Jordan Sekulow of Trump’s Legal Team Says It Will Take Time to Build a Legal Case Which is “Outcome Determinative” reports that

Despite mainstream media’s urgent demands for evidence of widespread election fraud, it will take time for the legal case to be “outcome determinative,” according to a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team Jordan Sekulow on Newsmax TV.

“It’s going to be a little bit of a slow process to get this into court, but then all the federal courts know they’ve got to do this rapidly,” Sekulow, of the American Center for Law and Justice, told Tuesday’s “Spicer & Co.” “So, chill out. Take your time. Let us do our legal work, and then the courts are going to do this in an expedited manner.

“Whether it’s like 30 days or so, I think we have all this figured out.”

Pennsylvania’s alleged commingling of late ballots is a legal battle in the crosshairs of the Supreme Court already, according to Jordan Sekulow, the son of Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow.

On the segregating of late ballots, as ordered by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Jordan Sekulow noted Pennsylvania elections officials “came back and said, ‘we didn’t do any of that.'”

“So now it’s referred to the entire court,” he told host Sean Spicer. “They’re kind of holding it right now, Sean.

“For that to get there, for them to make a decision like that – which would be kind of like a Bush versus Gore decision – they’ve got to look at the other states, too, and make sure that we’ve got realistic legal challenges, which we believe we do, that can actually, when they’re all put together, change the outcome of the electoral college in favor of President Trump.”

Flipping Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral college votes from Biden to Trump would be a significant legal victory, but that alone will not overturn the ultimate winner of the presidential election.

“What we’re looking at – tens of thousands of votes – enough voters that could potentially overturn who wins the state of Pennsylvania,” Jordan Sekulow told Spicer.

“I think there’s a chance, because of enough state attorneys general have weighed in this Pennsylvania case, that they may ultimately decide it because of what you said, Sean, for future precedent – even if it doesn’t affect the outcome.

“But I do think they’re taking a step back to see what else is the Trump team, the president’s legal team, the RNC legal team, what else are they bringing.”

Sekulow pointed to legal cases being brought in states like Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia – potentially already headed for a recount – as the paths of an “outcome determinative” case for Trump.

In Nevada, Sekulow notes, elections officials’ order to “turn down” the threshold of signature verifications on electronic election systems might change the course of that state’s electors.

“That’s up to 600,000 votes and we believe a third of those would likely be tossed out,” he said. “That’s in the current legal challenge.”

Well-known Democrats like Alyssa Milano and Whoopi Goldberg, along with the Democrat Hierarchy and their minions in the Main Stream Media all want President Donald J. Trump to make like a Vichy Republicans and “throw his dress up” and concede.

Well, that “ain’t happenin'” any time soon as JOrdan Sekulow pointed out in the above article.

President Trump is NOT a professional politician.

He is a highly successful businessman who became a Citizen Statesman because of his love for his country which he watched with horror as it was going down the ol’ porcelain receptacle due to the poor stewardship of President Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of his Administration including his Vice-President, Joe Biden.

After Obama left office, he relocated literally down the street from the White House and moved his “Gal Friday”, Valerie Jarrett in with him and “Mooch”, setting up a “command post for a Shadow Government through which he could influence the future direction of the Democratic Party, thus insuring that his “legacy” would remain intact.

So, where am I going with this?


if you believe that Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Perez, and the rest of the Democratic Party Elite had nothing to do with the planning and implementation of a coordinated mass voter fraud scheme to ensure a Biden Victory…I will pay for your tuition to the Kamala Harris School of Personality, Grace, and Charm.

Now, Sleepy Joe probably knew about the scheme as well, given his and Hunter’s penchant for unethical behavior.

However, I do not believe that he was a part of the Braintrust behind the operation.

Heck, he gets lost in his own house half the time.

Anyway, Jordan Sekulow is right.

I personally would rather Trump’s Legal Time take their time and build an ironclad case than rush and wind up leaving Americans to have to live through the nightmare of “The Obama Presidency 2.0”.

Until He Comes,


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