s self-adoration and Revisionist History concerning his Imperious Presidency reminded me of some words which I posted on his last day in office…

On January 21st, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama, Former Community Organizer and Former United States Senator from the state of Illinois, was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.

I can remember the moment as if it were yesterday.

That was the apex of the Obama Presidency….a monument to failure which was rebuked on November 8th, 2016, when Americans said “enough is “enough”.

Americans should have received a clue as to the way that the next eight years were going to be, when Obama’s first act was to fund abortions all around the world.

Thus began the downhill slide away from American Exceptionalism and toward the abysmal mediocrity of a Socialism-inspired Nanny State Government under which we found ourselves hurtling downhill at breakneck speed before Donald J. Trump was elected president.

This journey, from the plateau of being the greatest nation on the face of the Earth into the abyss of mediocrity and false promises with Obama leading the way and his precious snowflakes following like a bunch of lemmings not knowing where they were headed but being driven by their very nature, promised to do what America’s enemies had never been able to do in our history, that is, turn The Shining City Upon the Hill into a Third World Barrio.

Obama’s foreign and domestic policies both reeked of purposeful obtuseness designed to make our citizens dependent on a “benevolent” Uncle Sugar and to alienate our allies and embolden our enemies.

Just like his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, as it was explained to us by the then-Speaker of the House, the Democratic Representative from the state of California, Nancy Pelosi, Americans had to elect Barack Hussein Obama as President before we knew what was in him.

And, just like Obamacare almost ruined the greatest Healthcare System on the Face of the Earth, Obama himself almost ruined the Greatest Country on the Face of the Earth.

Just like a high school kid buying a junker of a car from friend, on Election Day 2008, Americans received a high-maintenance lemon.

And just like the kid who bought that lemon, we have been paying out the nose ever since.

Since Barack Hussein Obama took office, we have been involved in several armed conflicts, more than any other president before him.

And, while he was deploying our Brightest and Best all over the globe, he was using them for the purpose of social engineering, instead of respecting them as the fighting men and women that they are.

Obama eventually moved from just experimenting with “social engineering” within our military, to attempting to change the traditional morality and value system of our country at large.

In other words, instead of accomplishing something commendable, such as sending a man to walk on the Moon, Obama will be remembered as the president who enabled men to go into the ladies restroom.

While President Donald J. Trump will be remembered as the president who MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Until He Comes,


At MAGA Rally, Trump Calls to “End the Politics of Personal Destruction”, While Dems Blame Him for “Bomber”


FoxNews.com reports that

President Trump on Friday night condemned the media’s coverage of his administration as divisive to America. The comments, at a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, came as the nation has been consumed by the topic of the deepening political divide, and just hours after a suspect was arrested in Florida over mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats and Trump critics.

That suspect, 56-year-old-Cesar Sayoc, appeared to be a passionate advocate for Trump on his social media accounts, frequently posting conspiracy theories and criticisms against Democrats and liberal celebrities.

“As you know, the suspect has been captured – great job – and is now in federal custody,” Trump said. “This is finding, truly, a needle in a haystack, when you think about it. Political violence must never, ever be allowed in America and I will do everything in my power to stop it.

“Everyone will benefit if we can end the politics of personal destruction,” he continued. But he also stressed that “the media has a major role to play whether they want to or not.”

“The media’s constant, unfair coverage, deep hostility and negative attacks only serve to drive people apart and undermine healthy debate,” he said.

Republicans, Trump said, did not play political games after a Bernie Sanders supporter shot at GOP congressmen in 2017, including Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., who was badly injured in the attack.

“That would have been wrong,” he said. “It would have been the wrong thing to do.”

“Yet the media has tried to attack the incredible Americans who support our movement to give power back to the people,” Trump continued. “Ninety-four percent of the press I get is negative, even when I do something wonderful.”

“We want honest coverage from the media,” he said. “That’s all we want.”

The president was in the state to make a campaign push for Rep. Ted Budd and GOP candidate Mark Harris. Budd is a first-term congressman facing Democrat Kathy Manning. Harris, meanwhile, upset Rep. Robert Pittenger in a May GOP primary and faces Democrat Dan McCready.

“Get ’em to Washington please, and fast,” Trump said after Budd and Harris spoke at the rally. “I’m here tonight because we can’t take any chances. Get out and vote.”

“This is one of the most important elections of our lifetime,” Trump said. “A vote for Democrats is a vote for open borders and a vote for tax hikes.”

“This will be an election of common sense,” he argued. “We need borders. We need a great military. We want lower taxes. It’s not conservative or liberal. It’s common sense.”

The mail bomb saga, with its focus on packages sent to outspoken Trump critics, has been one of the major news events highlighting what many see as a growing polarization in America. At the same time, there have been repeated instances in which Trump-aligned GOP lawmakers and members of the administration have faced heckling and scorn while venturing out in public for things like dinner at a restaurant. And some Democratic leaders have drawn fire for appearing to encourage such hostile engagement.

I understand exactly what President Trump was saying last night and I don’t blame him one bit.

Now, I don’t know whether that whack job that they arrested for the non-explosive bombs sent to the offices of Democratic Politicians and their bought-and-paid- for Distributor of Propaganda, CNN, was a Democrat like his MyLife.com page said or a Republican, as he supposedly was registered as.

As Rhett Butler said to Scarlett in “Gone With the Wind”,

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a d@mn.

Also at this point, it doesn’t matter if he did this on his own or was somebody’s patsy.

No one lost their life and the jerk was arrested.

Whatever the cause of his actions, they have given the Party of Special Interest Groups something to express imperious righteous indignation about, conveniently forgetting about their own whack jobs, such as the Bernie Sanders Supporter who shot Congressman Steve Scalice and 4 others.

Watch and listen this weekend as the Dems and their Propaganda Distributors, CNN, MSNBC, and the Broadcast News Operations, blame Trump and all of us average Americans between the coasts who supported him for the actions of a psychopath.

And, as you do, I recommended Alka-Seltzer Chewables. They act fast and they taste good.

But, I digress…

I agree with the president: we must come together as a nation.

However, the Democratic Party Hierarchy and the Special Interest Groups who control them do not want this Sovereign Nation to be united. They want us to remain divided. A divided nation gives Democratic Politicians and their minority political ideology more of a chance to win over “useful idiots” willing to put them back in power in our nation’s capitol.

So, unless, God forbid, we have another national travesty, like a 9/11, happen anytime soon, we will remain a divided nation.

And, heck, even if something that horrible were to happen again…

The Democrats would blame Trump.

Until He Comes,