Trump Talks to Hannity About Bolton, Seattle, Schumer, Pelosi, and Mueller in Free-Wheeling Interview Which Shows Why He Must Be Re-elected

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President Trump on Thursday blasted John Bolton ahead of the publication of his tell-all memoir “The Room Where It Happened,” calling his former national security adviser “crazy” and saying that “all he wants to do is bomb people.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Fox News’ “Hannity” airing Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, Trump digs into Bolton just days after the former national security adviser won a court battle allowing him to publish his memoir despite objections from the White House that it contained classified information.

“He didn’t do a good job,” Trump said of Bolton. “He wasn’t smart. He wasn’t sharp.”

Trump added: “He’s the only man I think I ever met — I knew him for a year — I don’t think I ever saw him smile once. I said to him, ‘John, do you ever smile?’ And it tells you something about somebody.’”

Bolton earlier this week defended his decision to write a tell-all about his time in the Trump administration and denied violating record-keeping laws by destroying his notes while in the White House.

Bolton, who gave an interview Tuesday on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier,” was just as critical of the president as Trump was of him when he compared him to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“The difference between [Joe] Biden and Trump is that Biden has a view, and Trump has no view,” Bolton said, tying Trump’s perceived erraticism to the coronavirus pandemic: “On any given day, any decision is possible. And I find that frightening. I find the response to the coronavirus demonstrates exactly the kind of fear that I have.”

Bolton continued, saying that “the response was herky-jerky, incoherent, sporadic and not as effective as it could have been.” He then warned that this “only gives a preview of what could happen in an even more severe crisis.”

Trump gave a wide-ranging interview on Hannity and touched on a number of topics — from the Russia Investigation and his Democratic rivals, to the semi-autonomous zone set up in downtown Seattle.

“If they don’t do something with Seattle, we’re going to do that — we’re going to go in there,” Trump told host Sean Hannity. “Because what’s happening, they’re taking over American cities.”

He also ripped into Democrat leaders on the Hill, saying: “We have [Charles] Schumer and [Nancy] Pelosi and people that are bad people that I honestly believe don’t love our country.  What they do to our country and what they’ve done with this scam, the whole scam — [Michae] Flynn is a piece of it. The Mueller scam.”

Continuing, Trump said: “Now it came out that Mueller should have announced in the first week that we did nothing wrong. They had evidence in the first few days that there was no collusion with Russia. There was nothing to do with Russia. They knew that immediately.”

And yet, they let that circus continue because it was never about PROVING that Trump colluded with the Russians. In actuality, the Democrats knew that it was all B.S.

It was all about getting the American public to BELIEVE that Trump did something wrong.

The betrayal of President Trump by John Bolton and all of this violent activity by Antifa and BLM representing the Far Left Democrats is the latest chapter of a National Liberal Temper Tantrum which began the night of November 8, 2016, when Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump beat Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton for the job of President of the United States of America.

However, I feel that there is much more at state than just Far Left Ideologues hyperventilating and Liberals rioting for the sake of  “equality”.

Gentle readers, we are in a civil war for the very soul of our Sovereign Nation.

Please notice that one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter admitted in a recent interview that they were “trained Marxists”, “New Bolsheviks”, if you will.

As was the case in the Russian Revolution, any “Democratic Socialist” nation we see around our Modern World, went through a course-altering revolution, whether through a violent overthrow of the Government or through a “radical change” in the political ideology of their nation and the way that their populace voted in the subsequent election.

I firmly believe that the mission of Billionaire Financier George Soros and all of the Far Left Organizations and Democratic Party Politicians whom he supports, is what his political puppet, Former (Thank God) President Barack Hussein Obama, said that his was during his first presidential campaign: to “radically change” our nation into something that every patriotic American will no longer recognize.

America’s Alt-Left, which President Trump identified by name during the 2017 “Press Conference which shall forever be known as the “Trump Tower Thrashing” is a fringe group of radicalized young people, who grew up during the Obama Administration being programmed by “Organizing for America”, Liberal College Professors, and a pop culture which told them that to love America and to respect her history and those who had gone before them, was “jingoistic”.

They were told that it was evil to try to be better than others….to achieve and make their own way.

They were told that everyone “should be equal” and those who do achieve should “share the wealth”.

This programming led these young minds full of mush to become the “useful idiots” (as Communists used to call their dupes in the Cold War) whom we have been watching on television as they attack and attempting to erase monuments to America’s History, our Constitutional method of deciding our leaders, and our duly elected President.

Now, with the push to take away historical monuments, names of historic figures from buildings, and to do away with our National Anthem, average Americans are watching our Sovereign Nation under siege as George Soros’ covert and overt support of perpetually-grieved protesters, paid to stage organized demonstrations which morph into riots, and the “Alt” or Far-Left, through funding by Soros, Communist Organizations, and other sources, is bring our own version of the Russian Revolution to 2020 America, complete with our own version of Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

That is why the re-election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency is so very important.

Trump was elected to put the brakes on this “New Revolution” purposefully designed to “radically change” America into just another “Democratic Socialist Nation”.

Thanks to everything which he has had to deal with in his first term, including continuous plots against him by the Democrats and their Vichy Republican allies, and a National Pandemic, Trump has seen all of the great things which he had accomplished in his first term be damaged and delayed.

If Americans re-elect Trump, I truly believe that he will do everything in his power to continue what he began in his first term.

We must re-elect Trump in order to stop George Soros and these “New Bolsheviks”, before history repeats itself on this side of the Atlantic, over 100 years later.

America’s survival as a free nation depends on it.

Until He Comes,


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