Kamala Harris Speaks in a Fake French Accent While Speaking to French Scientists in Paris…Pepe Le Pew is Embarrassed

Kamala Harris 101221

FoxNews.com reports that

Vice President Kamala Harris went viral following her visit to a COVID-19 lab in Paris for appearing to use what critics described as a “French accent.”

During her overseas trip to France, Harris toured the Institut Pasteur and spoke alongside a group of scientists about the U.S.-France alliance on scientific research.

She also made comments about how politicians should operate more like scientists.

“One of the things people in politics and government should really take from the approach of scientists- scientists operate with a hypothesis. I love that,” Harris said on Monday. “A hypothesis- it’s well-thought-out, it’s well-planned, they start out with a hypothesis and then they test it out knowing invariably, you’re trying something for the first time, there will be glitches, there will be mistakes. Then everyone gets together, no one gets beat up about it, you analyze it- what went wrong, reevaluate, update the hypothesis and start again.”

Harris then pivoted to what politicians do, mocking how they always stick to “The Plan” they campaigned on, but repeatedly appeared to change her dialect whenever she used that phrase.

“In government, we campaign with ‘The Plan,’” Harris said. “Uppercase T, uppercase P, ‘The Plan!’ And then the environment is such we’re expected to defend ‘The Plan’ even when the first time we roll it out there may be some glitches and it’s time to reevaluate and then do it again.”

The vice president’s remarks were panned as “cringe” on social media.

“Is she using a FRENCH ACCENT?!” asked Abigail Marone, press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., adding “I love this episode of Veep.”

“There really are no words anymore… #AuRevoir,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha wrote.

“I wonder if she practiced accents with her child actor friends,” GOP strategist Matt Whitlock quipped, alluding to the science video she appeared in alongside child actors.

“I thought we canceled pepe lepew,” Washington Examiner commentator Becket Adams joked.

“This is what Biden thinks of France, our oldest ally,” CNN contributor Scott Jennings tweeted.

Harris has been widely seen as the standard-bearer for the Democratic Party in 2024 if President Biden does not run for a second term, but polls have her viewed even more negatively than her boss.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed Harris having a 28% approval rating among Americans, which is ten points lower than Biden.

The vice president has long been criticized for her handling of the border crisis after she was tapped by Biden to address the source of the surge of migration.

The Democrat Elite faces a very serious problem. They have been saddled with a Political and Intellectual Lightweight in Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Well, what did they expect from somehow who, quite literally, slept her way to the top?

Even her one-time paramour, Willie Brown, did not think that she should be the Vice-President of the United States of America.

According to nypost.com

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has urged ex-girlfriend Sen. Kamala Harris to reject presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden if he asks her to be his running mate.

In an op-ed published in the San Francisco Chronicle over the weekend, Brown advised his ex to “politely decline” Biden’s vice presidential offer, arguing that she should instead aim for US attorney general.

“Harris is a tested and proven campaigner who will work her backside off to get Biden elected. That said, the vice presidency is not the job she should go for — asking to be considered as attorney general in a Biden administration would be more like it,” Brown wrote of the California Democrat, who is widely considered to be the front-runner in the VP race.

Brown, 86, argued that while being included on a presidential ticket “is obviously a huge honor … the glory would be short-lived.”

“Historically, the vice presidency has often ended up being a dead end. For every George H.W. Bush, who ascended from the job to the presidency, there’s an Al Gore, who never got there.”

By the way, Willie Brown was still married while he and Kamala Harris were “dating”.

Classy, huh?

Willie Brown knew that Kamala could not handle the job of Vice-President. He just said it in a tactful, political way.

The woman is unethical, immoral, and clueless.

Perhaps that is why the Democrat Elite chose her to be Joe’s running mate.

They believed that they would be “two peas in a pod”.

The problem with Kamala, as she has demonstrated over and over again, her arrogance not only exceeds her stupidity, it makes it unbearable and forces it right out in the open.

So, what do those Democrats who are behind the scenes of the Biden Administration do if Joe’s obvious dementia keeps getting worse?

Do that elevate this graduate of the Pepe Le Pew “How to Speak French” Course?

I was thinking, for just a moment that it would be a good thing if they both got the boot.

Then, I remembers that Nancy Pelosi is third in the line of secession.

…And, I hurled.

 Until He Comes,





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