Trump to CBS Reporter at Taskforce Briefing: “You Ought to Be Ashamed of Yourself”…Yes, the MSM Should Be


“There’s an endless supply of idiots posing as reporters.” – Mark R. Levin reports that

President Trump had a tense exchange with CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang during Friday’s White House coronovirus task force briefing over a question regarding remarks made Thursday by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, had commented on the nation’s stockpile of medical supplies.

“The notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states’ stockpiles that they then use,” Kushner told reporters. “So we’re encouraging the states to make sure that they’re assessing the needs, they’re getting the data from their local situations, and then trying to fill it with the supplies that we’ve given them.”

“Yesterday, Jared Kushner said the notion of the federal stockpile was ‘it’s supposed to be our stockpile, it’s not supposed to be states stockpiles that they then use.’ What did he mean by ‘our?'” Jiang asked Trump Friday.”Why are you asking,” Trump dismissed the question. “What’s that, a gotcha? ‘I gotcha. He used the word our.’ You know what ‘our’ means? The United States of America, that’s what it means.”

“So that means the states,” Jiang followed.

“Our, our! It means the United States of America and then we take that ‘our’ and then we distribute it to the states,” Trump responded.

Jiang then pressed Trump was to why Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, said “‘it’s not supposed to be state stockpiles that they then use.'”

“To keep for our country,” Trump told Jiang. “The federal government needs it too, not just the states. But out of that, we oftentimes choose. As an example, we have almost 10,000 ventilators and we are ready to rock with those ventilators. We’re going to bring them to various areas of the country that need them.

“But when he says ‘our,’ he’s talking about our country,” Trump want on. ” … He’s talking about the federal government. I mean it’s such a basic simple question and you try to make it sound so bad. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You know- you ought to be ashamed. It’s just a simple question.”

Jiang insisted she wasn’t trying to make the question sound “bad,” but Trump doubled down, “He said ‘our’ and ‘our’ means for the country. And our means for the states because the states are part of the country. Don’t make it sound bad, don’t make it sound bad.”

As the president was moving on to another reporter, Jiang pointed to language on the Department of Health and Human Services website that she said aligned with Kushner’s rhetoric and told Trump the president that he hadn’t answered her question.

“You just asked your question, you just asked your question in a very nasty tone,” Trump scolded Jiang. “I gave you a perfect answer.”

For the last several decades, Americans have witnessed the Fourth Estate, America’s Main Stream Media, slowly but surely lose their objectivity to become a Propaganda Arm for the Democratic Party.

While their reporting became decidedly one-sided, it was not a great danger to the country even though it was a completely different sort of propaganda than when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the Main Stream Media to support the American effort in World War II.

Then, the 1980s arrived and along with it a new era in mass communications. Cable News Networks began springing up, increasing the role of the media in our daily lives.

Because of this new role, news organizations increased in their power and their influence in our daily lives. However, with this increased role came the responsibility to fill a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, with new stories.

When actual new stories became hard to find, human interest stories began to fill the time, and when they ran out, news organizations decided to act like the National Enquirer and started to make news up.

Also, as the years wore on, America’s news rooms became bastions of Liberal thought as more and more Conservatives left the business simply due to attrition and being squeezed out by young Liberal reporters who were a product of American universities which had become fountains of anti-American Political Activism.

Of course, these Liberal news reporters were members of the Democratic Party as it moved to the left of the political Spectrum. So, naturally, these reporters started reporting news more and more favorably to their political party of choice while keeping with their own personal political philosophy.

We all remember what happened when Barack Obama appeared on the political scene. The Main Stream Media treated him as if it his appearance on the political scene was the Second Coming.

The Main Stream Media had finally become political activists instead of just political observers and pundits.

And, that is where we find ourselves today.

The Main Stream Media did everything in its power as political activists, working as the Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party, to keep Donald J. Trump from being elected President of the United States of America.

Since his election, they have deliberately posted false and scurrilous news stories designed to impede and threaten his presidency.

And now, as Americans are dying from a coronavirus which originated in a country which would love for America to be knocked down a peg or two, China, all of the MSM and their masters, the Democratic Party Elite, can think about is trying to use the crisis to damage President Trump, who is doing his job and trying to save American lives.

And, they wonder why Trump’s Popularity Poll numbers keep rising and nobody trusts them anymore.

Until He Comes,


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