Latest “Woke” Disney Movie Bombs…You Would Think They Would Get the Hint

“Disney’s newest CGI animated film, Strange World, was released over the Thanksgiving weekend and bombed at the box office while viewers expressed outrage at the movie’s far-left agenda, including sexualized content aimed at children.

According to Variety, Strange World, which cost $180 million to make and market, grossed $800,000 in Tuesday previews, immediately disavowing initial estimates that the film would gross $40 million over the long holiday weekend. As of Saturday, the film has earned around $12 million, reports Box Office Mojo.

While Variety calls the film’s release “disappointing,” according to the Wrap it is a “historic bomb.” Many are attributing its failure to a far-left agenda and contempt for its audience.

“Disney’s new movie, #StrangeWorld is flopping at the box office, earning less than $24 million over 5 days against its $180 million budget. Mainstream creatives don’t care about these projects being successful so long as they spite the audience and their ideological enemies,” wrote Eric July on Twitter.

According to Distractify, the film feartures a subplot where a homosexual 16-year-old boy named Ethan is “navigating” a crush on another boy. The site praised the film, writing “We’re finally getting an openly gay character in Disney’s ‘Strange World.'”

Parents were less than impressed, and wrote their reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, where the film sits with an audience score of 58 percent, or “rotten.”

User Stephanie A wrote, “If I want to teach my children about sex and or sexual preferences at 7 and 8 I would do it in my home. I don’t need a Disney movie to help me out with it. STOP making everything sexual, its unbelievable.”” (Courtesy

It is unbelievable to me that the Far Left Democrats running Disney have not figured out that Americans do not want innocent children being “groomed” in deviant sexual behavior when they watch a Disney movie or television show.

Parents have the right to protect their children from those who seek to program them in a belief system contrary to that being taught at home.

It is the God-given duty of parents to teach children “in the way in which they should go”.

It is NOT the duty of the NEA, Disney Corporation, or any other public or private bunch of “Woke” Useful Idiots.

Americans want to be able to watch movies aimed at children and not be afraid that the morality and ethics that they are working so hard to pass on to them will not be purposefully contradicted for political purposes.

Just as local school boards found out, parents will fight back when their children’s wellbeing is being threatened by “Groomers”.

Disney had better stop “grooming” and go back to entertaining.

Go Woke. Go Broke.

Until He Comes,


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