Pelosi Accuses Trump of “Cover-Up”, Trump Walks Out of Meeting With Her and Schumer, Scorches Dems in Rose Garden Speech

Trump-Scorches-Democrats-As-Pelosi-Broaches-Prospect-Of-Impeachable-Offense-725745133-1558546213 reports that

President Trump on Wednesday demanded Democrats end what he called their “phony investigations” before he’ll negotiate with them on issues like infrastructure, as he delivered a fiery statement from the Rose Garden after cutting a meeting short with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer.

The president had met for mere minutes with the two Democratic leaders in a session scheduled to discuss a possible bipartisan infrastructure package. But moments before that sit-down, Pelosi accused Trump of having “engaged in a cover-up” regarding the Russia probe.

Trump suggested the comments, and the numerous investigations into him, prevented them from negotiating.

“You can’t do it under these circumstances,” Trump said. “Get these phony investigations over with.”

The president said he wanted to pursue an infrastructure proposal, but “instead of walking in happily into a meeting, I walk in to look at people that have just said that I was doing a cover-up.”

Trump added: “I don’t do cover-ups.”

One source told Fox News Trump walked into the Cabinet Room and immediately made his comments to the Democrats in the room. Then, as Pelosi began talking, Trump turned on his heel and walked back to the Oval Office.

Asked what happened during the meeting, a senior House Democratic source told Fox News: “Nothing good.”

Schumer, back at the Capitol, said Trump’s decision to bolt the meeting and address the press in the Rose Garden was hardly spontaneous. Speaking alongside Pelosi, he called it a “pre-planned excuse” — citing the ready-made sign about the Russia probe that Trump had at the podium.

“We are interested in doing infrastructure,” Schumer said. “It’s clear the president isn’t. He is looking for every excuse.”

Pelosi appeared exasperated, telling reporters, “He just took a pass. And it makes me wonder why he did that. In any event, I pray for the president of the United States. I pray for the United States of America.”

In later tweets, the president said, “So sad that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will never be able to see or understand the great promise of our Country.” He also said, “Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you truly mean it!”

The flare-up comes as top Democrats have steadily ramped up pressure on the Trump administration. On Tuesday, the Justice Department reached an agreement with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., to turn over some documents related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, in a rare de-escalation. But it only came after Democrats issued a subpoena, one of many that congressional Democrats have approved for Trump-related investigations. They’ve also pursued a contempt citation against Attorney General Bill Barr and could do the same for former White House counsel Don McGahn.

In the Rose Garden, the president stood at a podium displaying a sign that said “no collusion, no obstruction.” He also lashed out at media for their coverage of the Russia probe.

“This whole thing was a takedown attempt at the president of the United States, and honestly you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for the way you reported so dishonestly,” he said.

Last month, Schumer and Pelosi said Trump had agreed to support a $2 trillion infrastructure spending package. But, at the time, they said no decisions were made on how to pay for the plan. The president – a real estate developer before he was elected president – has long sought to strike a big infrastructure deal, but has faced some resistance from conservatives in his party over concerns about the country’s rising debt.

But questions have remained over whether Pelosi and Schumer can strike deal with Trump on infrastructure, as congressional Democrats ramp up investigations of the president and subpoena members of his administration in the wake of the release of Mueller’s Russia report.

Schumer and Pelosi were obviously taken off-guard by the President, as evidenced in their awkward remarks to the press.

Pelosi could barely string sentences together, while Schumer tried to cover himself by lying like a Persian Rug.

What in the world did they expect after Pelosi accused the President of participating in a cover-up while her colleagues in the House attempt to rewrite the outcome of the Muller Report by recalling all of Mueller’s witnesses and others whom they are subpoenaing in order to come up with a result that Mueller’s report failed to give them?

The Democrats’ reaction to President Trump fighting back is priceless.

Did they actually expect him to sit there and take it like Dubya did?

If they did, they are the most ignorant, arrogant bunch of scallywags to work within our Federal Government since the Carpetbaggers came south after the “War of Northern Aggression”.

By running her yap, Pelosi has escalated the Dems’ War against Trump and placed The Democrats in an untenable position, politically.

If they go ahead and begin Impeachment Proceedings in the House of Representatives, it will probably pass. However, it will fail in the Senate.

And that failure will ensure their failure to regain the presidency in 2020.

If they stop their crusade to take Trump down, they will still look foolish, having wasted so much time and taxpayers’ money.

Right now, as I sit here in my Man Cave, the election is already shaping up to be a repeat of 2016 with arrogantly oblivious Democrats in the Beltway and on the coasts, believing that average Americans living in the states between them in the Heartland are actually buying the BS that they are shoveling.

These average Americans, or “Deplorables” as Hillary called them, are solidly backing the president, as they see their paychecks increasing along with their opportunities to seek a better job.

They also seek Trump speaking to them at his MAGA Rallies in the same manner in way they talk to one another: down to earth, straight forward, from the heart, easily understood, and with some great laughs thrown in for good measure.

At this juncture, it is very evident that President Trump is working hard to help Americans and our nation prosper.

All the Democrats are doing is trying to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election because Trump hurt their feelings by getting elected President.

And that, gentle readers, is not a winning Political Platform through which to win back a presidency.

Until He Comes,





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