Feds Investigating “Coordinated Command and Control” of Riots Across Country, “Refuse Fascism” Planning Several “Protests” For This Saturday


If you want people like Cuomo and de Blasio running where you live, take a look at New York. If the Democrats win, if Biden, whoever wins the presidency, New York is the model for where we’re headed, from nursing homes, to riots, to everything in between. – Rush Limbaugh, 6/3/20

FoxNews.com reports that

Federal law enforcement officials are probing whether “criminal actors” are coordinating violent activities during protests and are looking into reports that “rocks and bricks” have been dropped off to throw at police and other law enforcement as cities across the country grapple with the uptick in violence, a senior Justice Department official said.

“You see the hallmarks… We’re trying to see if there’s a coordinated command and control, you see those bread crumbs and that’s what we’re trying to verify,” the DOJ official said.

Another DOJ official said the feds have seen signs of “very organized” coordination from “professional” agitators, some linked to Antifa.

There have been more than 100 arrests in Washington as a result of the protests and riots related to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, according to federal officials. Around 20 of those people were not charged. Meanwhile, 70 to 75 people have been charged with crimes such as assault, breaking and entering, destruction of property and other violations.

That person added that officials are looking at “trends” and the possibility that extremist groups have been involved in directing violent acts in recent days.

Another DOJ official said leads being pursued and cases being developed — related to Antifa and other extremists groups — by several different U.S. Attorneys’ offices.

The official declined to elaborate further because these cases and investigations are ongoing.

…Fox News is told federal law enforcement officials are looking at “ways in which we can exploit phones and data communications that could give us a mosaic to see if there’s a coordinated command and control, that’s what we’re looking for.”

…At least one DOJ official has described how third-party agitators – more often than not claiming to be Antifa – used the cover of mayhem to “hijack” an “important discourse” in order to destroy things.

“You get individuals from the community protesting peaceably, and what happened to George Floyd was an abomination and a crime, but then you have opportunistic looters who are out there, thugs taking advantage of the situation,” the official said.

“I’ve seen very little in the way of far-right groups, but we are looking and that may be out there.”

Most troubling: the assertion that the third-party groups are providing information to others as to how best they can avoid identification and apprehension. Most agitators came from outside the community, indicating a national level of coordination, investigators said.

RefuseFascism.org is one of those organizations behind this coordinated attempt to “radically change” our country. The following “Call to Arms” may be found on their website…

Trump unleashed US military police against peaceful protest and threatened to call out the military nationwide.
Saturday, June 6, 4 pm
Lafayette Square, DC | Hollywood & Vine, LA
and Everywhere
11″ x 17″ Posters
An uprising has begun. Day after day, night after night, coast to coast, the streets fill with Black youth refusing to face another day in fear and people of all backgrounds who have had enough of white supremacy and a culture of soul-crushing cruelty. Comparisons to 1968 fill some with dread and some with hope, but one thing is clear. Millions have been shaken awake.

Trump has thrown down a heavy gauntlet to the people who have been heroically protesting in the face of heightened repression. Under the orders of Attorney General Bill Barr, federal forces hurled unrestrained brutality on peaceful protesters at Lafayette Park on June 1, driving them out so that Trump could rant like a police-state dictator and pose with a Bible for his Christian fascist followers. He invoked the Second Amendment to call out his armed vigilante militias, threatened to send the U.S. military into the streets to restore a fascist “law and order,” and bragged about dispatching “thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers” into D.C.

Yet the people have not cowered. In the face of all the tear gas and rubber bullets, the curfews and threats of more firepower, the rulers have proven that they are not all-powerful. For the first time under this regime, the people have seized the initiative and have not let go. In contrast to the hate and bigotry of the Trump/Pence regime, these protests are infused with a love for humanity, and those in power seem more out of touch and illegitimate by the day. The splits at the top, even among conservatives, have sharpened up. A determined struggle that doesn’t yield and won’t be provoked has created a serious political crisis. This is how regimes around the world have been forced out of power.

