Trump Considering 2nd Round of Stimulus Checks, Wants to Rebuild “Once Great Infrastructure”

BB13W5ez reports that

President Trump said Monday his administration is considering a second round of coronavirus stimulus payments.

“We’re talking about that,” Trump said when asked about a Democratic proposal to send another round of relief checks.

“We’re talking about that with a number of different people. We’re talking about a payroll tax,” the president said. “I want to see various things, but we’re talking about it. We’re negotiating with the Democrats.”

Phase 3 of coronavirus stimulus, signed into law in late March, included $1,200 payments to many individuals.

Trump has repeatedly called for payroll tax cuts to be included in Phase 4 of coronavirus stimulus.

In Phase 3, employers received a payroll tax cut, but the president is working to ensure that employees are covered by that tax cut in Phase 4 — especially as individuals become eligible to return to work.

Trump has also repeatedly called for Phase 4 stimulus, which he said could amount to another $2 trillion, to focus on infrastructure.

“With interest rates for the United States being at ZERO, this is the time to do our decades long awaited Infrastructure Bill,” Trump tweeted April 17. “It should be VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country! Phase 4.”

Trump on Friday said he was in “no rush” to negotiate the next phase of a coronavirus stimulus bill.

“I can’t say that we’re in a rush. We were in a rush to get the money out to people, now we have gotten the money out,” the president said, referring to the $2.2 trillion stimulus he signed into law in late March. The small business stimulus was replenished with another almost $500 billion in late April.

The House has yet to unveil its massive fifth round of coronavirus relief– another multi trillion dollar bill– but Democrats have been eyeing more direct payments to Americans or expanded unemployment benefits, as well as more help for small businesses, and a major focus on funding for state and local governments.

Many Republicans have been skeptical about bailouts for “poorly run” states with large pension deficits and other financial issues that predate coronavirus.

“Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states (like Illinois, as example) and cities, in all cases Democrat run and managed, when most of the other states are not looking for bailout help?” the president tweeted.

Meanwhile, progressive Democrats led by Sen. Bernie Sanders have been advocating not just for a second round of direct payments but for $2,000 monthly payments for the duration of the pandemic.

A proposal set forth by Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., would provide every American with a debit card which would be replenished with $2,000 every month during the coronavirus pandemic and $1,000 per month for one year following the pandemic.

While another $2,400 for me and my bride would be nice, I believe, as President Trump does, that he should do everything within his considerable power to reopen America.

All free “gubmit” money does is encourage people not to work.

For several generations, the Democratic Party has bought loyalty through government programs designed to keep people beholden to “Uncle Sugar”.

As you read in the article, the Democrats want to “be helpful” and spread some more American Taxpayer money around by continuing to supplement unemployment checks.

Just like the suggestions by old Marxist Bernie Sanders and the Squad, the unemployment supplement is not being because the Democrats on Capitol Hill are altruistic.

Quite the opposite.

Just like overstepping quarantine rules put in place by Democrat Governors in Red states, these handouts are meant to destroy Trump’s Economic Gains and to keep the “Proletariat” under control.

Now, President Trump is right.

America’s Infrastructure needs repairing and it could be the source of many jobs from those currently unemployed…if they are willing to work.

However, if he allows too much free “gubmit” money to be “spread around”, there will be no incentive for people to apply for those new jobs.

Incentives to work need to be given to Americans. Not incentives to be a couch potato staying at home watching the new TV you got at Walmart with your “free money”.

Hopefully, and I believe that he will, the author of “The Art of the Deal” will deal wisely with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the duplicitous Democrats.

It is time to reopen and make America great again!

Until He Comes,



One thought on “Trump Considering 2nd Round of Stimulus Checks, Wants to Rebuild “Once Great Infrastructure”

  1. hocuspocus13

    2nd Round…

    Senior Citizens
    Disabled Citizens

    Haven’t yet received any money

    It’s a shame that they were put at the end of the barrel


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