Buttigieg Bows Out. Trump Tweets “This is the REAL Beginning of the Dems Taking Bernie Out of Play”


FoxNews.com reports that

Moments after former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg told supporters he’s ending his presidential campaign Sunday, President Trump said it reflected the growing pressure among more moderate Democrats to consolidate in order to blunt the rise of progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Trump tweeted: “Pete Buttigieg is OUT. All of his Super Tuesday votes will go to Sleepy Joe Biden. Great timing. This is the REAL beginning of the Dems taking Bernie out of play – NO NOMINATION, AGAIN!”

Buttigieg previously had said Sanders was too liberal to be elected.

Buttigieg’s withdrawal came just days before voters in 14 states are set to head to the polls on Super Tuesday, where one-third of all delegates for the nomination will be at stake.

His exit likely will harm frontrunner Sanders by providing a coalescing boost to more moderate candidates, as Buttigieg had gone on the offensive against the Vermont senator and sought to appeal to the centrist base of the party.

Sanders’ delegate lead over Joe Bidenhas shrunk from 30 to 8 after Biden’s big win in the South Carolina primary.

With 54 delegates at stake in South Carolina, the former vice president picked up 35 to Sanders’ 13, according to The Associated Press’ delegate count. Six delegates remained to be allocated pending final vote totals.

Heading into key Super Tuesday contests, Sanders has led the overall race for delegates with 58 while Biden had 50. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., had 8 and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., had 7. It takes 1,991 delegates to win.

Buttigieg, the first openly gay candidate to seriously contend for the presidency, tried to make the case that his party thrived when it embraced candidates who offered generational change.

But, the 38-year-old Afghanistan war veteran ended up being more successful at winning older voters while Sanders, 78, captured the energy of younger voters.

“He’s not going anywhere,” Trump said in January. “He was a lousy mayor of a place that is not doing well — [but] Indiana is doing unbelievably well.”

He called South Bend, a city of more than 100,000 people a few miles south of the Michigan line, “badly run” under Buttigieg, while the Hoosier State on the whole had “the best year they’ve ever had” in 2019.

Last year, the president, known for bullying schoolyard nicknames for his political rivals, compared Buttigieg to the longtime mascot for Mad magazine.

“Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States,” the president said, referring to the decades-old Mad character.

“Bullying” nicknames?

Give me a break.

I know that the Murdock sons’ wives are Liberal, but CNN and MSNBC are already Liberal News Channels, Fox News does not need to go to the Dark Side, also.

But, I digress.

Concerning the dearly departed Mayor Pete Buttigeig…

He knew he had no chance.

I knew he had no chance. Heck, to borrow a line from Pro Wrestling Great Jerry “The King” Lawler,

I couldn’t warm up to that guy if we were cremated together.

It’s not the fact that he is a homosexual.

It’s the fact that he, like so many Liberal Democrat public figures nowadays, is a Modern Day Pharisee.

Last month, Conservative Talk Show Host Dana Loesch wrote an article on this subject for TheFederalist.com. Here is a spot-on snippet from that article.

Buttigieg believes everyone else’s sin is up for discussion — except his own. He cites Trump’s behavior, but what of Pete’s? Scripture is explicitly clear on the topic of sin and that everyone sins — and thank goodness for grace and forgiveness.

Buttigieg likes to say, “God doesn’t have a political party,” which is correct. But God did give commandments to uphold, commandments which conflict with policies such as late-term, post-birth, and partial-birth abortion, policies Buttigieg and his party are trying to normalize as mainstream Christian doctrine while passing judgment on the manner in which Trump tweets. If Buttigieg’s “positions are informed by his faith,” as he so often says, you wouldn’t know it.

Buttigieg can cite Scripture, but does he follow it? He forgets that “It is not those who hear the law who are righteous but those who obey the law that will be declared righteous.”

At the (CNN) town hall, Buttigieg said “the interpretation” of Trump’s conduct deserves a voice by way of his office and this presidential race — but then so does Buttigieg’s, and if Scripture is the litmus test he chooses, then logic and fairness dictate that he too must be judged by these same standards. No one, not Trump nor Buttigieg, is free of sin. I don’t apply this to Buttigieg alone. As I said, everyone falls short of God’s glory, but — and I say this in a spirit of Christian love — it is difficult to lecture on sin while trying to make sin mainstream.

Now, I am not perfect.

There was and is only one who walked this Earth who was and is perfect.

However, when Mayor Pete started lecturing average Christian Americans as to how narrow-minded they were about him “laying with another man” in a bond sanctified by the state but not by God’s Word, all the while telling Americans what a wonderful Christian that HE was, I am quite certain that his hypocritical arrogance did not sit well with a lot of average Americans.

I know that it did not sit right with me.

Average Americans had our fill during the eight long, arduous years of President Obama telling us that our country was not great and that our traditional faith and values were not acceptable, but the list of acts which used to appear in the text book for the college course “The Sociology of Deviant Behavior” were.

As the Primary Season went on, more and more Americans started realizing what a “lightweight” Mayor Pete actually was, leading to his already low poll numbers dropping.

President Trump is probably spot on, concerning the Dems’ desire to sabotage Bernie’s opportunity to be their President Candidate.

Just as the majority of Americans would not vote for Mayor Pete, an even bigger majority will not vote for the ol’ Commie, Bernie Sanders.

That is why they probably will attempt to make Biden the candidate, even if he is clearly in the first stages of dementia.

The Democratic Convention should be very interesting as I do not believe that the Wokesheviks, i.e. the Bernie Bros, will go silently into that good night.

Oh, one last thought…if Democrats who speak and behave in the manner in which Mayor Pete does are now considered “Moderate”, then would Karl Marx be considered a “Centrist”?

Until He Comes.


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