Nunes: Dems Using National Guard Like a Supporting Actor on a “Hollywood Movie Set”…Or is This “Radical Change” Deja Vu?

See the source image reports that

Democrats were using the National Guard like a supporting actor on a “Hollywood movie set,” according to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., on Newsmax TV.

Opposed to seeing troops in Washington, D.C., under former President Donald Trump, Democrats have a different stance with President Joe Biden in the White House.

“They build a narrative, they create a narrative, and then they have to watch the narrative play out,” Nunes told host Greg Kelly on Friday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “And the way they do that is like building a Hollywood movie set.

“Remember at first, and I think this is ultimately going to come out if we ever do learn the truth, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi [D-Calif.] and company didn’t want the Guard there because they had criticized President Trump when the White House was under siege, churches were under fire, and we held these crazy riots all over the country. That’s why they didn’t want the military there.”

More than 25,000 National Guard men and women were positioned throughout Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day, 14 days after protesters violently rioted at the Capitol.

About 5,000 troops remained stationed near the Capitol at the beginning of this week. A Department of Defense spokesperson said they will end their deployment by mid-March.

Nunes said Democrats have tried to take advantage of the troops’ presence, aided by fencing around the Capitol.

“Now, they love it because they get to have the optics that all Republicans, all conservatives are all rioters and very dangerous,” Nunes said. “And so why not have the razor wire and military there — makes us look like a third world country.

“And thank God you’ve got all the 80-year-old Politburo members, the Socialist Democratic Party. They’re going to protect the American people. And the media’s going to protect them, and the social media companies are going to protect them.”

Welcome to the party, Congressman!

Since the long, nightmarish days of the Obama Administration, the Democrats have been moving further and further to the Left of the Political Spectrum.

All the while attempting to indoctrinate the children and grandchildren of average Americans into embracing the failed political theory known as Marxism by hiding it under the nom de plume of “Democratic Socialism” and teaching it as the greatest thing since sliced bread in our public schools and universities.

However, the attempted unraveling of the American System of Faith and Values by Obama and his Administration was just a precursor to what we are now experiencing.

The attack against Donald J. Trump, both before and after he was elected, was all a part of the Democrat’s Plan to achieve totalitarianism.

By attacking a sitting President through fake news, innuendoes, and violence by the “New Bolsheviks”, in conjunction with false charges brought by “Deep State” Operatives, already embedded within our Federal Government, the Democrats were able to tie up President Trump to where it was almost impossible for him to get anything done.,,but, he did.

The final step, which began even before the Chinese released COVID-19 upon the world, was the funding of BLM and Antifa, who were then sent out to riot and destroy our major cities, defiling National Monuments to show how “unfair” a country we are.

If you noticed, it was very rare that any Washington Democrat ever said a mumblin’ word against those Domestic Terrorists.

So, now, the Democrats, after cheating, changing state laws, and delivering “mail-n ballots” under the cover of darkness, have regained the Presidency and thanks to the help of Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate, as well.

After that, in a preplanned move, they used a speech given by Former President Donald J. Trump on January 6th to justify turning the “People’s House” and Capitol Hill into a new Kremlin with barbwire fences and thousands of armed National Guardsmen.

If you have watched this develop, you could not help but notice that it is the same political strategy that has been used to turn countries to Marxist Nations since the Russian Revolution of 1917, straight out of Vladimir Lenin’s Playbook.

The National Guard will not be out of there next month as Rep. Nunes believes.

Nancy Pelosi will not let them leave.

They are covering the duplicity of Pelosi and the other Democrat Elite.

Welcome to the USSA, Comrade.

Until He Comes,


One thought on “Nunes: Dems Using National Guard Like a Supporting Actor on a “Hollywood Movie Set”…Or is This “Radical Change” Deja Vu?

  1. oraclesdad

    Now the Capitol Police has backed away from saying the Guardsmen would leave in mid march; September is being floated around as the new goalpost. The appearance of an emergency for drastic action against perceived enemies is vital to the Democrat’s reach for power.

    Liked by 1 person

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