Sunday Morning Thoughts: There is a Revival in The Land!

Asbury Revival

Nick Hall is the visionary of the Together movement, author of Reset, and the founder of PULSE, a ministry at the center of the largest millennial-led prayer and outreach efforts in the world. Nick has shared the Gospel with nearly 4 million students. He is the president and CEO of The Table Coalition and sits on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals.

The following quote is an excerpt from an Opinion Piece he posted at

I received this text message from a friend who has heard me use the term “revival.” I don’t use the term lightly, but what God seems to be doing is unprecedented.

We saw over 2,000 students repent of sin and turn to Jesus last week through events at the University of Georgia, Minnesota, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Iowa State, and North Dakota State.

I’ve been doing evangelism for 20 years. I was trained by and traveled with both Billy Graham and Luis Palau. These are the highest percentage of responses to the healing, redeeming message of Jesus that I’ve ever seen. Could this be a revival?

It’s easy to be skeptical. We live in an age of hype and celebrity faith leaders. Many will question and criticize, but it always takes faith to believe instead of doubt.

What if God is moving on these campuses and at Asbury University?

I got home to Minnesota exhausted last weekend but incredibly stirred to travel to Kentucky. I’m a husband and father of three and leaving my family again over my few off days is not ideal. My bride looked me in the eyes and said, “You have to go.”

In 1970, a revival broke out in the same place – Asbury University, in the Hughes Auditorium. It began from the chapel and students kept worshipping, praying, and repenting for 144 hours.

I first read about the Asbury 1970 revival when I was 18 years old and a freshman in college, I preached and prayed for it to happen again for 22 years!

Without a revival, we stay in our sin. It’s God’s method of revealing Himself, and it’s been a God-ordained vehicle used throughout the history of the Church.

“The revival is still happening! Four days and counting!” The text messages kept coming. I began my pilgrimage to Wilmore, Kentucky on Monday. Could this be real? What I found shocked me.

In an age of sensationalized encounters, what’s happening at the Hughes Auditorium is incredibly simple, humble, and ordinary.

There isn’t a single ‘known’ figure on the platform. It’s students leading the way alongside a few campus ministers. It’s raw worship, Bible reading and exhortation, and repentance.

Confession broke out numerous times, the crowd would listen and speak out, “The blood of Jesus forgives me.” The altars were full night and day, wet with tears, from young and old. It was multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-generational.

The crowds kept flooding. I didn’t want to leave but felt a burning that we need this back home, every home!

Upwards of 5,000 people flooded Wilmore. There were traffic jams and hungry souls filling four venues and the front lawn.

I talked with Max, the gas station attendant. He grew up Sikh in Asia but said he is overwhelmed by God’s love hitting his community.

“Do you think I can go?” I told him that he needed to go.

I met a teenager named Michael, carrying his skateboard, telling me that while he isn’t a Christian, the meetings at Asbury are “cool” and he said, “I can feel the love of God.” He said he’s closer to trusting Jesus but is counting the cost.

I met others impacted from Hawaii, Boston, and California.

From across the nation, people are flocking to encounter Jesus. Earlier this week I received a report that up to 20 other college campuses have started meetings. New doors are opening!

The thing about the Asbury Revival is that it happened without a huge robotic lighting system and paid professional singers.

It didn’t happen in a Megachurch or a church where the cross and altar have been replaced by colored lights and a stage.

The Holy Spirit moved in a humble college chapel and the resulting Revival is spreading like wildfire across our Sovereign Nation.

But, why?

And, why college “kids”?

For the past couple of decades, churches have been trying to figure out how to attract more young people to their services because, quite frankly, the older Americans who pay the bills and tend to be the backbone of the congregation, have been dying off.

However, in their zeal to attract a younger crowd, they have alienated older Christians by replacing familiar older hymns and corporate worship with professional “Worship Leaders” singing songs meant for Contemporary Christian Radio, not the vocal range of average Americans.
A lot of churches have become “Woke”, embracing popular culture instead of preaching and teaching God’s Word from the Older and New Testaments in the Holy Bible.

This has resulted in a generation hungry for the love of the Triune God, thirsting for the joy and unconditional love which only repentance of sins and the Amazing Grace of Salvation can bring.

Both young and older Americans are coming to these Revivals, “weary and heavy-laden” from their personal burrens, seeking the relief that accepting Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior can bring.

Now, I am certain that I will catch grief from the “Woke” Liberals who may read this post.

That’s fine.

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, died for me.

Writing about what is happening in His Name is the least that I can do.

There’s a Revival happening in America!

God is ALWAYS on time.

Until He Comes,


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