“Show Me Your Papers”: Biden Administration Says That a Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement for Domestic Travel is “Still on the Table”

Covid-19 Vaccination Card

FoxNews.com reports that

The White House on Thursday said a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for domestic travel is still on the table as the United States heads into the winter months and battles the new omicron variant, saying the Biden administration will continue to “evaluate and assess on a daily basis.”

President Biden on Thursday is set to formally announce a series of steps to take on COVID-19, including a requirement for all international passengers flying to the U.S. to test for COVID within 24 hours of departure – regardless of vaccination status – and an extension of its mask requirement on all domestic flights and public transportation.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday was asked whether a vaccine requirement would be added for passengers traveling on domestic flights.

“I would say that nothing is off the table, so, including domestic travel,” Psaki said, noting that there are “some strong protections in place already, including the requirement of mask wearing.”

The White House is set to extend the mask mandate to March 18, adding a doubling of fines if individuals are noncompliant with the requirement. The current mask mandate was slated to expire on Jan. 18 following an extension last August.

The mask requirement has contributed to a spike in altercations on flights and other forms of public transportation. Last month, Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the Justice Department to enhance its efforts to prosecute unruly passengers.

“We base our decisions on the advice of the health and medical experts,” Psaki said, noting that officials are looking at “a range of factors as we make decisions about what steps we can put in place.”

“Again, nothing’s off the table,” Psaki added.

And White House coronavirus task force coordinator Jeffrey Zients this week was asked during an interview on MSNBC about a potential domestic flight vaccine requirement – something he, too, left as an option.

“We do have those tight requirements on the international travel, we have the workplace requirements, we’ll continue to look at all options and everything’s on the table,” Zients said.

The changes in travel and mask requirements come as public health officials have expressed concern about the omicron variant, the latest mutant strain of COVID-19.

Biden, last week, restricted travel from South Africa and seven other countries over concerns of the “heavily mutated” omicron variant of COVID-19 – a move he said Monday gives the United States “time.”

As for travel bans from other nations reporting cases of the omicron variant, the White House said it is continuing to “assess on a daily basis,” and that the president will “always err on the side of protecting the American people.”

“The decision to put in specific travel restrictions from a set of countries was made based on the recommendation of our health and medical team and based on the fact that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of cases that we were seeing in South Africa and concerned about in neighboring countries,” Psaki said. “So that was a decision that was made at that time – no one wants that to be permanent.”

She added that the administration is assessing whether “additional restrictions need to be put in place.”

But this week, a California resident who was vaccinated against COVID-19 was confirmed as the first U.S. case of the omicron variant.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday also identified a second case of the variant in the United States – a Minnesota resident who had traveled to New York.

As for the threat that the omicron poses, Psaki on Thursday said there is “a lot we don’t know.”

“And that is challenging, and frustrating, I understand, for Americans, for all of you,” Psaki said. “And we want to give the space and time for the public health officials who are working 24/7 to assess and provide guidance on it.”

She added: “It could be less deadly, it could be more. We don’t know.”

Meanwhile, the White House stressed that the new measures are implemented based on what officials believe is “going to be most effective.”

“We’ve continued to add and make vaccines and boosters more available and accessible,” Psaki said. “So we will continue to evaluate and assess on a daily basis.”

Not only are they attempting to take away Americans’ FREEDOM OF CHOICE, things could get even uglier than that.

What if the Biden Administration and their handlers decided to use the information to ostracize and “control” those Americans who have chosen not to take any of the COVID-19 Vaccine Shots?

Something very similar has been done before.

German officials identified Jews residing in Germany through the normal records created by a modern state. They used census records, tax returns, synagogue membership lists, parish records (for converted Jews), routine but mandatory police registration forms, the questioning of relatives, and from information provided by neighbors and municipal officials.

In territory occupied by Nazi Germany or its Axis partners, Jews were identified largely through Jewish community membership lists, individual identity papers, captured census documents and police records, and local intelligence networks. Germany’s racial laws identified a “Jew” as anyone with three or more Jewish grandparents, regardless of their religious identity or practice. Conversions to Christianity were pronounced illegitimate going back two generations, formalizing and instituting Nazi racial theories.

Now, I not saying that this will be another Holocaust. God forbid.


Have you ever heard of the Gesundheitspass”?

In 1940s Germany, the Main Office for Public Health of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party issued a health passport known as the gesundheitspass (health card. bill of health. health pass) to allegedly track the health of the German people. In reality, these passports became one of the many tools used by the Nazi Party to identify and get rid of those who were not members of the “Master Race (Aryans)”.

On a different website, you will find these words…

Where is this art of ruling, to say nothing of the art of leadership? It is only the unscrupulousness for robbery. And when this same man then says: “We have a fine instinct for idealism and material values.” Yes indeed they have. They have destroyed idealism everywhere, and they have grabbed and taken possession of material worth and always grabbed and taken possession of it, too, by brutal force only. For in 300 years that nation has oppressed and yoked and subjected nation after nation, people after people, race after race.

No, boys and girls, the following quote did not come from the Antifa Group Refuse Fascism’s website, although it certainly reads like something they would write.

This quote comes from the Jewish Virtual Library. It is taken from a speech, delivered in 1942, given on the 19th Anniversary of the “Beer Hall Putsch”, by German Chancellor Adolph Hitler.

The Beer Hall Putsch was an incident that took place on November 8, 1923, when Nazi troops under the direction of Hermann Goering surrounded the a beer hall in Munich, Germany. At 8:30 p.m., Hitler and his storm troopers burst into the beer hall causing instant panic. Hitler announced to the crowd that the Revolution had begun, and went to the back room of the hall to try to persuade the local officials to capitulate to him. They wouldn’t. Hitler’s attempt to seize power that night failed. But, thanks to word of mouth, and Hitler’s use of propaganda, a seed was planted, that would eventually lead to World War II.

By now, you are probably asking:

Okay. So what does one thing have to do the other?

Hitler eventually rose to power by preying upon the economic despair, hopelessness, and avarice of the German people, whose country was savaged by the Great Depression of 1929.

Hitler formed a political party, naming it The National Socialist Party, which led to he and his thugs being called “Nazis”.

The era became known as the “Rise of Fascism”.

The Biden Administration and his fellow members of the Democrat Elite, including the Blue State Governors, used the COVID-19 Pandemic to take away Americans’ Freedoms. And, these now “oligarchs” have loved their new Unconstitutional Power so much, that they do want to keep it, even though the science shows that it is going away.

These political actions, including the identification of those who have refused to take the COVID-19 Vaccine, is a much an act of fascism as identifying and ostracizing human beings by race or religion, 

My question is: Will the Biden Administration identify the “Unvaccinated” by a circle with an empty hypodermic needle in it with a line through it?

Or. will they make Unvaccinated Americans wear that same marker as a yellow badge?

Until He Comes,




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