Manhattan DA Bragg Believes Theft Shouldn’t Be Prosecuted… But Trump Should Be?

“Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said during his campaign that racial equity needed to be a priority and that he didn’t believe thievery should be prosecuted since it was a “crime of poverty.”

During the May 2021 meeting, Bragg articulated his intention to focus on racial equity instead of prosecuting theft.

“I grew up with friends disappearing over charges like that (theft) and even if there is an alternative [to incarceration, such as diversion programs, there is a] consequence of disruption for the family. We need to asking, ‘Does something make us safer?’ And prosecuting a young person, even if it doesn’t end in incarceration [such as in diversion programs], in my view does not make us safer,” he said. “I think we need to move away from what I would call a crime of poverty.”

Bragg was speaking to a group from Young New Yorkers in May 2021. The organization “applies a racial justice framework to… all levels of operations” as it diverts individuals facing charges under the age of 25 from the criminal justice system.

Bragg said his overall intention was to “Shrin[k] the footprint” of the criminal justice system.

A campaign webpage, which has since been scrubbed, said Bragg believed crimes that disproportionately incarcerate Black people are “morally indefensible” to enforce.

“These cases do not belong in criminal court. The punishments are disproportionately harsh, and fall disproportionately on the backs of people of color. This makes them morally indefensible,” Bragg stated on his website. “This is why I will not prosecute most petty offenses through the traditional criminal court system… I will either dismiss these charges outright or offer the accused person the opportunity to complete a program without ever setting foot in a courtroom.”

“In Manhattan, every single step in the way a case is processed from what someone is charged with, to the plea they are offered, to the sentence they are given, is rife with racial disparities,” Bragg said during the 2021 meeting.

The New York City Police Department released data showing New York City’s Five Boroughs being overrun with a handful of thieves who were arrested over 6,000 times, and released back into the streets.” (Courtesy

This is the guy who indicted a former President of the United States of America.

Some Paragon of Virtue, huh?

How does not prosecuting theft help ANYONE?

How does encouraging habitual criminals make ANY city safer?

How does not prosecuting criminal activity lift ANY people out of poverty?

By encouraging black Americans living in New York City to steal and commit other crimes instead of earnestly seeking employment, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is not only perpetuating the cycle of poverty, he is ensuring that black Americans living in the “Big Apple” remain Democrats living off the “benevolence” of “Uncle Sugar”.

Bragg, like the rest of the Soros-funded District Attorneys elected in cities across the country, has been put in place to “radically change” New York City into a “Socialist Paradise”…like Venezuela.

“…By any means necessary”

Now, do you understand his indictment of President Trump?

Until He Comes,


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