If Not Now, When? 

We cannot allow the Trump/Pence regime to drop the hammer and impose military rule. This will lead to a further consolidation of fascist power and a nightmare for humanity and the planet. Every move the regime makes to kill this uprising must be met with an even greater mass outpouring, in which the resolve of the protesters against police murder is strengthened with a growing defiant chorus resounding across the country: Fuck Trump!

Nor can we wait until November, when talk of election cancellation or Trump’s refusal to leave office is a common point of conversation. Now, when people are in the streets, beginning to feel their own strength, we need to add to the struggle this demand: Trump/Pence Out Now!

This fascist regime poses a catastrophic danger to the whole world, and the whole world will take heart if we rise to another level of determined resistance. We have begun, but should we fail to see it through, this and every struggle for justice will be set back. If we succeed – and we can succeed – we can begin to force the boots of violent oppressors off the necks of our brothers and sisters. Let us change the course of history, not for ourselves alone but for all humanity.

This nightmare must end. The Trump/Pence regime must go! In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America.

I know that I posted this information recently. However, this is too important not to post it again.

On Thursday, April 27th, 2017, the following information was posted in an article found on gatewaypundit.com

Violent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is officially linked to Antifa through his group “Refuse Fascism”.

Ayers is infamous for the Weather Underground, a domestic terror organization he co-founded with other degenerates, and for bombing the Pentagon.

“Refuse Fascism“, a fascist organization that wishes to inhibit and deny the speech of conservatives, is partly funded by George Soros. It has organizers like Bill Ayers and is targeting youth across the country with the intention of indoctrinating and brainwashing individuals who nascent politically. We know Ayers was associated with Barrack Obama and is a big supporter of various socialists and communists as well as violent terrorists.

Today, it has come out that Ayers is partnering with Antifa in the spread of militant violence against pro-America demonstrators. Leftists have historically turned Ayers into a folklore figure who they cherish and respect despite his violent past.

The political philosophies of Marxism and Anarchy being indoctrinated into our young people by old radicals like Weather Underground Bomber Bill Ayers are the anti-thesis of whom they and their fellow Far Left Democrats claim to be.

Ladies and gentlemen, I firmly believe that America is now fighting a new war against fascism.

It’s not a war that is being fought with guns and bullets, until now, possibly.

But instead, it is being fought with  superfluous Congressional Hearings attacking President Trump, anonymous sources, unproven baseless accusations, and the Vanguard of the Modern Democratic Party, the Main Stream Media.

It’s not our Brightest and Best who are dying on this field of battle, but rather, it is our Constitutional Freedoms and our form of government, including our System of Checks and Balances, which are dying an ignoble death, pierced by the arrows of socialism and political correctness.

By now, there’s some out there in the audience saying, “Oh Lord, the crazy old cracker’s overreacting again.”

No, Skippy, I’m not.

If you try to talk to a Liberal about this New Fascism, they will deny that there is any fascism going on at all. In fact, they will tell you that this is “the will of the people” and they will site Democratically stacked push polls in order to back their opinion up.

Liberals can not legitimately defend their positions, such as the suppression of the Second Amendment Rights of average Americans, the Silent Coup began by those members of the DOJ and FBI during the Obama Administration against now-President Trump, the “Caining” of Judge Kavanaugh, the growth of anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party, and the coordinated riots in major cities across the United States of America.

Fascism, in any form, remains indefensible.

All of this political unethical behavior being sanctioned by the Far Left Democrats is reminiscent of both the Russian Revolution and Hitler and his Brown Shirts’ “Beer Hall Putsch” which probably should have been expected, given that Antifa is now playing the role of “New Bolsheviks” attempting to clear a path for the Far Left Democrats to take over governing our Sovereign Nation, like the original Bolsheviks did for Vladimir Lenin.

Ronald Reagan, during an interview with Mike Wallace on 12/14/75, quipped…

“You know, someone very profoundly once said many years ago that if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

The man was a prophet.

Until He Comes,


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