McConnell Warns that Dems Will Try “Every Conceivable Trick” to Keep Trump Nominee From Being Confirmed to the Supreme Court reports that

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Monday warned that Democrats will try “every conceivable dirty trick” to prevent a President Trump nominee from being confirmed to the Supreme Court before this year’s presidential election as a Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said that Republicans have “no right” to fill the vacancy created by the death of late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Already some of the same individuals who tried every conceivable dirty trick to obstruct Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh are lining up … to proclaim the third time will be the charm,” McConnell said in what amounted to the official opening salvo in the war over the vacant seat. “The American people are about to witness an astonishing parade of misrepresentations about the past, misstatements about the present and more threats against our institutions from the same people, the same people who already have been saying for months … they want to pack the court.”

He added: “Two years ago a radical movement tried to use unproven accusations to ruin a man’s life because they could not win a vote fair and square. Now they appear to be readying an even more appalling sequel.”

Schumer shot back in his own remarks: “The stakes of this election, the stakes of this vacancy, concern no less than the future of fundamental rights for the American people. … All the rights enshrined in our Constitution that are supposed to be protected by the Supreme Court of the United States. All the rights that could be undone or unwound by a conservative majority on the court.”

“If you care about these things and the kind of country we live in, this election and this vacancy mean everything,” Schumer said. “By every modicum of decency and honor, Leader McConnell and the Republican majority have no right to fill it.”

The fight to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court is likely to be one of the nastiest political skirmishes in recent American political history, and McConnell and Schumer on Monday aimed to set the tone for the months ahead.

The leaders each came out with statements within hours of Ginsburg’s passing — Schumer saying that whoever wins the presidential election in November should replace the late justice and McConnell swearing that a nominee from President Trump will get a floor vote in the Senate.

Schumer doubled down on his declaration over the weekend by declaring that “nothing is off the table” for a potential Democratic Senate majority in 2021 if Republicans force through a Trump nominee before the election or while he is a lame duck. And besides that hardline stance, Schumer also sought to appeal to the conscience of potential GOP swing senators by asking them to respect Ginsburg’s reported last wish that she be replaced by whoever wins the presidential election on Nov. 3.

“And we only need two more senators to say that they will abide by RBG’s wish, two have already said it,” Schumer said Sunday in front of the high school in Brooklyn where Ginsburg graduated. “We need two more. So Americans, if you care about all these rights, if you don’t want big, powerful, wealthy special interests to turn the clock back 100 years, even, please, our fervent plea, our fervent wish is that you call your senator and say abide by the wishes of this saintly, brilliant, caring woman and let it wait.”

Republicans in 2016 held open the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia for months before the presidential election, saying that the voters should have a say in who nominates the next justice. Democrats said that the Senate had a duty to at least hold hearings for the nominee, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Merrick Garland.

Now, the roles are reversed, with Democrats saying the vacant seat should be held open until at least after the presidential election while Republicans bulldozing ahead. There are accusations of hypocrisy flying on both sides, with Democrats, in particular, saying Republicans should live by the precedent they set.

McConnell said that Republicans should proceed to fill vacant Supreme Court seats based on comments Schumer made himself in 2018.

“Ironically, it was the Democratic leader who went out of his way to declare the midterm 2018 elections a referendum on the Senate’s handling of the Supreme Court,” McConnell said. “In his final speech before Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed, he yelled, literally yelled, over and over at the American people to go vote … unfortunately for him, many Americans did just that. After watching the Democrats’ tactics voters grew our majority and retired four of our former colleagues who had gone along with their party’s behavior.”

The problem is, the Democrats have continued to travel to the left of the Political Spectrum at breakneck speed since 2018.

Now, the Far Left members of the Democratic Party are calling the shots and former “Moderates” like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, instead of calling on common sense to prevail, are following them in their quest to turn our Constitutional Republic into a Marxist Nation.

The Democrat Politicians remind me of a bunch of little children who have been caught engaging in bullying and other destructive behavior.

Even though their hypocrisy and hatred of America is so blatant that even Stevie Wonder could see it, when called on it they react like a kid caught standing next to the broken fragments of their Mother’s favorite vase.

When asked who did that, their reply is

“Not me.”

The Democrats, while acting holier than thou, expect Americans to forget their political bad behavior in the recent past and to agree with their assertions that President Trump does not have the Constitutional Right to name Justice Ginsburg’s replacement until after the 2020 Presidential Elections, when in fact he can name his nominee any time that pleases him to do so.

He is being a gentleman by waiting until after her funeral to name his choice to fill her seat on the highest court in the land.

Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden refuses to name his list of candidates for Supreme Court Justices…at least until they get his teleprompter ready so that he knows their names.

Supposedly, the Dems believe that poor ol’ demented JOe is going to win the presidency and that is why they want Trump to wait.

Even if Biden does not win, the Dems are snot going to accept Trump’s victory.

They still have not accepted his 2016 Presidential Election victory.

If the Democrats had won enough seats in the Senate to become the majority in 2018, this would be a whole different discussion.

However, they did not.

And, to the victor…belong the spoils.

Until He Comes,


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