Trump Brings Message of Hope in Pennsylvania, Says COVID-19 Testing May Be Overrated and Economy Will Be Improving By 4th Quarter

President-Trump-Delivers-Remarks-at-Owens-Minor-Inc.-Distribution-Center reports that

President Trump on Thursday suggested the practice of widespread coronavirus testing may be “overrated,” even as health experts insist it is critical to safely loosen restrictions and reopen businesses.

Trump boasted about the United States’s testing capabilities during remarks at a Pennsylvania medical equipment distribution center, where he announced the country has administered 10 million tests since the outbreak began.

“We have the best testing in the world,” Trump told employees at Owens & Minor Inc. in Allentown. “Could be that testing’s, frankly, overrated. Maybe it is overrated.”

“But we have the greatest testing in the world,” he added. “But what we want is we want to get rid of this thing. That’s what we want.”

The U.S. has more than 1.4 million confirmed coronavirus cases, by far the most of any country in the world. But Trump suggested the soaring infection numbers were merely a reflection of America’s testing capacity.

“We have more cases than anybody in the world, but why? Because we do more testing,” Trump said. “When you test, you have a case. When you test you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases. They don’t want to write that. It’s common sense. We test much more.”

The Trump administration has drawn intense criticism for its slow initial rollout of coronavirus testing in February and March when the first U.S. cases were reported. Even as testing has ramped up, lawmakers have questioned why the federal government has failed to outline a national testing strategy and instead deferred to states.

The president has been relentlessly positive in assessing his administration’s performance, declaring earlier this week that the U.S. has “prevailed” on testing as he pushes for states to loosen restrictions intended to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Administration officials have pointed to the sheer volume of tests conducted in the U.S. being higher than other countries, though experts have noted places like South Korea began widespread testing much earlier and have not seen the same level of infections.

Nearly 10 million tests have been completed in the U.S. since March, according to The COVID Tracking Project, marking a significant improvement from the early days of the outbreak. The percentage of tests coming back positive has fallen below 10 percent and continues to drop, an indicator a country is doing enough testing, according to the World Health Organization.

Still, public health experts say the U.S. should be running hundreds of thousands of more tests per day before the country can safely reopen or risk new outbreaks, needless death and more economic damage.

“It was inadequate testing that precipitated the national shutdown. We must not make the same mistakes again as we open up our nation,” Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told House lawmakers during a briefing Wednesday.

Testing varies widely from state to state and some areas are still seeing very high percentages of tests coming back positive, indicating they are not testing enough people. If states reopen without having enough testing in place, they can miss cases that turn into large outbreaks.

Trump’s testing comments on Thursday came amid a speech in which he announced the U.S. would seek to replenish its national stockpile with enough masks, ventilators and other supplies to prepare for potential future outbreaks.

“Our effort begins by dramatically increasing our reserves,” he said. “Instead of one-to-three weeks worth of supplies … the U.S. government will now stockpile three whole months, much of it made in the U.S.A.”

Trump’s remarks often took on the tone of a campaign rally. The president walked on stage to “God Bless the U.S.A.,” the same song that blares at his arena rallies when he enters. He also left the stage to the tune of his typical rally exit song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

In between, Trump swiped at presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden Joe by calling him “Sleepy Joe” and criticizing the Obama administration’s response to the swine flu pandemic a decade ago.

The president also chastised the media — another staple of his usual campaign rallies — and boasted about the strength of the economy before the pandemic led to staggering job losses.”

“You saw how good those numbers were, going up, up, up,” he said. “We’re going to have an interruption, but you watch what happens starting in the fourth quarter. Probably starting in the third quarter a little bit. … We’re going to be bigger and better than ever.”

President Trump makes an excellent point. The more asymptomatic cases are discovered by testing, the more cases there are to report, even though these people are walking around leading perfectly normal lives.

As you read in the above article, while President Trump was delivering a message of hope and patriotic confidence, the Democrat-led House of Representatives had a fellow Liberal from “Hahvaahd” reinforce their political talking points that we must have “adequate testing” in each state before we can open back up America.

And, who gets to determine that?

The same pointy-headed “experts” who said that we were going to lose 2.4 million Americans to the Chinese Coronavirus?

If you will notice the tone of the President’s speech, he is ready to reopen America.

I believe that while he is listening to those who are advising him on the Coronavirus Task Force, he believes that if we take too long to reopen our Sovereign Nation, we could lose it.

The Godfather of Conservative Talk Radio, Rush Limbaugh, agrees with him…and me.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Do you think your critics want you to keep it closed going into the election?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I do. I do. I think it’s a political thing in addition. If it was up to some people, let’s keep it closed for a long time, okay? A long time and watch the United States go down the tubes. Not gonna happen.

RUSH: So he gets it. He knows exactly what he’s up against here, and he’s up against more than Fauci. He’s up against these blue state governors and he’s up against the media. And the media’s not chump change here. He’s up against a bunch of people — he knows that he’s the target. He knows. He knows there are a bunch of people willing to destroy this country’s economy to get rid of him. No, he’s following his instincts on this.

Those Governors, like Whitmer and Newsom, who wish to extend their state’s lockdown for months are doing it for strictly political purposes.

They, like their fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill, want to damage Trump so that he will not be reelected.

They do not care how many American lives that they have to ruin in the process.

The Democrats’ actions and reactions during this pandemic can all be attributed to their out-of-control Trump Derangement Syndrome, which began even before average Americans living in the Heartland elected Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.

So, at this point, when a Democratic Governor or a Democrat on Capitol Hill says that state lockdowns should remain in place for the “safety of the people’, what they are doing is euthanizing our Constitutional Republic in order to clear the way for a Democratic Socialist country when they win the Presidency in November.

Don’t let them.

Until He Comes,


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