Per McLaughlin Poll, Most Americans Believe That Election and Voter Fraud Occurred in 2020 Presidential Election reports that

There is one stunning result in the entire poll: Americans believe there was a serious vote fraud problem in the last election.

Although Election Day is over a month ago, when we asked — “Do you believe there was election and voter fraud in the presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump back in November?” — the plurality of voters, 46%, said yes, with only 45% saying no.

Among American voters the majority is not convinced that voter fraud did not occur in their Presidential election. It is important to note that the poll model reflects the national popular vote of 51% Biden, 47% Trump.

It is concerning that in this poll where a majority of voted for Biden, they still can’t say it was an honest election.

As our presidential electors went this week to cast their votes, almost half the voters said there was clear election and voter fraud.

Since Election Day, and despite media spin the election fraud story is a big nothing, belief among voters of serious vote fraud has grown.

The results of this national survey of 1,000 likely voters, conducted between Dec. 9 and Dec. 13, have shown little difference on several key questions and reveals the same polarization that has dominated the electorate:

  • Only 35% say that the country is headed in the right direction. This is a decline from 41% in our Nov. 3 post-election poll.
  • The generic ballot for Congress remains a virtual dead heat with Republicans at 48% and Democrats at 46%. In our November 24th Newsmax national poll, Republicans led 47% to 45%.
  • The President’s positive job approval rating is 48% which is the same rating as our November 24th Newsmax national poll.
  • Speaker Pelosi remains a very unpopular figure among the majority of voters, 56%, having an unfavorable opinion with only 33% favorable to her, down from November 3rd with 36% favorable to 54% unfavorable.
  • The majority of 52%, want President Trump to continue to fight to change Washington. Back in September it was the same share at 52%.
  • The majority prefers free market capitalism to big government socialism 58% to 16%. Back in September they preferred capitalism over socialism 60% to 18%.
  • The plurality of voters prefers smaller government with fewer services over larger government 48% to 36%. In our November 3rd post-election poll, it was 53% to 46%.

On the economy the number of voters who say that the economy is in recession has fallen to its lowest point since March, 49%, when the virus shut down the economy.

Conversely those who say the economy is not in recession is at its highest point, 44%, since March.

Our monthly trend lines on this question reflect the V shaped economic recovery. However, their outlook on the future economy is now trending negative. On election day 48% of the voters said the economy was getting better and 52% said worse.

Now only 41% say that the economy is getting better, while 52% still say that it is getting worse.

Like others, I have been wondering to myself,

“Self, did the Democrats actually believe that the entire country was going to come together under dementia-riddled Joe Biden and “Heels Up” Harris after they committed the biggest case of Election Fraud in American History?

Yes, boys and girls. They did.

The Democrats believe that they are the smartest people in any room that they walk into.

They also believe that Traditional American Faith and Values are passé and the mark of the uneducated “Bitter clingers” who “cling to their guns and their Bibles” to quote Former President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm).

And, while, as I wrote yesterday, the Democrats do not respect average Americans at all, they did realize whom we were voting for on November 3rd and it wasn’t their candidate, Joe Biden.

That is why they came up with the intricate plan to steal, or rig, the 2020 Presidential Election.

The problem which they are about to face, even if the Trump Team is unable to reverse what has happened and restore the stolen victory to President Trump, is the fact as McLaughlin explains in the about article, that more than half of the nation believe that the election was not conducted in an honest fashion and do not believe that Joe Biden is a legitimate President.

And, only 35% believe that the country is headed in the right direction.

Not only that, but the majority of Americans prefer free market capitalism to big government socialism 58% to 16%

Which means that “Democratic Socialism” and the Democratic Party itself are not as popular as the Main Stream Media wants you to believe them to be.

If fact, just the opposite.

Americans KNOW that the election was stolen out from underneath Trump, who was leading before the vote counting centers were shut down overnight in those Swing States.

So, Americans will not be gathering on a hillside to have a Coke and a Smile Moment any time soon.

Or, in Hunter Biden’s case, SOME coke and a smile…and a prostitute…and a $50,000 a month job.

Until He Comes,


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