National Guard General Says Rumors of National Quarantine “Unfounded”…Why are Some Promoting Panic?

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A top National Guard general on Friday refuted false rumors of martial law and a nationwide quarantine as troops continue to get called up amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I hear unfounded rumors about #NationalGuard troops supporting a nationwide quarantine,” tweeted Gen. Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau. “Let me be clear: There has been no such discussion.”

Lengyel’s tweet comes as many people across the U.S. reported receiving text messages warning of martial law, prompting authorities to assure residents the messages were fake.

U.S. defense officials have warned that foreign bad actors could use this uncertain time to plant bad rumors in order to panic the American public.

Governors across the country continue to deploy Guard troops in response to the coronavirus pandemic. More than 3,000 have been activated in nearly 30 states to help with efforts to contain the outbreak.

Troops in New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Michigan, among other states, are supporting relief efforts. Their mission includes disinfecting public spaces, distributing food, assisting with transportation and logistical support of health officials, and collecting and delivering samples, the Guard said in a news release.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Friday said there are plans to bring coronavirus test kits from Italy to the U.S. The announcement comes days after the Air Force delivered 500,000 medical swabs to Memphis to be distributed around the country by the Department of Health and Human Services.

To prevent further infections, Army leaders said they were taking extra precautions by closing recruiting stations.

“We are going to basically virtual recruiting, much of that is done on social media and that allows us to protect our soldiers and also protect the new recruits,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville told reporters at the Pentagon.

A handful of recruits were found to have symptoms of the virus, the Army Times reported. The branch has reduced the number of trainees and is at 50 percent capacity for recruit intakes, according to the paper.

What we are witnessing is a purposeful and persuasive campaign to induce panic among American citizens from “grass-root” idiots like those who are spreading rumors via text and social media to the Main Stream Media promoting lies and falsehoods designed to upset the public and to turn them against President Trump and the efforts of his Administration to deal with the Chinese Coronavirus Crisis.

In fact, the MSM is not even trying to hide what their actual mission is any more.

As witnessed yesterday, they are blatantly trying to embarrass and demean President Trump by asking stupid slanted questions of him during the daily Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefings.

Meanwhile, the purveyors of panic at the grassroots level are spreading wild rumors and causing people to hoard everything from meat to toilet paper.

I am still trying to figure out what toilet paper has to do with an upper respiratory virus.

And, while I am on the subject of causing unnecessary panic, have you noticed that all of the state and municipal governments who have or are trying to institute Martial Law are run by Democrats?

For all of their “speechifying” about “rights”, real and imagined, the Democrats sure do seem to have a love of restricting freedom, don’t they?

Some of them are even using this crisis to attempt to restrict firearm and bullet sales.

The Dems appear to be following Former Chicago Mayor and Clintonite Rahm Emmanuel’s advice to

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

I prefer a much better quote, which is attributed to the great Benjamin Franklin, who wrote in a letter to the Pennsylvania General Assembly that,

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

It is way past time to utilize discernment in dealing with the Chinese Coronavirus.

Panic only helps those who seek to profit from it.

Until He Comes,


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