Trump Counsel and Presidential Scholar John Eastman: Pressure on SCOTUS to Hear the Texas Lawsuit “Very Strong” reports that

After receiving the briefs and opposition from the four key battleground states Thursday, the next step by the Supreme Court will be to review whether to take a case as “a trial court,” John Eastman, counsel to President Donald Trump and presidential scholar, said Thursday on Newsmax TV.

And the pressure on the high court to take that step is growing, he said.

“I suspect the Supreme Court is going to meet in conference [Friday] to decide whether to grant Texas’ motion to file the original action,” Eastman told Thursday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “And then they’ll confront the issue like President Trump’s motion to intervene.

“If they grant that Texas motion, they’ll set a briefing schedule. They could even appoint a special master to look at some of underlying allegations of fraud.”

With original jurisdiction in a dispute between states in Texas v. Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court would take the unique role as “trial court,” Eastman told host Greg Kelly.

“It’s not their normal role,” he continued. “Normally they’ll end of appointing a trial judge to serve as a special master to try and sort through the evidentiary issues.”

Eastman said the pressure for the Court to take the case is mounting.

“With 18 states now and the president of the United States himself, the press to exercise whatever discretion they have to take the case, and hear it, is extremely strong,” he said.

Additionally, some 106 Republican members of the House have signed on to a brief in support of the filing by Texas’ attorney general, Ken Paxton.

The Texas lawsuit does not make specific fraud allegations. Instead, Texas said changes to voting procedures removed protections against fraud and were unlawful when the reforms were made by officials in the four states or courts without the approval of the states’ legislatures.

Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign should welcome the legal review to legitimize the election and the next president, Eastman added.

“I think both sides ought to want to have this resolved,” he said. “Half the country thinks this election was stolen, including, according to [pollster] Rasmussen, 30% of Democrats. If that’s true, why would even the Biden camp not want to actually have a court look at the data, look at the violations of state law that occurred to loosen the fraud risk protections on absentee ballots.

“What would they not want to get this cleared up? So if they do win the election after a fair review, they could come in as a more legitimate president.”

Eastman noted the principal legal issue is states violated or ignored their own state election laws.

“The legislature of the states has the sole authority under the federal Constitution,” he continued. “Those actions by state elections officials were just patently unconstitutional.”

Democrat-led states might come out against the 18 states joining Paxton’s bill of complaint, but Eastman noted that will only help to spur the Supreme Court to ultimately take the case.

“It does highlight to the Supreme Court how important this case is and how important and necessary it is that it be resolved in a way that the country can think it was fairly decided,” he concluded. “Right now the country doesn’t think that.”

Well, duh.

Of course, the country doesn’t that.


What average Americans between the coasts are seeing is the biggest fraud since Milli Vanilli lip-synced their way to fame and fortune.(Look them up, kids.)

Average Americans have figured out that the desire of Washington Insiders and those who worship the Washington status Quo on both sides of the aisle to rid themselves of Citizen Statesman Donald J. Trump was so obsessive that an international plot which included counting American Votes in German was hatched and carried out a little over a month ago.

Heck, it appears that even the hierarchy at the Fox News Channel was in on it, considering their readiness to call Arizona for Biden plus the fact that the guy in charge of those decisions was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat.

And, brothers and sisters, they have paid a terrible price for that decision and their Democrat-leaning change programming philosophy.

But, I digress…

I believe that the Supreme Court will take the case.

I also believe that President Trump will come out the winner.

The evidence, with videos and eyewitness testimony, is very convincing.

However, my prediction is also based on two things: common sense and FAITH.

There is no way that a dementia-riddled old ma, who was not the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with, received more votes than “clean and articulate” (Biden’s words, not mine) Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm).

Joe couldn’t even draw a couple of hundred people to one of his campaign rallies.

Regarding, making my prediction based on faith, from where I stand this is a matter of good vs. Evil (yeah, I said it).

The Democrats are Marxists, pure and simple. From Pelosi to AOC, their sold purpose for being a politician is to be able to run our lives from cradle to grave.

In their minds, they are the Politboro and we are the Proletariat.

Don’t believe me?

In the movie “Moscow on the Hudson”, the late, great Robin Williams played a musician traveling in the United States with an orchestra.

Before he leaves, he promise his girlfriend to bring her back some American Toilet Paper, because not only is it hard to get in the U.S.S,R, but it tore up your backside as well.

Even as I write this, another run on toilet paper in America has begun because of “Pandemic Panic”

Which party is profiting from the “WuFlu”?

Fear, subjugation, and isolation looms in America’s future if this fraudulent election is certified.

Pray that the Supreme Court hears the case and rules in favor of a Constitutional Republic and not a Democratic Socialist American Venezuela.

Let Freedom Ring!

Until He Comes,


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