Govs Abbott and DeSantis “Help” Compassionate Democrats Transport “Migrants” to Where They Live…and They Don’t Want Them There


Do you remember several years ago, when Democrats began a massive virtue signaling campaign across America by turning Liberal-run cities into “Sanctuary Cities”?

These so-called Sanctuary Cities welcomed illegal aliens, the lawbreakers whom the Main Stream Media and their Democrat Masters have euphemistically renamed “migrants”, offering them refuge from deportation back to their countries of origin.

Why were these Democratic Mayors refusing to abide by our nation’s laws by HARBORING FUGITIVES?

Liberals, on both sides of the Political Aisle, have continuously masked their true intentions to turn illegals into Democrat Voters, via means of granting blanket amnesty to Illegal Aliens, by swathing it in the noble rhetoric of “Civil Rights” and “Social Justice”.

The occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC has turbo-charged this effort by throwing our Southern Border wide open and flying those who wade across the Rio Grande River throughout the country, landing in Republican cities and suburbs in the middle of the night,

Biden and those who coordinate his actions felt that by landing when average Americans were asleep, they would avoid any resistance to their political shenanigans.

What the Democrat Elite did not count on were two strong Republicans Governors, Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron Desantis of Florida “helping” them by transporting illegal immigrants away from the Southern Border and the state of Florida, as well.

This strategy has served a dual purpose:

It has made the Liberal-run Cable News Networks and Broadcast Channels News Operations cover the Illegal Alien Invasion which is threatening our Constitutional Republic and its citizens’ jobs, safety, and Constitutional Right to make their votes matter.

Also, by sending these**cough** “migrants” **cough** to Democrat-run cities like Chicago and New York City and the Wealthy Democrat Island Paradise known as Martha’s Vineyard, where Former President Obama and “Moochelle” have an extravagant estate complete with 10-bedroom mansion, Governors Abbott and DeSantis have managed to reveal to American Voters the enormous hypocrisy of Democrat Politicians, celebrities, and the Rich and Famous who support them.

It has been a hoot to watch these snobs and their “not in my neighborhood!” reaction to the illegals whom they have championed from afar landing at their doorstep.

From what I hear, the snobs up in Martha’s Vineyard have already had the 50 “migrants”, whom Governor DeSantis flew up there, rounded up and sequestered at Otis Air Force Base in Cape Cod.

Wow. How compassionate, huh?

If any average Americans vote for any of the Democrats running for the House and Senate during the Midterm Elections, they either have to be brain-dead, Marxists, or masochists,…or, all three.

Thank you, Governors.

Well played.

Until He Comes,


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