Well, Memphis…What Now?

As a 64-year-old resident of the Memphis Area, I have borne witness to the governmental mismanagement and resulting decay and degeneration of what was once one of the friendliest places in the country to live.

There are still friendly people in Memphis, but, chances are, they work in Memphis and are living in the suburbs.

The mass exodus of Memphis taxpayers started when Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, who occupied that office from 1991-2008, told taxpayers of a Caucasian persuasion, if they did not like the way he was running the city, they could leave.

So, they did.

Since then, violent crime in Memphis has steadily risen, to the point where some suburban husbands will not allow their families to enter Memphis during the day or night.

On February 6, 2013, the Majority-Black-Democrat Memphis City Council renamed three Confederate-themed parks to prevent some State legislators from blocking such name changes.

The council passed a resolution to immediately rename Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park in downtown Memphis and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, which lies just a few miles away. The vote was 9-0 with three members abstaining.

Later, in the middle of the night, all Confederate Statues were removed from City Parks as a result of a shady business deal and political shenanigans.

Meanwhile, the black-on-black homicidal genocide continues in what was once the “City of Good Abode”, keeping it constantly in the top echelon of the FBI’s Most Dangerous Cities List.

And, assault, auto theft, and carjacking have skyrocketed, as well.

So now, after the Black Majority City Council ran veteran police officers away by cutting their benefits, including their retirement plans. Five Black Memphis City Police Officers savagely beat a Black Memphian at a traffic stop, leading to his death.

It must be the fault of “Systematic Racism”.

It just HAS to be the fault of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife…maybe even his horse. Oh, wait. His statue was removed in the dead of night years ago, and he and his wife’s remains were dug up and moved in 2021.

It has to be. Otherwise, the people who have been responsible for the descent of “The City of Good Abode” into Detroit South, where black Americans are being murdered every night of the week, would have to be held responsible for their own actions.

And we can’t have that, now…

Can we?

Just asking.

But, by gosh, by golly, if all of the “Systematic Racism” was eliminated in Memphis, then the looting by thugs who busted out storefronts Friday night in East Memphis would have never happened.

…And, I’m actually a blonde 22-year old Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader named “Buffy”.

At this rate, those in charge in Memphis might as well leave their heads up the dark and lonely place where they are because they are certainly not using them to think.

Until He Comes.


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