McConnell Upset That Tucker is Releasing January 6th Videos

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called Tucker Carlson’s segment on Jan. 6 “a mistake for Fox News,” a sharp contrast from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who supplied Carlson with the exclusive footage from the day of the attack that aired on Monday night.

The comments follow Thomas Manger, chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, denouncing the Fox News host’s portrayal of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol as “filled with offensive and misleading conclusions” and accusing him of cherry-picking footage to give a misleading account of the riots.

“I want to associate myself entirely with the opinion of the chief and the Capitol Police about what happened on Jan. 6,” McConnell said as he held up a copy of the Tuesday letter that Manger sent to his Capitol Police colleagues. “It was a mistake, in my view, for Fox News to depict this in a way that’s completely at variance with what our chief law enforcement official here at the Capitol thinks.”

Carlson released the first portion of never-before-seen surveillance video from the riot at the Capitol by Trump supporters on his show Monday, calling it “mostly peaceful chaos.”

McConnell declined to say directly if he believes it was a mistake for McCarthy to share the Jan. 6 security footage with Carlson, sidestepping any criticism of the GOP leader. “My concern is how it was depicted,” he said.” (Courtesy

I am sure it is, Vichy Mitch.

So, why is McConnell reacting to the release of the footage identically to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer?

It’s because Republican Senator “Vichy Mitch” McConnell is, above all, a Swamp Creature, a member of the Capitol Hill Elite.

McConnell, as the Majority Leader of the Senate, was responsible, along with Former (Thank God) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, for providing security for the Capitol Building and oversight of the Capitol Police.

President Trump asked for 10,000 National Guard Troops to help with security that day…a request that was denied.

McConnell hates Trump and the MAGA Movement with every fiber of his being.

He is a professional politician who believes that his constituents serve him instead of the other way around.

Trump’s grassroots populism movement threatens the Washington Status Quo.

McConnell does not want the January 6th video footage released because it will show that the “rioters” were let into the Capitol Building by the Capitol Police themselves and that the whole “insurrection” was manipulated by Capitol Hill Insiders, including him.

This will be no surprise to the Republican Voting Base who do not trust the Capitol Hill Establishment Republicans any further than they can throw them.

Americans have watched the Republicans sell them out to the Democrats for years until Trump came along.

Trump connected with average Americans in a way no other Republican has since Ronaldus Magnus (Ronald Reagan).

The Republican Establishment had grown arrogant and aloof, distancing themselves from the people who gave them their cushy jobs on Capitol Hill.

President Trump came along and galvanized the average Americans in “Flyover Country” into a Conservative Juggernaut and a political force to be reckoned with.

He lifted the Republican Party up from the mire of the D.C. Swamp and showed them how to actually stand up to Pelosi, Schumer, and company.

I believe that the majority of Americans believe that what happened on January 6th was a set-up from the getgo, a continuous of the Capitol Hill TDS Americans witnessed throughout Trump’s 4 years in office.

And, the January 6th videos are confirming that belief.

Until He Comes,


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